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Optometrist in Malaysia

Discover Malaysia’s Top Vision Specialists: A Guide to the Best Optometrists

Are you in pursuit of clear vision and eye health, searching for the best optometrists in Malaysia? Well, the journey to perfect vision starts here. The world is a fascinating spectacle of colors, forms, and movements, and you need crystal clear vision to experience it fully. Choosing the right eye care professional is a vital step towards this journey, ensuring you not only see but also comprehend the beautiful panorama of life. In this blog post, we will discuss why eye health matters, the role of optometrists, and guide you on how to select the best ones in Malaysia. We will also introduce you to Malaya Optical—an established name in the Malaysian optical industry—and explain why it should be your first choice when it comes to comprehensive eye care. We'll…

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What is Optometry?

Optometry is a primary health care profession which dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the eyesight. Optometric practices include eye examination, dispensing of spectacles for the correction of the refractive error, prescribe contact lenses, as well as provide diagnosis and management of ocular disease. Optometrist that served in this field of profession examines the eyes not only for vision problems, but also for the early detection of eye diseases and other abnormal systemic conditions. As such, the optometrist can provide his/her treatment plan well to the client so to manage the problems faced, whether to prescribe glasses, provide vision therapy or appropriate referral when necessary. Definition of Optometry Differences between Optician, Optometrist and Ophthalmologist An optometrist is an eye doctor that can examine, diagnose, and treat your eyes. An…

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The Latest and Yet Exclusive

Introducing the KOMOMO Crafted Collection, the latest exclusive eye wear collection with premium portfolio and feature accessories. Every color and shape and design is unique and iconic for KOMONO CRAFTED. (more…)

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