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Rawatan Ortho K

Pakar Rawatan Ortho-K Bertauliah untuk Dewasa dan Kanak-Kanak

Orthokeratology (Ortho-k) ialah prosedur bukan pembedahan yang menghilangkan keperluan untuk cermin mata atau kanta lekap siang hari untuk membetulkan penglihatan. Kanta Ortho-k ialah kanta lekap terapeutik yang direka khas untuk membentuk semula kelengkungan mata dengan lembut semasa anda tidur. Rawatan Ortho-k adalah rawatan yang selamat dan berkesan , alternatif kepada kanta kawalan atropin dan rabun. 

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Adjust Eye Glasses

FIX 維修服務框架眼鏡眼鏡

  1. 你有沒有遇到過這些問題?
    1. 眼鏡容易滑落?
    2. 鏡框、眼鏡對齊不均?
    3. 鼻墊不見了?
    4. 框架彎曲?
    5. 折斷的鉸鏈?
    6. 錯位的镜框脚?
    7. 镜框断了?
    8. 末端或橡膠磨損?

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Adjust Eye Glasses


Pernahkah anda menghadapi salah satu masalah yang disenaraikan seperti ini? Seperti itu, anda juga tidak mengetahui untuk mencari siapa yang menyediakan perkhidmatan membaiki rangka cermin dan kacamata?

  1. Cermin mata mudah jatuh?
  2. Penjajaran bingkai, cermin mata anda tidak sekata?
  3. Nosepad di bahagian hidung hilang?
  4. Bingkai bengkok?
  5. Engsel patah?
  6. Kaki bingkai terkehel?
  7. Bingkai yang disentap?
  8. Getah lusuh di bahagian hujung kaki bingkai?

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Nikon Ophthalmic Lenses

Kanta yang paling nipis oleh Cermin Mata Nikon!

Nikon Eyeglasses berusaha untuk mereka bentuk kanta yang memberikan penglihatan yang terbaik kepada pemakainya. Kanta preskripsi yang paling biasa ialah kanta penglihatan tunggal yang meliputi satu kuasa preskripsi di seluruh kanta,

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Best Vintage Eyewear in KL

Best Vintage Eyewear in KL

The classic and antique eyewear collection has arrived again now! Here, we are expanding our vintage eyewear collection to bring back the ageless and uniqueness feel while wearing it. While glasses are now an integral part of our daily lives and have even become essential fashion accessories, you’d probably expect that not many people wore them 2000 years ago. This is why at Malaya Optical we are exploring and taking a look back to the history of glasses for you, from antiquity to vintage glasses of today and serves you only the best vintage eyewear in KL! This kind of eyewear will remain its timeless fashion look to all the wearers. To manufacture a vintage frame, it took about years to come up with its own style and designs that can fit for many wearers. Vintage eyewear have been made in many shapes, colours and styles and it will forever stand as the best eyewear among others. There were many delicate methods been evolved to produce it. Antique eyewear is no more looks the same as what we used to see in those days. Nowadays, antique collection become the best spoken eyewear among the spectacle wearers due to its distinctive designs from the detail workmanships.

Vintage eye glasses are now available for men, women as well as for kids. Retro eyewear’s brings up many exciting opportunities with its own elegant look. If you are the one who always prefer to be something different from others, so here comes the best choice for you to choose a vintage eyewear. There is no reason not to go for the real fun deal. Whether you are looking for a fun and funky set of old fashioned glasses or a pair of retro from the turn of the century, vintage eyeglasses present a great.

Our infatuation with vintage eyewear has led us to gather and collect genuine vintage glasses from the 1950s through the 1990s which always matches the look for current spectacle wearers . Whether you’re trying to channel the timeless beauty of Marilyn Monroe’s cat eye glasses, or Johnny Depp’s vintage horn rimmed specs. We stock authentic vintage eyeglasses that were lovingly handcrafted by the suppliers, not produced – giving each pair that character, history and quality you will adore. As one of the retro style retailers of eyewear’s in Kuala Lumpur, we always emphasized on the individuality of each frames to match your personality perfectly.

We always never miss to grab an opportunities to find out what is the latest interest that our consumer seeking for inwise of styling themselves with best eye wearers as well as to resolve their eye health problems. The mission of searching for best vintage eyewear in the world has never disappoint us, when we as a professional eye care practitioners could able to provide a satisfied feeling to our consumer with their new vintage look together with the best prescription which comforts them for daily use. Collecting antique eyewear has inspired us since 1957’s from the time our business started to operate in Jalan Tun H.S Lee, Kuala Lumpur.

Our optometrist take particular pride in serving our customers while choosing a suitable vintage collection eyewear’s. The important things that we taken into count while choosing a frame is their overall look with the frame on, comfort, measurements and fitting, prescription, and thickness. We will always pay an extra attention in preserving the spectacles of yesteryear from the day we collect them and making them easily accessible to anyone wishing for a glimpse of the past in today’s world.

Retro-vintage style can reflect a basic and graceful unique fashion regardless of colour or material, whether matte or bright, metal or acetate. People of various ages have varying ideas about what it means to be retro, but retro and vintage glasses, without exception, are considered classics and are thus its being an essential accessory option for many in today’s world. Do not wait more, lets get ready to try on the latest and best vintage eyewear in KL and get some exciting information about it!

Which Tint Is more Satisfying For Me?

Which Tint Is more Satisfying For Me? You shouldn’t assess a pair of sunglasses by their hue, at least not for the sake of eye protection. UV (ultraviolet) blocking ability is not reflected in the tints and colours of sunglasses. To prevent UV light, eyewear lenses are coated with UV-absorbing compounds throughout the manufacturing process. Clear glasses could block light equally as well as dark-coloured lenses because these compounds are usually colourless.

Which Tint Is more Satisfying For Me?

So, why are there so many different lens colours? Which Tint Is more Satisfying For Me? When you match your lifestyle and preferred activities with the advantages and benefits that each lens colour offers, choosing a sunglass lens colour is simple. Different shades filter light in different ways, and some tints block more light than others. While certain tints enhance colours, others distort them. In certain cases, tints might help to improve vision. Even if you like a particular tint colour, it might not be the best fit for your lifestyle.

Tint that is more Satisfying For Me
choices of tint

Which Tint Is more Satisfying For Me? Use the lens tint guide below to choose the appropriate lens colours to improve your sports performance, enhance your leisure activities, or compliment your stylish sense of fashion.

Shades of Gray Tint

Gray sunglass lenses are a popular lens colour because they are suitable for both cloudy and sunny days, giving anti-fatigue effects as well as overall glare prevention – particularly glare from water and wet roads. Cycling, fishing, and active sports are just a few of the outdoor activities that they are ideal for. Gray lenses also have the extra benefit of allowing the colour of objects to be viewed in their purest form, which is ideal for nature lovers.

grey sunglasses near me
  • Perfect for a variety of outdoor activities, including driving, baseball, tennis, football, soccer, water sports, and other sports.
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Perception of true colour
  • To ensure comprehensive safety, the room must be sufficiently dark.
  • Reduces glare, especially when used near water.
  • On bright or overcast days, it’s ideal for a variety of weather conditions.

Blue Light Blocking Brown/Amber

Brown and amber sunglass lenses have a red tint that improves depth perception, making them ideal for activities where distance must be determined. On gloomy days or in low-light situations, they’re not recommended, but in sunny weather, your amber sunglass lenses will soothe your eyes while boosting contrast against green landscapes and azure skies. Consider wearing this pair on the putting green or while sailing in the deep blue.

  • Increases contrast
  • Excellent for a variety of situations.
  • It enhances depth perception.
  • Driving, racing, golfing, and fishing are all possibilities.

Welcome to the Green Scenery

Green sunglasses lenses can accomplish everything that grey and brown sunglasses lenses do, but they can do it better! Green lenses have a higher contrast than grey lenses and transfer colour more accurately than brown lenses. Green lenses reduce glare while enhancing shadows, making them ideal for both sunny and low-light situations. These lenses protect and comfort your eyes on foggy, hazy, or bright, sunny days, making them ideal for water or field sports, cycling, or skiing. So this is more satisfying for you if you focus more on sports.

  • Rain or shine, it’s ideal for any outdoor activity.
  • All colours are evenly transmitted.
  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Reduces glare while enhancing shadows

Yellow Lenses Have Arrived!

Yellow lens tints can be seen on outdoor enthusiasts ranging from baseball players to target shooters who may need to focus on moving things in low-light, foggy settings. Yellow lenses provide improved clarity, which is ideal for pilots, and can also help computer users and gamers avoid eye strain. Yellow tinted sunglasses will provide you with increased clarity and comfort whether you spend your leisure time in front of a screen, on the tennis courts, or at the shooting range.

  • Skiing, mountain biking, hunting, aviation, tennis, and target shooting are all possibilities.
  • In fog, haze, and other low-light situations, it improves clarity.
  • Filters off blue light, which can cause eye strain.
  • Color distortion may occur.

Sunglasses with Blue Lenses

Blue or purple lenses are fashionable as well as functional when it comes to UV protection. While the blue tint increases colour perception and intensifies contours surrounding things, it can also have a relaxing impact on the eyes. Wear blue lenses to lessen glare when it’s snowing, when you’re doing water sports, or when you’re doing other sunny activities. Blue sunglass lenses will provide you with various fashion and leisure benefits whether you’re hitting the links on the golf course or spending a weekend on the snowy slopes.

  • Ideal for spectators and golfers alike.
  • Glare is reduced.
  • It aids with the recognition of contours.
  • Color perception is improved.
  • Fashionable and attractive from a cosmetic standpoint
  • In hazy, foggy, and snowy conditions, this is a good choice.

Sunglasses with Rockin’ Red Lenses

Sunglasses with red or pink lenses provide comfort and aid in contrast adjustment. These rosy coloured spectacles are frequently seen on the slopes by winter sports enthusiasts. These rose-tinted lenses give improved driving visibility by enhancing depth of field and vision. Sunglasses with red lenses, a popular lens colour among computer users and gamers, minimise eye strain by blocking blue light.

  • Boosts visual depth
  • Reduces eye strain and improves visibility on the road
  • Eye-pleasing aids in contract adjustment
  • In most weather situations, especially in the snow, it’s a good choice.

In conclusion, Which Tint Is more Satisfying For Me? You can have the answer by now. Want more professional advices for your sunglasses ? Reach to us or book an appointment now at our nearest branch. We will help you to get your pair of sunglasses at maximum satisfaction. See you there !

How to take care of contact lens?

Not really focusing on how to take care of your contact lens appropriately can prompt an assortment of eye infections. If serious, including some eye infections that cause visual impairment. An expired, overworn contact lens over the recommended period or that doesn’t fit well can scratch your eye. They can likewise cause veins to develop into your cornea, a hazardous condition that undermines your vision.

Eye drops can cause issues with your contact lens. It is ideal to try not to utilize any eye drop when wearing contacts. Notwithstanding, you can utilize wetting drops or additive-free lubricating eye drops as suggested by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Stop using your contact lens and visit the opthalmologist if your eyes are red, painful, watery or sensitive to light. Do likewise if you have a hazy vision or notice a yellowish discharge coming from your eye. These can be indications of serious eye issues.

You should clean and sanitize any contact lens you take out from your eye before you insert the lens back into your eyes. There are many kinds of cleaning solutions. The decision relies upon the sort of contact lens you use if you have hypersensitivities eyes or if your eyes tend to produce protein deposits easily. Ask your eye specialist what sort of cleaning solutions you should utilize.

Special care is needed to clean and store your contact lens to keep the eyes away from any risky eye contaminations. A few contact lens cleaning solutions are not compatible with one another or with certain contact lenses. Utilizing incompatible solutions can destroy your contact lens or damage your eyes. Following the safe contact lens treatment guidelines is crucial to avoid flare-ups of serious contagious eye infections related to any contact lens cleaning or sanitizing solutions.

When you choose which contact lens solution you would prefer to attempt, consult your eye specialist regarding your decision. Try not to switch brands until you confirm that the new brand is compatible with your eyes and contact lens.

Precautions for avoiding contact lens complications

Regardless of which care routine or brands of solution you use, these few precautions you need to take note of:

  • Never contact bottle tips to any surface at any point, including your body: this can cause contamination of the solution. Always keep the solution tighly closed whenever not in use.
how to take care of contact lens
  • Cleaning your contact lens case with a piece of clean tissue or potentially setting it upside down on another spotless tissue will be an extra acceptable step in keeping microorganisms from growing in the case
how to take care of contact lens
  • Never try to disinfect your lenses by using saline solution or rewetting drops as they are not disinfectants.
  • Avoid pouring contact lens solution into a different bottle because the solution will not be sterile anymore if by doing so.
  • Avoid using faucet water on your contact lens and contact lens accessories especially the contact lens casing , as it can convey a microorganism called Acanthamoeba that causes infectious eye diseases.
how to take care of contact lens
  • Always clean your contact lens accessories (contact lens case, cleaning or disinfecting gadgets, protein remover vials, etc.) after you have taken out the contact lens for use.
  • Contact lens cases ought to be washed with hot faucet water and dried when not being used. (Since Acanthamoeba cysts might be present in faucet water and can be alive for quite a long time in the process of drying, it is also suggested utilizing contact lens cleaning or multipurpose solution for this step.)
  • Toss out your contact lens case every 3 months to decrease your danger of eye diseases.

In particular, you must take care of your contact lens by clean and sanitize the lens one time per day. If you are wearing extended wear contact lenses, you must clean and sanitize the lens after removing them, except if they are intended to be disposed of, not for the following use. By doing this, not only will your eyes be safer and healthier, however, your contact lens will also be more comfortable to wear too.

Alternative ways to clean and disinfect the contact lens

To take care of your contact lens for extended wear, you must use the appropriate solution for cleaning and disinfecting.

Saline solution is intended for use with enzymatic cleaning tablets or during cleaning and disinfecting of your contact lens case. Never utilize the saline solution for cleaning and sterilization of your contact lenses.

saline solutions for contact lens care

The multipurpose solution is intended for cleaning, washing, disinfecting and storing your contact lens. Clean your contact lens every day with the same solution or rinse the lenses twice before placing the lenses in a clean casing filled with the multipurpose solution. When you want to wear the contact lenses, rinse them again before putting them into your eyes.

The hydrogen peroxide solution is intended for cleaning, sanitizing, washing and storing your contact lens. With this solution, you will place your contact lens in a given container where there is a basket for you to place the lens in its cup. The cup needs to fill with the hydrogen peroxide solution to clean and sanitize your contact lens.

Some hydrogen peroxide lens holders have a built-in neutralizer to change the hydrogen peroxide over to the water, so it doesn’t sting your eyes; however, you need to add a neutralizing tablet with others.

After the sterilization and killing process is finished, you can take the contact lens from the case and put it on. Nonetheless, it is recommended to rinse the lens again with a multipurpose solution or saline before wearing it.

Never wash your contacts lens with a hydrogen peroxide system and apply them straightforwardly to your eyes without finishing the whole disinfecting and neutralizing steps. Doing as such can cause an excruciating chemical injury to the eye. Using a hydrogen peroxide system for cleaning and disinfecting your lens requires waiting at least 2-6 hours for the solution to be neutralised before wearing the lens. Different brand of hydrogen peroxide system has a different neutralisation time.

hydrogen peroxide near me
hydrogen peroxide near klang valley

Cleaning or sanitizing gadgets will, as you would anticipate, both clean and disinfect your contact lens. The cleaning process depends upon how the brand is designed. Cleaning is achieved with either ultrasonic waves or subsonic agitation, and disinfection happens through the multipurpose solution or UV light. The directions of usage for each gadget are somewhat unique. As a rule, you must rinse the contact lens first, utilizing either saline or multipurpose solutions as instructed. Mostly when using this device, no rub is needed on the contact lens. Then, at that point, put your contact lens in the gadget and fill it with a similar sort of solution that has been used for rinsing. Place the cover of the gadget and plug it in to clean and sanitize your contact lens.

iSee Orthokeratology Contact Lenses

iSee Orthokeratology Contact Lenses

Are your kids nearsighted? Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, is a common vision problem that causes distant objects to appear blurry and out of focus. iSee orthokeratology contact lenses correct myopia and are worn at night. The lenses are placed before bedtime and gently reshape the corneal surface while you sleep. With the lenses removed in the morning, your child can enjoy a clear, natural vision for a whole day.

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