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With Alba Optics, it hopes to revive classic designs from the past while using cutting-edge technology.

Alba Optics started out by looking for an original mould. The team sought a frame that was created and manufactured in Italy in the 1980s with the intention of reviving it with modern technology. From there, the first model-DELTA was introduced.

Alba Optics
Alba Optics

Producing in Italy has always been a top priority and a core principle of the corporate philosophy. AOs take great pride in the history and the close ties of the nation to the eyewear and bicycle industries. AOs only collaborate with producing companies that value excellent working conditions and the reduction of the environmental effect. In order to create sustainable products, procedures, and community projects, these principles must be aligned.

Alba Optics

The ALBA Optics team gladly supports athletes everywhere in the world and has a great deal of admiration for anyone who works hard to achieve their goals and enhance their performance. As a result, the team concentrates on providing stunning design products that also adhere to the greatest performance standards. AOs have a similar love of the outdoors, outdoor activities, and riding culture. Through the designs, advertising, and joint community projects, AOs highlight these principles.

Alba Optics think it’s time for a new kind of eyewear that speaks of effectiveness and outcomes as well as life quality. Instead of competing for first place, the objective is to get anywhere you choose, no matter what.

Alba Optics
Alba Optics
Alba Optics

Light is a vital element that influences all of the decisions. VZUMTM lenses have only one goal: to provide athletes with the best possible visual experience in all forms of weather and terrain. The palette of colours that ALBA Optics has painstakingly created seeks to improve colour saturation and balance visual contrasts, boosting the feeling of sharpness and details.

VZUMTM lenses are made of resilient, lightweight polycarbonate material. This provides essential eye protection to prevent strain, and the lenses keep these qualities throughout their whole cycle of usage.
VZUMTM lenses give the finest sports experience ever because of their adaptability.


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