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Rudy Project Prescription Solution

Rudy Project Prescription Solution – The World Most Extensive Collection of Sports Prescription Solution

If you looking for a pair of sports sunglasses with prescription, Rudy project sunglasses is 1 of the best option that you can have. Most of the models of sunglasses from the Rudy Project allows you to have your prescription on it with their unique system.

  1. Direct Clips 

The Direct Clip accommodates a wide range of prescription parameters and maintains the wide field of vision necessary for performance. Rudy Project’s Direct Clips is one of the popular solutions for prescription as it have the same curvature as the frames and nylon mounting makes use of high-resistance materials, suitable for withstanding the stress of sports use. Thanks to the patented smart mounting system, direct clips offers the versatility of interchangeable clear and sun RX lenses at the same frame.

The main benefits of Rudy Project Prescription Solution-Direct Clips are:

  • Easy to mount and interchangeable between clear and Sun RX lenses
  • Perfect for high prescriptions
  • Ideal for contact lens wearers who want another option when eyes become irritated
  • Base 8 Direct Clips compatible with Agon, Rydon and Stratofly models
  1. Optical Dock 

The Optical Dock is a full rim Grilamid clip mounted directly to the frames. Optical Dock models, such as the Rydon, Fotonyk and Stratofly, allow any type of unbreakable material to be used for prescription lenses. With this system, lateral protection and stability in the event of impact are maintained.

The main benefits of Optical Dock are:

  • Perfect for sports high prescriptions as it can covers the lens thickness
  • Easy to mount and interchangeable between clear and Sun RX lenses
  • Full rim interchangeable design to provide maximum protection to the lens
  • Available on Rydon, Fotonyk and Stratofly with several colors option.

  1. Optical Insert

Rudy Project has created RX inserts that can be snapped in behind the polycarbonate Rudy Project lenses. With this patented ‘easy-in easy-out system, this clip-on can be inserted and removed with ease. This is useful when cleaning. 

The RX Optical Insert clip is available in almost every Rudy Project performance sunglasses – including the flagship Defender, Tralyx, Fotonyk and Sintryx. This allows athletes to experience the uncompromising comfort and performance of Rudy Project’s sunglasses while keeping investment in corrective lenses to a minimum.

The main benefits of the RX Optical Insert solution are:

  • Easy to mount and interchangeable
  • Extremely light-weight
  • Perfect for lower budgets
  • Available on all performance models
  • Able to share within different models such as Rydon, Propulse, KeyBlade, Fotonyk are sharing the same insert. Defender, Cutline, Intron and Tralyx are sharing the same insert. 

To find out more about Rudy Project prescription sunglasses, feel free to contact us.


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