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Zeiss Photofusion

photochromic lenses

The eye-care innovation- Photofusion by Zeiss reacts up to 20 % faster* than previous photochromic lenses by ZEISS.

Carl Zeiss’s has just released a new self-tinting lens that they say darkens in 15 – 30 seconds and is clear again in five to 10 minutes, eliminating the need for people to swap between sunglasses and eyeglasses when moving between outdoor and indoor environments.

Zeiss PhotoFusion technology is based on patented photoactive molecules that unfold when exposed to UV light, thus darkening the lens and providing protection. According to Carl Zeiss, these new lenses are very clear indoors (92 per cent transparency with antireflective coating) and very dark outdoors (9 per cent transparency in sunlight with anti-reflective coating).

The lenses also provide 100 per cent protection against UV rays up to 400 nm and excellent colour consistency for natural vision. Importantly, the company claims, they retain their self-tinting ability for a long time.

As regards the photochromatic lenses, there are some main criticism against it–The lenses are often considered to react too slowly to changes in light. Few things that need to emphasize on is that:

  • Customer priority number one: faster reaction
  • Consumers very conscious of health and quality
  • Consumers want lenses to make their lives easier
  • No more changing between glasses and sunglasses

With that, an innovation which is guaranteed to demonstrate genuine improvements in comfort and performance: PhotoFusion®, the new self-tinting lenses was created by ZEISS. The following are the key benefits of these new photochromatic lenses:

  • Fast reaction for more convenience
             -2X faster from dark to clear
             -Up to 20% faster from clear to dark
  • Very dark and very clear for excellent vision
             -Clear state 92% transmision
             -Dark state 11% transmission
  • 100% Solar UV protection for full protection
  • Strong durability- for long-lasting satisfaction
  • Excellent colour consistency- for natural light

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