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Varilux XR Series

Varilux XR Series

🌟 Introducing the Future of Vision: Varilux® XR Series 🌟 🔮 Imagine a world where your eyewear not only corrects your vision but also anticipates your needs and responds to your visual behavior. 🕶️✨ At Malaya Optical, we are thrilled to bring you the latest breakthrough in eyewear technology – the Varilux® XR Series. 🚀 Step into a realm of optical innovation that goes beyond ordinary lenses. Our team is excited to be among the very first to introduce this remarkable progressive lens series to our valued customers. 🎉 🔍 What sets the Varilux® XR Series apart? Eye-Responsive Progressive Lens: Experience a new dimension of clarity and comfort with lenses that not only adapt to your prescription and eye physiology but also interact with your visual behavior. These lenses are…

Zeiss Photofusion X lenses

ZEISS PhotoFusion X Lenses

ZEISS lenses has been in market for many years and all of us know that ZEISS lenses are known for its clarity and sharp vision. They also do improvise on their latest technologies based on the current vision demand and provide the best solution to their consumers. That is why at Malaya Optical, ZEISS lenses will always be our choice as well as our consumer choice. Photofusion X is the latest lens technology produced by ZEISS under few years of research done on it. This lenses is known as the new generation of ZEISS photochromic lenses with improvised technologies. ZEISS Photofusion X lenses works as the it will turn dark in outdoor and clear up again when the wearer is indoor. The lens colour which going to change under outdoor…


Hoya Lenses

Perlukan kanta preskripsi baharu? Ada masalah? Tidak boleh membuat keputusan? Kemudian, Hoya ialah jenama anda. Mengeluarkan rangkaian Kanta Preskripsi Penglihatan Tunggalkepada Kanta Progresif (more…)

Tokai Japan Lens

Tokai Progressive Lens

TOKAI PROGRESSIVE LENS Progressive lenses have turned into a popular lens design that is commonly worn by people nowadays. Especially for those already present with glasses to look at the distance since young and they also start getting blurry vision when reading or looking at computer screens when they are entering the age of 40. Progressive lenses are convenient, it eases the user, with only one glass, able to access vision through all distances, way far better than having 2 separate glasses where users have to switch between them when looking at distance and look at near.  However, a good progressive lens is very important, as it helps the users to make their daily work to be completed much more effectively and reduce the work stress. To ensure progressive lenses…

Hoya Dynamic Progressive Lens

Unlike ordinary progressive Lens, Hoya Dynamic lens is designed with the back surface freeform technology. The Premium Back Surface Progressive lens permits wearers to see more up close with lesser eye movement because of Hoya Vision's back surface freeform technology as contrasted with other back surface designs. (more…)

Hoya Workstyle Indoor Office Lens

About Hoya WorkStyle  Do you ever experience any of these symptoms such as visual discomfort, headache or blurry vision when using digital devices? (more…)

Hoya Lens Coatings

Hoya Lens Coating

Hoya Lens Coating and Treatment  UV rays from the sun, blue light from electronic devices can harm our eyes or causes eye strain. Factors such as scratches or stain can impair our vision. With Hoya lens coating and treatment, the anti-reflective guarantee performance and protection throughout the day.  (more…)

zeiss smartlife progressive lenses
varilux xseries

Essilor Lenses X Series

Essilor Lenses X Series captures every detail that you need and work to produce a masterpiece. The advent of digital tools like computers, tablets and smartphones has radically transformed the needs of near-vision. (more…)

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