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zeiss smartlife progressive lenses

Zeiss SmartLife Progressive Lenses

Our visual behavior has changed in todays’s connected and busy lifestyle. We will have frequent gaze changes in various directions at different distances. In the same time, our visual needs changes as we grow older too. Zeiss Smartlife Progressive lenses is here now to solve all your problems that you found difficult with other standard lenses, mostly with intermediate and near vision issues. 

Changes in eye sight over the years
Changes in eye sight over the years

In 40s, many of us may experience near vision discomfort. We may feel the intermittent need to have support if want to accommodate on nearby objects. While for 50s, our eye sight starts to develop more power to support near and intermediate vision. This comes with the challenge to adapt to new lenses.

Zeiss SmartLife progressive lenses, is all in one premium lenses. It resolve whatever your eyes face today. It allows us have a clear and comfortable vision for connected and move lifestyle. This progressive lenses is best and suitable to be used for all. No matter what is your age range, it is related to your visual challenges.

Comfort of using Zeiss SmartLife Progressive Lenses
Comfort of using Zeiss SmartLife Progressive Lenses

Zeiss SmartLife progressive lenses have been improve to the new design fingerprint. Below is the list of benefits found in this lens:

  • Optical performance in the lens periphery is design for frequent changes of head and eye’s positions.
  • Provides lower level of blur. 
  • Smoother transition into areas with more blur in the periphery from near to far across all viewing area. 
  • Smooth vision from near to far across all viewing zones.
  • Enables peripheral vision in natural dynamic interaction.

Despite of being aware of your surrounding world, you also should have a freedom to look and feel everything around you. We as an optometrist always do concern about your vision so that you can achieve a comfort and clear vision.

varilux xseries

Essilor Lenses- X Series

Essilor Lenses- X Series captures every detail that you need and work to produce a masterpiece. The advent of digital tools like computers, tablets and smartphones has radically transformed the needs of near-vision. These presbyopes aren’t just reading; they are also performing multiple tasks at a near-intermediate distance. Due to this kind of vision demands, the progressive lenses do significantly help them to experience clear vision in various distances. Moreover Essilor Lenses- X Series are specifically designed to satisfy an individual who highly connected with digital use.

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Rodenstock Progressive Lenses Optometrist Malaysia 1

Rodenstock Progressive Lens

Rodenstock progressive lenses are all masterpiece. The Rodenstock progressive lens provides clear, sharp vision possible for near, intermediate and far vision and without compromising the visual comfort for those who have age-related farsightedness.

Progressive lens or also known as multifocal lens is the lens Malaya optical has widely prescribed to customer who has encountered the difficulty of reading starting aged 40. A progressive lens corrects shortsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia at the same time. It also gives the wearer clear vision at intermediate distance.

Rodenstock believes that it is crucial to produce a progressive lens that have accurate adaptation to the lens wearer and able to fit his individual lifestyle. Rodenstock developed its own revolutionary EyeLT technology that helps wearer to use their vision potential to maximum. With the EyeLT technology, it helps open a new dimension of vision and helps the wearer see more and sharper up close.

3 types of multifocal / progressive lens offered by Rodenstock:
  1. Perfection ( Rodenstock Impression FreeSign 3 )
  2. Excellence ( Rodenstock Multigressiv MyView 2)
  3. Superior ( Rodenstock PureLife Free 2 )

Rodenstock Impression FreeSign 3
  • For perfectionist
  • The BEST Rodenstock progressive lens of all time
  • Best vision right from the start
  • No acclimatization time
  • Maximum Image stability and minimum distortions
  • Comfortable even when taking the stairs
  • 100% natural vision no swimming effect

Rodenstock Multigressive MyView 2
  • For the demanding
  • Very thin, high tech lens
  • Up to 40% better vision in near and intermediate range
  • Good contrast vision
  • Fast adaptation
  • Minimal swimming effect even when climbing stairs

Rodenstock PureLife Free 2
  • For the quality aware
  • Optimum progressive lens for first time user
  • Short acclimatization time
  • Spontaneous compatibility due to enlarged visual zones
  • Clear vision in both near and far
  • Up to 40% better visual acuity than conventional progressive lens
  • Good cost effectiveness

At Malaya Optical our qualified optometrist has been training and certified to prescribed and dispense Rodenstock lenses in Malaysia. We are Rodenstock preferred flagship store and we carry the entire portfolio of Rodenstock distributor in Malaysia. Drop by Malaya Optical to find out more.

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