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progressive multifocal glasses lenses

All of us have to go through various stages in life and the age of 40 is generally considered to be a turning point in life. If you’re reading this post, you’ve either been there or done that, or maybe you’re too young to know any better. But still it’s good for you to get some knowledge earlier before you are late to decide.

Same as our internal organs, our vision also starts to change when we reach the age of 40 and beyond. For starters, reading small print becomes more difficult and lighting’s do play a big role in our ability to see. The technical term for not being able to see up-close is called presbyopia. When you are young you can use single powered lenses to read, see far, and also has comfortable vision with screens. But this will turn opposite with aging effects, as you need additional power especially anything is limited to your reading distance. Over the past decade, the use of multifocal lenses has become a best solution for presbyopic people. Multifocal lenses are crafted specially to adapt distance, intermediate and near as the name of ‘multi-focal’ is meant to correct several ranges of vision.

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Anatomy of multi-focal lenses

Benefits of Multifocal Lenses:

Since its been designed for multiple use, there are few pros and cons that could and could not be avoided from multifocal lenses.

The following are the list of PROS if you are considering multifocal lenses:

  1. Increased comfortability from new product designs
  2. Do not need many pairs of glasses for different distances
  3. Ability to see vision naturally
  4. Smooth power transition from one distance to another
  5. Eliminates image jump caused by bifocals

The following are the list of CONS if you are considering multifocal lenses:

  1. Take time for adaptation
  2. Has distortion at peripheral side (which can be reduced but not avoidable)
  3. Require better understanding and training on adjustment
  4. Costly

It’s essential to take note that the process of determining best corrected vision (through multifocal’s or anything else for that matter) is different for every individual. It’s best to go into the process with an open mind, understanding that several follow-up appointments may be necessary. Our team at Malaya Optical would like to welcome your trip to visit us for any further information and consultation regarding multifocal lenses. All things considered, you may indeed have several options, but you should definitely consider the use of multifocal lenses.


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