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Orthokeratology (Ortho-k)  is a non-surgical procedure that eliminates the need for glasses or daytime contact lenses to correct vision. Ortho-k lenses are specially designed therapeutic contact lenses that gently reshape the curvature of the eye while you sleep. Ortho-k treatment is safe and effective treatment, alternative to atropine and myopia control lenses. 


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Our optometrists are constantly upgrading skills and constantly redeveloping knowledge to keep up with the latest technology. Our myopia control management is different for each individual based on their corneal map, lifestyle, habitual and their needs.

We constantly invest in advanced & state of the art technologies to ensure that we provide the best ortho-k fitting for our patients. Oculus K5 topographer is the world standard medical diagnostic instrument, which enables mapping out up to 9mm of corneal peripheral to enhance the overall fit of ortho-k lenses.

We have an invaluable knowledge & success story of RGP lens fitting since 30 years back. At Malaya Optical, we are the preferred choice of many, having received multiple awards and referrals from ophthalmologist, paediatrician, general practitioners and happy clients.





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How Ortho-K can reduce progression of Myopia?


We identify suitable children that benefits from Ortho-K therapy and discuss their visual needs, demands, hobbies and day-to-day activities. A refractive evaluation and ocular health assessment would be done prior to fitting.

The initial primary examination includes refraction (test your power), baseline topography (corneal curvature), tear film (dry eye) and anterior segment evaluation (ocular health) and pupil size measurement.

Oculus K5 topographer is gold-standard for corneal topography which is necessary for choosing the best fit of myopia control lenses for kids to increase the effectiveness of the treatment process.

The remaining follow-up schedule should include visits at one week, one month, and three to six months. Frequent follow up would ensure you/your child has close to 6/6 vision during the ortho-k therapy.


Corneal topography is an essential technique in orthokeratology practice, therefore investment in latest & most advanced gold-standard topography like Oculus K5 is essential to achieve best Ortho-K therapy results, which means closest to 6/6 vision unaided.

Best fit lenses

There are a few ways to help select the best parameter for your child. At Malaya Optical, we don’t just depend on one methodology of Ortho-K fitting, instead we use two methods, empirical and diagnostic techniques. This helps to ensure best fit which guarantees best results.

Slit lamp 

The slit lamp facilitates an examination which looks at anterior segment or frontal structure of the human eye, which includes the eyelid, cornea, sclera, conjunctiva, iris, anterior chamber, crystalline lens and etc. This ensures, comfortable wear of lenses while your child is sleeping.

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Sonia Lim
Sonia Lim
We had a great experience at Malaya Optical with adequate explanations from the Optometrist, Yvonne regarding the assessmemt, lenses and ways to reduce the eye power.
dayang zarina abang alli abd rahman
dayang zarina abang alli abd rahman
The best optical i have ever been. Very helpful and accommodating. I am willing to drive from sendayan to pj due to the good service.
Violet Choong
Violet Choong
I had very good experience here where i need to replace a new spectacles that i have lost. If i can give more stars, i will. I was suppose to collect my spec tomorrow due to me flying on wednesday but last minute changes and i have to fly off tomorrow. Due to urgent flying, last minute i have to collect today or else it is going to be after i am back from my oversea trip. They try their very best to rush it for me and i got it by evening today! I am so glad for their help. Kudos to the whole team.
Jessica Tessensohn
Jessica Tessensohn
Good services and very professional
RunNur ZA
RunNur ZA
I went to look for sport prescription glasses for my trail runs but I didn't do enough research. Edwin from Optical Malaya was very helpful and gave me options on what is available and the pros and cons of each type of sport lenses. I think he gave me some of his university notes on Optometry101 from the science of multifocal down to the usage of the levels for the lenses' surface! I can't wait to get my glasses next week!!!
Tngku_ Fikri
Tngku_ Fikri
I recently had a fantastic experience with Optical Malaya in Damansara Utama. My sunglasses had a broken hinge, and I decided to trust them with the repair. I couldn't be happier with the service. The team at Optical Malaya is friendly, helpful, and thoroughly professional. From the moment I walked in, I felt confident that my sunglasses were in good hands. Eunice, in particular, deserves a special mention for her wonderful assistance. I highly recommend Optical Malaya to anyone in need of glasses, whether it's for making a new purchase or getting a repair done. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship sets them apart. A big thank you to Optical Malaya, especially to Eunice!
AlexaCP Wong
AlexaCP Wong
Good professional service by Ally. She's been very helpful in advising the types of contact lenses ideal for my 2 teenagers. When one of the sample brands didn't work out for my eldest daughter, Ally immediately recommended another trial brand. I really like the service and Ally's professionalism.
Amirul Faiz
Amirul Faiz
A very friendly service and responsive, especially Madam Anne. She even taught me how to wear the contact lenses. Truly recommend! Surely I will go to this shop again.
Vaishakhee Shah
Vaishakhee Shah
Very helpful and lovely experience with Edwin

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At Malaya Optical we have been fitting RGP lenses since 1957. Our long years experienced 3rd generation optometrists are fully trained for Myopia control following global standards in Ortho-K therapy.

Our senior optometrists at Malaya Optical are also clinical optometrist for many years at University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). We have been fitting RGP lenses for last 30 years and our experience is critical in ensuring best-fit Ortho K lenses to reduce the rate of myopia increase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Orthokeratology is the most effective and gold standard of optical treatment in myopia control for children. There is numerous research studying the effects of Ortho-K lenses on children’s myopia progression. Jennifer (2018) found that Ortho-K, used for partial or full correction of myopia, has been shown to slow down myopic progression in children by 35-56 % as compared to controlled groups who wear spectacle or contact lenses. Therefore, we can expect Ortho-K lenses to slow down a child’s myopia progression by around 50% and in many cases even better results have been achieved. 

Ortho-K typically works best for myopia (short-sightedness) between -1.00 to -6.00. The amount of astigmatism reduction depends on the type of astigmatism and amount. The upper limits for astigmatism reduction are 1.50 diopters of “with-the-rule” corneal astigmatism and 0.75 diopters of “against-the-rule” corneal astigmatism. Ortho-K will not have an effect on the internal astigmatism.

It is recommended to wear at least 6 hours, optimally 8 hours to achieve optimum result and vision.

The main advantage is to slow down your child’s myopia progression. Besides that, you can see clearly without any corrective lenses ie: spectacle or conventional contact lenses. This is very convenient for your daily time activities! Ortho-K is a non-surgical and reversible vision correction treatment. Ortho-K is a specially designed gas permeable contact lens which offers high oxygen transmission to maintain our eye health. 

The disadvantage is increased risk of eye infection if you are not following the lens care procedure as advised. Frequent follow up is necessary to ensure optimum vision and healthy corneal surfaces.

We recommended yearly replacement for the best vision results, safety and comfort. Over time, the lens will reduce the effectiveness of treatment gradually due to lens scratches, microscopic deposits or lens shape change.

No, both adults and children can wear Ortho-K lenses. The youngest patient we have was 6 years old, her mother worked with her every night and after 2 months, this cute girl was able to insert and remove the lenses by herself under her mom’s supervision. Also, we have few people in their 40’s and 50’s who love the freedom that Ortho-K brings to them. One eye was corrected for distance vision and the other for reading, this is known as “monovision”.

Your vision will improve after the first night and it will improve further and stabilise over the next two weeks of Ortho-K wear because your eye shape remodel with the treatment. For higher degrees of short-sightedness and astigmatism will take longer time to achieve optimum vision.  

No, Ortho-K treatment is completely reversible. Your corneal curvature will return to their original shape naturally once you stop wearing the Ortho-K lens for 2 weeks. 

Overnight wearing of the Ortho-K lenses is surprisingly comfortable. At first, you might feel slight irritation due to your eyelids moving over the lens as you blink. When you go to sleep and close your eyes, you won’t feel anything.

Dry eyes are usually caused by wearing conventional soft contact lenses in an air conditioning environment and staring at gadgets for prolonged hours. By wearing Ortho-K lenses while you sleep, you may avoid dry eyes because there is little tear evaporation in a closed eye. 

The actual cost will depend on the complexity of the case accordingly. Fees can range from RM3,800 to RM6,800 depending on types of treatment and shaping lenses needed.