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Zeiss Safety Guidelines to keep yourself healthy and safe

In the current Covid-19 scenario, one of the most crucial thing that everyone need to consider is when you want to reopen your business by prioritizing your patients and staff’s safety from the Coronavirus. Everyone should pay attention about hygiene no matter where you are, even though some are still not aware on the consequences of the virus transmission. In today’s topic, we are here to explain on Zeiss guidelines to keep yourself healthy and safe when you start back your business. Staying hygienic and following the recommended safety guidelines by Ministry of Health are essential to ensure all of us are staying healthy.

Here are some information on how to apply safety guidelines when we resume back our business so that patients and staffs could feel safe by reducing the risk of getting infections in this Covid-19 crisis.

zeiss safety guidelines
Eye Examination using Slit Lamp with safety shield

First of all, creating a piece of mind to your patients once they step in your premise is important. Psychologically, you can comfort your patients by practicing hygienic workflow such as disinfecting the outlet, checking patients body temperature, recommend to use hand sanitizer, control their movements, disinfect the frames, clean the trial frames, clean the slit lamp before and after using it and consider the distances between each work stations.

Important steps to follow when you are in the shop

We have to assure that patients feel safe and comfortable while they are in the eye care practice. Before re-opening your practices, make sure schedule a meeting to set a daily workflow with new guidelines and protocols which enhance more on cleaning and sanitizations. Patients are best recommended to book an appointment before drop by to your premise to control the crowd. Make sure everyone wears a mask and sanitize their hand before step in.

3 basic steps to follow to prevent from the spread of Coronavirus

Reinforce the protocols with visible signs and posters to ease your patients understanding regarding the current situation. Allow some time to clean the premise before and after each patient left. Increase routine disinfection on frequently touched surfaces such as tables, doorknobs, chairs, frames, switch lights, eye care tools or instruments, and keyboards. Prepare your practice everyday by disinfecting the hard surfaces in the morning, midday and evening and as well as if there is any encounter with that surfaces.

You can email your patients or explain them if they have any doubts on your current operating system during this Covid-19 situation on what they can expect once there are in the shop.


What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?

Cleaning usually done to impurify the surfaces using soap and water to remove the germs and dirts. Germs are killed by disinfection process. By cleaning germs on a dirty surface, it can further lower the risk of infection to spread with disinfection.

What is routine cleaning? How frequently we should do cleaning to reduce the potential spread of Coronavirus?

Routine cleaning is an everyday process to keep our surrounding environment healthy. Surfaces that always touched by multiple people in a day should be cleaned frequently.

Do not forget to book an appointment with us today. We as an eye care professionals, always feel grateful to assist you.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Eyewear

Alexander McQueen is known for bold, edge and fashion forward eyeglasses. A bold embellishments and an affinity for the skull motif gives this brand its reputation for avant-garde design. This brand was founded by a designer Alexander McQueen in 1992. It carried a variety of frames for men and women.

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Sample of MC collections available at Malaya Optical

There are variety of latest eyeglass collections available at Malaya Optical. Full rim frames are made of Acetate and metal. Most of their metal frames are made of Monel

Monel is made of copper and nickle base and it is one of the most commonly used material in frames manufacturing. This material is resistant from corrosion, strong and easily adjusted. All this makes the frames to retains its stability and shapes for long period of time.

Another common material used in this frame manufacturing and eyewear industry is acetate. It has endless possibilities of colour, pattern and texture. To create great visual effects it can even been laminated to retain high luster. Acetate is made out of cotton seed fibers and plasticizes. Add on these frames are easy to adjust and highly durable. It is a highly recommended brand for those who works and deals more with stylish and designing.

To have more information, please feel free to consult with our best optometrists in KL.

Komplikasi kanta lekap

Komplikasi kanta lekap kerap berlaku sekiranya langkah pemakaian dan penjagaan tidak dipatuhi. Kanta lekap memberikan faedah penglihatan. Sekiranya anda pemakai kanta lekap, kanta lekap anda harus merasa selesa dan membolehkan anda melihat dengan baik. Terdapat banyak komplikasi kanta lekap yang mungkin dialami oleh pemakai kanta lekap iaitu komplikasi yang disebabkan secara langsung atau tidak. Mekanisma di mana lensa sentuhan mendorong perubahan adalah: trauma, penurunan oksigenasi kornea, penurunan kelembapan kornea dan konjungtiva, rangsangan tindak balas alergi dan keradangan, dan jangkitan.


Gejala Sakit:

  1. Sakit pada mata- Semua pesakit kronik yang menggunakan kanta lekap mungkin mengalami pengurangan deria sentuhan dan kurang sensitif kepada bahan asing.
  2. Penurunan ketajaman visual: ketidakteraturan permukaan hadapan kornea. 
  3. Hiperemia konjungtiva
  4. Intoleransi kanta lekap

Komplikasi Kanta lekap Utama

kornea edema
  • Edema kornea – disebabkan oleh keadaan kornea kekurangan oksigen sama ada ianya kronik atau tidak, bahan kanta lekap, dan kanta lekap yang tidak dipasang dengan betul. Untuk merawat keadaan ini, seseorang harus memilih bahan lensa dengan tinggi kebolehtelapan oksigen (oxygen permeability), mengurangkan masa memakai kanta lekap, dan memastikan kanta lekap itu optimum untuk dipakai.
Punca pemakaian kanta lekap
  • Kornea yang tidak serata (corneal distortion) – Perubahan kelengkungan kornea yang disebabkan oleh pemakaian kanta lekap. Rawatan merangkumi memastikan tidak ada astigmatisme yang tidak teratur, pemasangan lensa sentuh, dan perubahan pada bahan lensa.
Memakai kanta lekap lebih dari 8 jam
  • Neovaskularisasi – Ia terjadi sebagai tindak balas kepada faktor yang sama yang menyebabkan neovaskularisasi pada bukan pemakai kanta lekap, termasuk hipoksia kornea dan keradangan. Rawatan yang boleh dilakukan ialah berhenti memakai kanta lekap, dan suntikan kortikosteroid topikal untuk membantu mengurangkan salur darah membentuk.
kesan allergi dari kanta lekap
  • Konjungtivitis Giant Papillary– lebam yang muncul di bawah kelopak mata. Pemakaian kanta lekap tidak dibenarkan sehingga lebam tidak larut. Untuk mengecilkan lebam, sila lakukan kompresasi sejuk menggunakan tuala bersih dan ais, tekapkan ke mata selama 1 minit dan lakukan berulang kali.

Sekiranya anda mengalami masalah di atas. Sila dapatkan rawatan dengan segera atau buat temu janji dengan kami.