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Eye Strain

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Eye Strain: Causes, Symptoms, Tips for Prevention, and Treatment

Ever wondered why your eyes tend to half close and you often doze off leaving your important work behind. Well, it must be eye strain, a condition that often occurs when your eyes bear the fatigue of intense work. Even the activities of day-to-day life such as high screen-time, intense reading, or long-distance driving may cause the problem.No matter what causes your eyes to strain, it can be annoying but the good news is that it is not a serious disease and tends to go away once you take the right steps to contain the issue. However, you need to know what causes your eyes to feel tired or if it is a mistaken belief and there is a serious underlying condition that requires treatment. Understanding the problem inside out…

Silhouette Eyewear Malaya Optical KL

SILHOUETTE Eyewear Collection

If you’re a fan of timeless elegance, cutting-edge design, and unparalleled comfort, then the latest arrival of Silhouette eyewear collection at Malaya Optical KL is sure to catch your eye. Silhouette has been a pioneer in eyewear since 1964, renowned for its lightweight and durable frames. This new collection is a harmonious blend of innovative technology and sophisticated aesthetics, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Minimalism in Silhouette Eyewear Latest Collection One of the standout features of Silhouette eyewear collection is its minimalist design. They exemplifies this ethos with sleek lines, subtle details, and a focus on simplicity. These glasses are designed to be almost invisible when worn, allowing the wearer’s natural beauty to shine through. The frames are made from high-tech titanium, ensuring they are…


Singaporeans, Welcome to Malaya Optical KL!

Welcome, fellow Singaporeans eyewear enthusiast! We at Malaya Optical KL are thrilled to extend our warmest greetings to you. Come and experience a whole new level of optical excellence right here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. We provide quality frames and lenses while also offering a quick turnaround time. Fast and Efficient Service Whether you're seeking trendy frames, cutting-edge lens technology, or professional eye examinations, our knowledgeable staff is here to cater to your every optical requirement and is on hand to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your unique preferences and lifestyle. Our goal is not only to enhance your vision but also to ensure you feel confident and satisfied with your eyewear choices. Quality Assured Designer Frames From the timeless elegance of Garrett Leight to…

RYAN ADDA Eyewear at Malaya Optical

We are excited to introduce to you the amazing RYAN ADDA Eyewear collection at Malaya Optical. We celebrates both current innovation and traditional heritage while encapsulating vision correction. As proud resellers of this distinguished Australian titanium designer brand, we've witnessed firsthand the growing popularity and demand for RYAN ADDA frames in our retail shops. It's more than just eyewear; and it's a journey where East meets West, crafted to perfection. Discover the Fusion of Tradition and Innovation with RYAN ADDA Eyewear at Malaya Optical. A Harmonious Blend of Cultures and Design Rooted deeply in Melbourne, RYAN ADDA stands as a testament to the beautiful amalgamation of Eastern and Western aesthetics. With each frame, they bring to life the collaborative spirit, weaving the richness of global heritage into the tapestry of…


Moscot 2024 Spring Collection

Moscot 2024 spring collection features six new frames inspired by the Lower East Side's eclectic and trendy characters. They are available in Malaya Optical Subang SS15. Let's look at which Moscot collection is fresh to the block this season. 1)Maydela The Maydela is a pleasantly gentler twist on the legendary Lemtosh, like a breath of fresh air. With its delicate contours and gentle curves, this stunning frame captivated the Moscot masses. This model comes with both frames and sunglasses. It is a unisex model, designed and prototyped by 5th Generation, Zack Moscot in NYC. 2)Gavolt Gavolt's unique shape and sturdiness are available in various sizes and hues. The Gavolt frame is ideal for every occasion. It comes in sunglasses too which have special colour-tinted lenses. Gavolt is handcrafted using Italian Acetate.…


GUCCI New Arrival in KL

Hey fashion-forward friends! Are you ready to take your eyewear game to the next level? Hold onto your seats because we're about to dive into the world of luxury with stunning Gucci new arrival at Malaya Optical KL! Whether you're craving a chic pair of frames or craving some killer shades, Gucci has you covered with their latest collection, and Malaya Optical KL is your go-to destination to snag these style essentials! Picture this: You stroll into Malaya Optical KL, the premier eyewear boutique in town, and your eyes immediately lock onto the gleaming display of Gucci frames and sunglasses. Your heart skips a beat as you envision yourself rocking these iconic pieces, turning heads wherever you go. Trust me, darlings, this is not just any eyewear – this is…



Join us at Ramadhan campaign by MALAYA OPTICAL as we embrace the spirit of giving this Ramadan and Raya Month. We are proud to continue our tradition of supporting the needy, and we invite you to be a part of our charitable efforts. As Ramadan approaches, our dedicated team of professional optometrists is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to proper eye care. We understand the importance of giving back to the community, and that's why we are extending our heartfelt support to those in need. This year, we are partnering with Pertubuhan Kasih Berjiwa, located in Rawang, Country Homes. This organization provides care for over 40 children across three homes, and your contributions can make a significant difference in their lives. Here's how you can help: Cash donations…

Avizor Eyewash A Refreshing Perspective

Avizor Eyewash A Refreshing Perspective

Our eyes suffer greatly from extended screen time, pollution, and environmental stressors in our fast-paced digital age. It makes sense that for many people, eye care has become a top priority. Avizor Eyewash is a lifesaver for eyes that are strained and fatigued. Avizor Eyewash is a resfreshing elixir for our eyes, painstakingly formulated to offer gentle yet efficient washing. It's not just another eyewash solution. It can be a life-changing for others. Who is Suitable for Using Avizor Eyewash: Avizor Eyewash is a multipurpose product that can be used by a wide range of people. This is because of the hypoallergenic and preservative-free and makes it gentle enough for sensitive eyes. You need this solution if you work in conditions that may irritate your eyes, have seasonal allergies, or…

Dr. GRAM Malaya Optical

Dr. GRAM Designer Eyewear

In the bustling world of eyewear, Dr. GRAM stands out as a beacon of uniqueness at Malaya Optical Kuala Lumpur. Renowned for its distinctive design philosophy and commitment to quality, they carved a niche for itself, offering customers an unparalleled blend of style and functionality. Dr. GRAM eyewear are comfortable, eco-friendly and extremely light, beta-titanium glasses frames. It weighs only 3 grams, lighter than a piece of A4 printing paper and features a unique fabric weaving hinge structure that do not require screws or welding. https://vimeo.com/460902723 Dr. GRAM focusses three factors in its design: ensuring the zero loss of titanium material during production, eliminating screws and welding to reduce errors and weight, and simplifying the manufacturing process. On average, 70% of the titanium plate is discarded in traditional eyewear production…

Mykita Eyewear Trunk Show


Are you prepared to up your eyewear game? We have some fantastic news for all of you fashion-forward eyewear fans out there! Prepare to be wowed with the latest and greatest in eyewear in Mykita Eyewear all under one roof! Malaya Optical Subang SS15 is excited to announce the Mykita Eyewear Trunk Show, which will take place from October 19th to October 29th, 2023. We understand the importance of having both style and utility, which is why we're providing an amazing discount during the Mykita Eyewear Trunk Show. When you buy any Mykita frame, you'll get a free single lens prescription! This means that your favourite prescription lens may be easily fitted into your Mykita frame at no extra cost. We believe in adding a touch of joy to every…

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