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Varilux XR Series

Varilux XR Series

🌟 Introducing the Future of Vision: Varilux® XR Series 🌟 🔮 Imagine a world where your eyewear not only corrects your vision but also anticipates your needs and responds to your visual behavior. 🕶️✨ At Malaya Optical, we are thrilled to bring you the latest breakthrough in eyewear technology – the Varilux® XR Series. 🚀 Step into a realm of optical innovation that goes beyond ordinary lenses. Our team is excited to be among the very first to introduce this remarkable progressive lens series to our valued customers. 🎉 🔍 What sets the Varilux® XR Series apart? Eye-Responsive Progressive Lens: Experience a new dimension of clarity and comfort with lenses that not only adapt to your prescription and eye physiology but also interact with your visual behavior. These lenses are…


Will CATARACTS lead to Blindness?

Cataracts are one of the leading cause of blindness. Our eyes are truly remarkable organs, allowing us to experience the world around us in all its vibrant colors and intricate details. However, as we age, various eye conditions can develop, affecting our vision and quality of life. One such condition that often occurs with aging is cataracts. In this blog, we will delve into the world of cataracts, exploring their causes, symptoms, treatment options, and the transformative power of lifestyle choices in maintaining clear vision. What are Cataracts? Imagine looking through a foggy window or a cloudy camera lens—this is similar to how cataracts affect your vision. Cataracts occur when the natural lens of the eye, which is normally transparent, becomes cloudy over time. This clouding obstructs the passage of…

AKONI Eyewear

Malaya Optical has always been committed to providing our esteemed customers with an exceptional eyewear experience, offering nothing but the finest selection of fashionable, unique, and high-quality designer frames. In our pursuit of excellence, we scoured the globe to bring you the most coveted eyewear labels, and today, we are thrilled to introduce the phenomenal AKONI Eyewear collection. (more…)


Best Safety Eyewear near me

Safety eyewear ensures workplace safety by providing protection to our eyes. Eye injuries can occur in any industry and have the potential to cause severe damage or even permanent vision loss. To safeguard our eyes, the use of safety glasses is essential! Protection Against Flying Debris In industries such as construction, manufacturing, and woodworking, workers are exposed to potential hazards like flying debris, particles, and dust. Safety eyewear acts as a barrier, preventing these particles from entering the eyes and causing injury. For instance, when operating power tools or performing tasks that involve cutting or grinding, they shield the eyes from flying fragments. Safety Eyewear Against Impact Injuries & Radiation In construction sites, manufacturing plants, or any workplace where heavy objects are lifted or moved, there is a risk of…

Optical and Optometrist near Bukit Bintang, KL

Optical and Optometrist near Bukit Bintang, KL

Introduction:Welcome to Malaya Optical, your one-stop destination for exquisite eyewear and expert optometry services in Kuala Lumpur. Nestled in the heart of Bukit Bintang, our renowned optical shop is dedicated to providing the finest eyewear solutions for all your vision needs. Join us on this journey as we explore the allure of our famous eyewear, highlight the expertise of our optometrists, and shed light on what the public seeks when it comes to glasses, contact lenses, spectacles, eyewear, and overall eye care. Here, we would like to share the best services that you can obtain in both optical and optometrist near Bukit Bintang, KL. Discovering Malaya Optical:Located in the vibrant district of Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya Optical stands as a beacon of style and innovation. Our showroom boasts a…

Best Optometrists Near Me in KL, KLCC (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia 

Malaya Optical, The Best Optometrist in Kuala Lumpur

Introduction: Welcome to Kuala Lumpur, the bustling capital of Malaysia, where style, innovation, and impeccable eye care converge at Malaya Optical! Located in the heart of the city, our premier optometry clinic offers a comprehensive range of vision services and an extensive collection of top-notch eyewear. Whether you're seeking fashionable frames, contact lenses, prescription lenses, safety eyewear, or repairs, we have it all. Join us on this journey as we explore the exceptional services provided by Malaya Optical, The Best Optometrist in Kuala Lumpur and uncover why it's the go-to destination for all your eye care needs. Perfectly Positioned: Situated near prominent landmarks such as the iconic KLCC, vibrant Pavilion, and bustling Times Square, Malaya Optical boasts a prime location for those in search of quality eye care. With our…

Yellows Plus Limited Edition at KL

Welcome to the realm of exquisite eyewear where luxury meets innovation! In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, there's a haven for eyewear enthusiasts, fashion aficionados, and anyone seeking a touch of exclusivity. Malaya Optical KL is your gateway to a world of limited edition frames that are sure to captivate your senses and elevate your style game. Yellows Plus Limited Edition pieces can be found in Malaya Optical KL with only a limited number of pieces available worldwide. What is Yellows Plus? Yellows Plus is a Japanese eyewear brand known for its high-quality frames and stylish designs. They focuses on creating handcrafted eyewear using premium materials such as acetate and titanium. Their frames often feature unique color combinations and intricate detailing, making them popular among individuals who appreciate both fashion…

Insightful Mentor by Dr Darran Yeow

Insightful Mentor by Dr Darran Yeow

Dr. Darran Yeow, a highly esteemed and visionary optometrist from Insightful Eye Care in Australia, captivated audiences with his extraordinary “Insightful Mentor” workshop hosted at Malaya Optical, headquarter in Damansara Utama. With a rich legacy dating back to 1957, Malaya Optical has consistently embraced the spirit of learning and sought inspiration from optometrists worldwide. Driven by a relentless passion to enhance their expertise and deliver unparalleled eye care services, the opportunity to learn from Dr. Yeow was nothing short of exhilarating. So, we as the eye care professionals proudly welcomes Insightful Mentor by Dr Darran Yeow to give a training all the way from Australia to our fellow optometrists. Dr, Darran Yeow, the visionary founder of Insightful Eye Care, is a highly accomplished optometrist with over 15 years of experience…

Say Goodbye to Digital Eye Strain with Essilor Malaysia’s Eyezen Glasses!

Embrace the Digital World with Confidence using Essilor Eyezen Glasses Hey there, digital natives and screen lovers! Do you spend countless hours in front of digital screens every day? Whether it's for work or leisure, we know that screens have become an integral part of our lives. But have you ever experienced eye strain, fatigue, or headaches after long hours of screen time? Worry no more! Essilor Malaysia has the perfect solution for you: Eyezen blue light blocking glasses. In this blog post, we'll explore the wonders of Eyezen glasses and how they can protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. From now on you can Say Goodbye to Digital Eye Strain with Essilor Malaysia's Eyezen Glasses! So let's dive right in! (more…)

Are ZEISS The Best Lenses Money Can Buy?

Elevate Your Vision Game: Explore the World of Zeiss Spectacle Lenses Today! Hey there vision enthusiasts, at Malaya Optical, we've found the Holy Grail of spectacle lenses: ZEISS! We know that finding the perfect lenses for your glasses can be a bit overwhelming, especially with so many options available. But we have exciting news for you! These incredible lenses offer unrivaled quality and performance, making them the ultimate choice for your eyewear needs. Let's dive into the magical world of ZEISS and discover what sets them apart from the rest. The Legacy of Zeiss: Where Innovation Meets Perfection ZEISS has been a pioneer in the world of optics for over 170 years. Founded by Carl Zeiss in 1846, this German company has consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible in…