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Have you even looked into the distance and notice something off? Like something is just not right or clear? Then it hits you, the reality of whats to come to you in the future, glasses. There is a daunting feeling in your gut, you have never had your eyes checked, what is going to happen? Will there be lasers? What will they do to my eyes to check them? Will it hurt?

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Eye Strain

eye strain

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legally blind

Legal or not, you will still require glasses to see clearer if you have a refractive error. And that could manifest more if you tend to do more reading, especially law students, graduates to practitioners.


Call it 'professional requirement', any lawyer will read and read between the fine prints to line, until it gets a little too much for the eyes.


When you scan text with your eyes, saccadic movements from left to right, up or down will over-work your extra-ocular muscles, not to mention increasing the work load on your visual processes. This will further cause visual fatique.


And the question, be it from books or screens, how do you want to make your eyes feel at home with that overloading black and whites?


And with the never-ending datelines, the need to proof-read will be ever be more taxing than ever.


And give you the headaches that you ever wonder when it will go away?


And you ever wondered that the bills and laws can be this taxing.

Can't see right? Or you can't win that battle?

Come over to Malaya Optical for the advice and consultation you would probably need to travel or pay overseas. We provide visual relieve and treatment.


Legally Blind
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