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Why should choose Dita ?

Why should choose DITA ?

Previously, we already talked about the top 4 DITA sunglasses model that is famous. However, this time we will talk about the specialty and why you should choose DITA ? DITA as everyone knows established in 1995 by Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, DITA’s main goal was (and still is) to make inventive, excellent made eyewear with a one of a kind look and feel. Thus, a lot of famous and top celebrities are always spotted with DITA Eyewear on them.


DITA immediately acquired popularities universally by producing connections inside culture, style, sports, and diversion. The brand is centered around rethinking customary principles. DITA rises above shows by offering eyewear that goes from strong character casings to new understandings of immortal shapes through imaginative innovation. So, Why you should choose DITA ? Because DITA provide a style that is ahead of time which is allow their wearer to feel more exclusive and confident while styling with daily outfit. Apart from that we are going to show you few celebrities who chooses DITA as one of their accessories need for daily life routine.

DITA eyewear subang jaya


No doubt that usher is famous worldwide. Usher Raymond IV (born October 14, 1978) is an American singer, songwriter, actor, businessman, and dancer. He was spotted wearing a few sunglasses from DITA. the latest one is in Tokyo, wearing DITA Journey.


Nicki Minaj , a Trinidadian-American rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and model was spotted in the city wearing DITA NARCISSUS black yellow/gold. She was cited as one of the most influential female rap artists of all time. She also has the most followed on instagram among all rapper.

dita nicki minaj


Through all these years,, Ryan Reynolds has caused us to respect him more, and the films he has featured in have barely allowed to feel disappointed. The storylines are spellbinding, his acting is wonderful and the shades he wears in them are first rate. He was seen in DITA Nacht-Two shades while recording Free Guy, so essentially based off the style in this film, we can disclose to it will be an extraordinary one.

There are many more celebrities that chooses DITA as their Eyewear such as The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), the famous Tony Stark(Robert Downey Jr) and Tom Holland, so why not you ? Feel the amazingness of the frame and you can feel as celebrity of your own too. Please drop by at our subang branch store and make an appointment before heading to our store. Hope to see you and we cant wait to help you choose the best sunglasses !



A name inseparable from top of the line style, DITA eyewear has been the superstar go-to for more than twenty years. Grasping a couple of DITA outlines can’t contrast and some other brand. DITA’s plan and assembling principles are the benchmark by which any remaining extravagance brands are judged-production them more elite class. We are going to introduced the top 4 DITA sunglasses that are famous around the world.


Why is it so famous ? It is because of the materials which frames are made from titanium to 18K gold to the best Japanese acetate. Possibly it’s the inclination of looking much the same as top celebrities since these shades have been on the preferences everybody from Brad Pitt to Lady Gaga to Jamie Fox and other famous celebrities So here are the top 4 DITA Sunglasses that we would like to share.

DITA Flight-Seven Sunglasses

Flight-Seven started as an accolade for the supersonic military airplane of the 1970s. These chivalrous desires have been etched into a rich, lightweight frame made out of Japanese beta-titanium for unrivaled strength and adaptability which larger than usual acetate temple tips highlight Flight-Seven’s surprisingly light in weight. Flight seven available in both polarized and uv protection coating. The rock was spotted wearing Dita Flight Seven.

TOP 4 DITA SUNGLASSES flight near klang valley

DITA Flight 006 Sunglasses

Military pilots, adored among fighters for their challenging and strut, became something of a style motivation for men in the post-war years, and no other thing passes on their notable status as plainly as the pilot outline. Flight 006 is DITA’s accolade for the boldness of those pilots, in the exemplary shape however built in strong, current materials for another look.

A lot celebrity was spotted in this model and one of the most popular was worn by Robert Downey Jr who in Iron Man as well as Avengers and passed to Tom Holland who is portrayed as Peter in Spiderman. The Sunglasses has caught people’s attention so here we bring the sunglasses to you in Malaysia.

dita tom holland in malaysia

DITA Sunbird

The Sunbird channels the bluster of Brigitte Bardot in a style that makes a trip easily from road to shore. The lightweight acetate lens rim frame’s are encircled by titanium, while its nose bridge and cushion are squeezed from one bit of metal to offer unmatched support. Available in 3 different colour.

DITA Arise

ARISE is a stylish interpretation of a perky 60’s work of art: an inconspicuous yet eccentric feline eye delivered in a super light specialized frame. Divas from the 60’s were only a beginning stage for the vibe of ARISE, however the genuine story is in the methods and innovation engaged with making class of the outline and the advancement of materials utilized.

Dont missed out a chance to get your own DITA sunglasses. Only available at our SUBANG SS15 branch. Please make an appointment before coming in. Try and feel the soul of this frame 🙂 See you soon.

Moscot Fall Series 2020

Moscot Fall Series 2020

On September 2020, Moscot come out with a new collection of Moscot Fall Series 2020. This series was designed by Zack Moscot, fifth Generation and Chief Design Officer in The Lower East Side, the new assortment highlights 6 new edge styles where exemplary plan meets present day legacy subtleties. The striking new styles of the Fall-Winter 2020 Collection don’t avoid making a incredible explanation that commends uniqueness and shared good faith for what’s to come. Zack Moscot said, “I planned the new series with “new age legacy” as a top priority. Reasonable, exemplary, and practical eyewear planned with an additional pizazz of downtown edge and style.” He adds, “the new styles highlight plan components, procedures and colorways that vibe new, while staying consistent with our family’s revered art and New York City legacy.”

The first model of Moscot Fall Series 2020 is Shindig. After 100+ years in the Lower East Side, we’re no more bizarre to the cast of characters that show face at a New York City SHINDIG. These rectangular retro style specs highlight a hearty list of attendees of colorways and mark Custom Made Tint that keep the gathering going from day to night. It comes in 3 colours which are black, Burnt Rose and Tobacco.

Moving on to the second model, The Lazer. Regardless of whether you’re mountaineering upstate or journeying to the Upper West Side, The LAZER is an advanced translation of a vintage ice sheet glass style. Intended to flawlessly blend open air experience in with downtown style, the LAZER’s exemplary development and acetic acid derivation sweat bar will have you prepared to swing into gear on your next enormous undertaking.

Dudel was inspired by Mr Kelly who was known for two things: his particular look (a casual traditional shirt, meager dark tie, and NASA-esque glasses); and the sharing time of marine life he generally brought into class. Between writing melody verses in the pages of his scratch pad and acing his tests, Harvey cherished finding out about ocean life. A tribute to Mr. Kelly and his famous style, make certain to observe this DUDEL!

Hal was a mind boggling Lower East side character, wicked, even nervy. Becoming more acquainted with him took some time, just uncovering little subtleties to the unaided eye. He regularly walked around Delancey with a couple of shades that shrouded his smooth wink, and in view of no objective. With its fold over edge front and unpredictable subtleties.

In the wake of leaving the city for all the more tutoring, Bluma was inspired from Uncle Heshy and it comes with a high nose extension and tall round focal points, these scholarly motivated specs are devoted.

This model was inspired by aunt Rosie who is splendid, free, and continually finding the silver coating in life’s difficulties. Her lively hopefulness was persuasive to such an extent that the family would regularly remind each other to take a gander at life through Aunt Rosie Colored Glasses. Much the same as Aunt Rosie’s graciousness and heart.

New symbols are made in the mission that component outlines that stand their ground against the background of the city. Sharing a charming family convention to celebrate regular minutes. With a mission resulting from strength and positive thinking, MOSCOT gives a sound update that there is consistently motivation to celebrate.

Check out the new Moscot fall 2020 series and all new custom tints sunglasses at our subang branch stores. Try and feel it yourself. Dont forget to make an appointment before coming in.

kacamata tom ford

Most Popular Tom Ford Eyeglasses

Tom Ford keeps on developing in popularity having worked with probably the best in the business – from Beyonce Knowles, Justin Timberlake, Michelle Obama, and giving the clothing to Daniel Craig in the different James Bond films. With every one of these achievements, it’s no big surprise why the most popular Tom Ford eyeglasses outlines like the Tom Ford FT5401, Tom Ford FT5355, and Tom Ford FT5507 are top of the line items for this brand.

Most Popular Tom Ford Eyeglasses Unisex

Tom Ford FT5401

This pair of Tom Ford FT5401 is one of the most popular Tom Ford eyeglasses, shockingly with the finest design with contemporary touch that even big names are using it. Custom fitted for both genders and accessible in five current hues, with clear earthy colored being the most searched after. The Tom Ford FT5401 are dependable with a plastic development that is solid and withstands pressure. To prevent wobble, the nose bridge can be adjust easily. The Tom Ford FT5401 is a full-rim type and sufficiently wide to cover all purposes of your vision.

Men‘s Glasses

For Tom Ford glasses men you discover eyeglasses that are for powerful men that acknowledge high design. They can draw out that amazing elitist look. Remain exemplary with the Tom Ford FT5355 or Tom Ford FT5478-B, or go a touch more current with the unmistakable Tom Ford FT5401. Tom Ford offers the ideal blend of style and common sense and is ensured to add a little class to any look. Pick the Tom Ford FT5296 when you need to add somewhat enjoyable to your look!

The Tom Ford FT5355 is the ideal pair of glasses to wear to the workplace, so it is no big surprise it is one of the most mainstream Tom Ford eyeglass for men. They offer a straightforward yet sophisticated design. It is a pleasant frame to wear, produced using plastic thats what made them light yet solid and durable. A coordinate nose cushions functioned in avoiding any shaking of the frame. the Tom Ford FT5355 eyeglasses are sufficiently wide to cover all points of your vision because its is full square rim. Try to pick in between tortoise or black.

Tom Ford FT5296 glasses are the ones for you if you want to be different a bit from your finest look but not too over for your appearance. The pilot shape with a matte dark tone and little gold feature doesn’t draw too much attention. These full rim glasses are made of acetate consistently with first rate quality and craftsmanship.

Women’s Glasses

Tom Ford glasses for ladies give you the finest office look with an additional touch. The Tom Ford FT5507 gives you the finest square rim yet with little gold features that make them stand apart from the group. Be that as it may, don’t be hesitant to search for something additional like the Tom Ford FT0618 to let the glasses represent themselves. Tom Ford offers a wide scope of assortment in shapes like cat eye and larger than average, to the more vintage square and adjusts ones. This outstanding frame is ideal for the workplace, and the tortoise shading includes an advanced touch. The Tom Ford FT5473 is a full edge, square, plastic casing. The plasticis acetate with a pantograph, which hypoallergenic and lightweight.

Get your Tom Ford glasses now at our Damansara Uptown (HQ) branch and book an appointment before coming in.

Philippe Starck glasses in Malaysia

Philippe Starck Eyewear – 3 reasons to wear

Philippe Starck eyewear represents a philosophy in which glasses are not merely accessories but extensions of the individual who wears them. The harmonious relationship between eyewear and the human body together with Bionism – the idea of getting inspiration from Nature to create technologies that can upgrade the lives of humans, revolutionized the industry.

Ultra light weight

starck eyewear

STARCK BIOTECH PARIS launches an innovative hinge technology, known as SPHERE. The collection presents ultra-light frames which can weight from 12 grams, without any screws nor soldering. The minimal structure displays twisted titanium temples and an exclusive injected material called Gravity Evo®, providing greater comfort and fit. All SPHERE collection frames come in eco-friendly cases, made with apple fiber.

Inspired by human body ( Bio mechanism )

3 Reason to wear Philippe Starck Eyewear

Starck Biotech Paris (previously is known as Starck Eyes) merges more than ever design with biomechanics, placing Bionisme at its core: taking inspiration from the organic to innovate, in favor of humanity. Each pair of Philippe Starck eyewear is created using Biolink® technology, a screwless hinge designed based on the human collarbone, delivering greater comfort and flexibility. Starck Biotech Paris is the intersection of technology and the designer’s essence, his philosophy is paired with a sophisticated Parisian attitude.

Revolutionary eyewear

The Starck Biotech Paris collection reflects the efficient character of Philippe Starck eyewear, showing outstanding quality, comfort and fit. The best choice for those seeking a unique frame with exclusive features: proven to be the successful result of research on technology & innovation.

philippe starck glasses

“Each of the styles of the collection constitutes an elegant extension of the individual.
Even disappearing from our perceptive field and merging completely with the body in harmony.
The collection is about richness of colors and purity of lines combined with subtle contrasts.
Starck Biotech Paris is not a revolution, it is the right evolution.” 
Philippe Starck

For viewing, drop by Malaya Optical.

Francois Pinton eyewear

Francois Pinton Eyewear

Francois Pinton (FP) is a French brand based in Paris, France for more than 60 years. The story of this eyewear brand began in the city of lights in the roaring twenties. Robert Francois Pinton, who was a talented artisan jeweller, has founded the Maison Francois Pinton in 1953. Later, in the sixties and seventies, Dominique Pinton, the son of Robert Francois, designed iconic models for Jacky O, Grace Kelly, Aristotle Onassis and so on.

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Hey People, Heavy Rim are Back!

Hey people, Heavy Rimmed Glasses are back! It’s time for you to dig out that pair of nerd glasses you’ve worn in high school from the bottom drawer. When it comes to fashion, you may find an interesting phenomenon. That is, everything old can be in vogue again! Read More