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New frame designs and colour schemes are included in the Dita Fall-Winter 2022 line. In the midst of chaos, it offers fresh methods to express oneself while further understanding what it means to be "A Category of One." This compilation represents an acceptance of silliness and spontaneity. DITA as a company constantly considers how they present themselves in the midst of the chaos and provides Fall/Winter collection as a platform for others to express who they truly are. This diverse collection pushes the limits of technological design and maintains the company's position as a leader in the eyewear sector by reinterpreting the necessities of daily eyewear in an elegant way. DITA FALL-WINTER 2022 Acetate + Titanium The DNA of DITA has a design pillar called GRAND-APX, which is an enlarged…


DITA sunglass is designed to capture special moments that will last forever. Every DITA frame is an individual with its own story and personality. Each frame aligns with a powerful archetype that can be found inside of us if we are brave enough to pursue it. DITA MACH ONE Our iconic DITA Mach-One sunglass was inspired by our love for high-speed cars, speedboats and sophisticated airplanes made with advanced construction methods and excellent materials. Since 1995, DITA has drawn inspiration from the international circuit of maritime, automotive and aviation design, and the innovative individuals who have pushed boundaries within these finely crafted machines. These frames are designed to ignite to the same intensity that only these finest machines can trigger. DITA FLIGHT 006 Fighter pilots were respected by soldiers for…