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Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eye symptoms

Dry eye symptoms may not be appearing with only one symptoms but it may also sometimes been accompanied by few other symptoms. Without knowing all the important signs and symptoms of dry eyes, you may not able to get a proper treatment to get rid if it. Since dry eye was known as one of the usual condition that can occur to anyone, here are 12 most common dry eye symptoms that you should know.

When you started to encounter more then one symptoms at a time, it is best to get your eye tested with dry eye assessments as the cause of it could be identified easily, while preventative and treatment measures put in place.

At most cases, dry eye syndrome may not be easy to cured, but it is quite easy to treat, and also it can improve your quality of life. Below shows the most common dry eye symptoms that you should know.

  • Sensitive to lights. Our eyes may feel irritated, watery and uneasy under lights. Example; while driving at night or in low illumination or also while facing screens
  • Redness in the eyes. Due to lack of tear production, our eyes may not be nourish properly. Due to lack of nutrition and moisturizer our eyes may reflex dryness and looks red in colour overall.
  • On and off experiencing blurred vision. Since tear film is unstable, light rays may not entering our eyes smoothly resulting in occasional blur vision.
  • Watery eyes. As a sign of dryness, tear will be produced from our eyes to keep our eyes moist.
  • Tired eyes. We may feel as our eye become heavy, always like to close our eyes as it may cause slight strain.
  • Itchy eyes. You may start to rub your eyes non stop when your eyes feel dry and greasy.
  • Stinging and burning sensation around or in the eyes.
  • You may build sticky mucus around your eyelids. In most cases, it occurs upon waking up.
  • Uncomfortable due to grittiness. Due to foreign body sensations around the eyelids or eyelashes.
  • Not suitable to use contact lens. You may feel the edge of contact lenses is pocking your eyes, your tolerance to contact lens will get reduce. Upon removal of contact lenses, your eyes will be very dry and you may face difficulty to remove it.
  • Thick mucous discharge.
  • Fluctuation in vision until tear layer got stable.

Do not wait for all these symptoms to effect your vision and comfort level. Drop by to get your eyes tested with the best optometrist in town now.


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