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Blac ® Eyewear now available in store.

Before we continue, there are three things you should know about Blac:

  1. Glasses Are Handmade in Denmark
  2. Created The World’s First Adjustable Carbon Frame
  3. Made from Carbon Fiber with Titanium Reinforcement

Another thing you should know is that Carbon Fiber is durable as hell. We recommend checking out this 5 minute BBC Engineering experiment to see just how strong CF is.


The experiment pits the durability of a steel shaft against a carbon fiber shaft by testing their might against a compression machinery. To make it a fair experiment, both shafts are equal in shape and size. How do we know which shaft is stronger? It’s the one that can withstand higher thresholds of force before any indentations or bends. Here’s the scoreboard:


Ding-Ding-DING! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a WINNER.


Why is this? This is just so odd. Carbon Fiber is much lighter, as evidenced by BBC experimenter’s commentary, and yet so much more durable. It’s the perfect material for eyewear.

Light in weight – Reduces the amount of stress on the nose, reducing skin irritation.

Durable – Resistant to impact and weight. Prevents those moments where you’re in a frantic daze to look for your glasses, just to realise you have them crushed underneath you. At this point your anger is unstoppable. In a fit of rage you destroy every belonging grandma owns as you unleash your inner hulk.

Do you see?

But durability and lightness are not enough.

I believe, spectatles are worn to be seen, to express a certain vibe. Spectatles are indicative of status, style, and most importantly, your personality.


And therefore, it is very important to pick out a slick design. In comes the Blac designer glasses by Claus Bellinger.

Blac Carbon Fiber Frame – Threaded by hand or if preferred, by 3d printing

Here in Malaya Optical, we hold a wide array of Blac Designer Glasses. Perfect in all three categories of durability, comfort (weight), and appearance. For anyone looking for more than just a decent pair of eyewear for malaysian , this is one catalogue you should not miss out on.

Remember, durability, comfort, and appearance. That is Blac®.

Looking forward to seeing you there. To have more information, please feel free to consult with our best optometrists in KL.


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