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AKONI Eyewear

Malaya Optical has always been committed to providing our esteemed customers with an exceptional eyewear experience, offering nothing but the finest selection of fashionable, unique, and high-quality designer frames. In our pursuit of excellence, we scoured the globe to bring you the most coveted eyewear labels, and today, we are thrilled to introduce the phenomenal AKONI Eyewear collection.

Akoni, the epitome of visionary eyewear design hailing and crafted in Japan. Rooted in the philosophy of capturing the essence of beauty and art that envelops u, Akoni’s collection exude an unrivalled spirit. With a singular dedication to excellence, each collection reflects Akoni’s commitment to crafting exceptional eyewear. The naming of collections is inspired from the wonders of astronomy and the remarkable achievements of human exploration in the cosmos. Akoni’s collections are Etere, Altitude, Horizon, Delta and Optima.

Akoni’s eyewear is made with three main materials: Akoni acetate, Akoni titanium and Akoni ceramic nose pads. Akoni acetate is crafted from renewable wood and cotton, undergoing a six-month production process instead of the typical three months. This result in an unmatched density, strength and beauty, ensuring the frames maintain their shape and resist shrinkage even in high temperatures. The long- lasting frames always look new even after years of use. Akoni titanium frames are made from the worlds’s finest lightweight titanium, exclusively available in Japan. They offer unmatched strength while retaining lightness, are hypoallergenic and virtually indestructible, never tarnishing or corroding. Lastly, Akoni’s ceramic nose pads are uniquely lightweight and hypoallergenic. They have ribbed lines and a deep-centered groove, providing a comfortable and non-slip fit. These nose pads remain cool to the touch and make wearing Akoni frames all day easy.

Akoni’s eyewear exudes a signature and identity that captivates attention and reflects the epitome of individual accomplishment. Zooming in the frame reveals a realm of exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Each Akoni frame unveils a multitude of intricate elements, inspired by the remarkable embellishments that distinguish prized symbols of personal triumph. The tactile knurling adorning the temple fronts pay homage to the opulent crowns of luxury watches and the fine flint wheels of high-end lighters. Furthermore, the rounded acetate temples, adorned with titanium tips, meticulously replicate the refined detailing found on the world’s most exquisite writing instruments. This fusion of distinctive touches results in eyewear that embodies the essence of sophistication, luxury and the pursuit of excellence.

AKONI eyewear builds upon the classic foundation, blending timeless elegance with innovative design elements. Inspired by the mystical golden ration, their frames harmoniously integrate the beauty of nature’s creations and mankind’s masterpieces. From the tiniest hinges to ground-breaking frame concepts, Akoni’s design team meticulously applies the power of this intriguing equation. Their unwavering dedication to the philosophy of Shokunin from Japan ensures that every handcrafted details is perfected, resulting in eyewear that transcends trends and embodies a truly timeless aesthetic.

Akoni takes pride in its commitment to providing a customized fit for each client, recognizing the uniqueness of every face and the distinct needs of each individual. With adjustable temples, optometrists have the ability to precisely tailor every frame to ensure a perfect fit for the wearer. Additionally, Akoni’s designers have ingeniously developed an innovative system of hinges and screws that are interchangeable across their entire eyewear catalogue. This ingenious threaded-tube screw system eliminates the common frustration of loose or missing screws, providing a secure and engineered design. The reliance on this distinctive solution throughout all Akoni Eyewear designs guarantees that replacement parts, if ever needed, can be easily sourced, ensuring long-lasting functionality and peace of mind for the wearer.

Akoni’s logo is a small refinement that speaks volumes. Avoiding unnecessary logos and monograms, Akoni allows its frames to capture attetntion through their sleek silhouettes and finely crafted details. The logo itself is an intriguing graphic symbol – a perfect circle enclosed within a square. This minimal and geometric motif, placed on top of Akoni’s secure rivets, elegantly represents the brand’s dedication to the timeless and captivating power of the golden ratio. It serves as a subtle yet powerful nod to Akoni’s commitment to exquisite design and aesthetic excellence.

Malaya Optical Uptown is proud to carry the prestigious AKONI eyewear collection. With our dedication to providing the best eyewear experience, we invite you to visit our outlet and discover the transformative qualities of Akoni frames. Our knowledgeable optometrists will assist you in finding the perfect pair of AKONI eyewear that not only enhances your vision but also elevates your style. Visit Malaya Optical uptown today and indulge in an eyewear experiences like no other. 


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