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Lipo Kids Eyewear

Lipo Kids Eyewear

Why Malaya Optical Chooses Lipo Kids Eyewear for Myopia Control? We at Malaya Optical recognise the need for early intervention in treating myopia, and we are pleased to provide Lipo Kids Eyewear to our younger customers. As parents, our top priority is always our children's health and well-being, especially regarding their vision. It's more crucial than ever to address the growing issue of myopia, or nearsightedness, among youngsters by coming up with creative and practical solutions. What is Myopia and Why is it a Concern? Myopia is a common visual disorder in which distant items appear blurry but nearby objects are visible. Not only does myopia result in the need for stronger glasses, but it also raises the possibility of developing cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal detachment in later life. The rapid…


Mr. Lee, the founder of LIPO Eyewear said, "It's my irresponsibility as a father" when his children don't have specialized frames for kids. He currently aspires to create the best children's eyewear that effectively prevents and controls the rise of myopia. He has 20 years of expertise designing eyewear and a background as a doctor. The term "Lipo" comes from the Western fashion elites' reverent nicknaming of Chinese romantic poet Li Bai. It is a premium national eyewear brand that combines style, taste, and romance with Oriental culture at its core while incorporating Western trends and operating on the principles of professionalism and quality. A child's physical development, academic performance, and general well-being depend on having good vision. The innovative and passionately made Lipo eyewear is made with consideration for…

Crispin Bees

Crispin Bees Kids Eyewear

Crispin Bees  If you are looking for a durable eyewear that is able to withstand the vigorous twists and turns of your curious kids and save yourself from burning a hole in your pocket. You should definitely check out CRISPIN BEES. Originating from Korea, it is an eco-friendly eyewear for children.  Why is it eco-friendly? CRISPIN BEES has their very own range of eco plastic eyewear collection. It constitutes up to 45% of castor oil, which is a multi-purpose vegetable oil that is extracted from castor beans. Castor beans do contain a toxic enzyme called ricin. However, the heating process that castor oil undergoes deactivates it, allowing the oil to be used safely.  MODEL CODE: K808 COL: 04 SIZE: 45 MODEL CODE: K811 COL: 04 SIZE: 46 CRISPIN BEES has been…

Zeiss Kids Eyewear

Kacamata kanak-kanak daripada Zeiss

"Ibu! Pad hidung pada cermin mata saya tiada! "Ayah! Cermin mata saya rosak! "Adakah masalah ini tidak selesai bagi anda? Adakah anda bosan menukar cermin mata anak-anak anda? Jangan risau; ibu bapa yang dikasihi, kami telah memberikan anda penyelesaian terbaik untuk kacamata kanak-kanak daripada Zeiss - Zeiss Eyewear Kids Collection. (more…)

Zeiss Kids Eyewear

“Mum! The nose pad on my spectacle is missing! ““Daddy! My eyeglass is broken! ” Are these screams sound familiar to you? Are you tired of changing your kids’ broken eyewear? Fret not; dear parents, we have got you an ultimate solution – Zeiss Eyewear Kids Collection. (more…)

Zoobug Children eyewear Malaysia


Zoobug frames are different to other kids eyewear because Zoobug do not scale down an adult version. Each style has been carefully designed and tested just for kids. (more…)

alero eyewear

Alero Children Frames

Alero children frames are really good as Kids glasses, as this brand will suit your child's needs and functionality. The resistant, colorful, fun, indestructible and really modern sunglasses makes benefit for kids as well as serves the purpose to protect their eyes too. (more…)