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Silhouette Eyewear (Austria)

Silhouette – are you looking for an iconic rimless or lightest eyewear? If so, this page is definitely for you! What does iconic mean? Iconic pieces are usually symbolic and emblematic. They are not made for short-lived trends. Being one of the most successful eyewear brands that produces numerous iconic rimless eyewear — Silhouette was born in Austria in 1964. It is truly a classic that allows you to go back year after year.

This eyewear has always succeeded in mastering the art of creating exceptional aesthetics from combining two seemingly opposing poles. From then till today, Silhouette eyewear has created numerous timeless designs of rimless eyewear that always meet the spirit of age.

Silhouette has a long tradition of producing classic and innovative rimless eyewear since 1964. Their philosophy of – with its craftsmanship and emphasis on manual work – is akin to that of a cottage industry, resulting in uniquely innovative eyewear. It took 264 precise steps to manufacture a single piece of the eyewear. The outstanding and fine-quality materials never once leave their loyal customers with disappointment. In Malaya Optical, our customers have mentioned they are always delighted and surprised in terms of Silhouette eyewear’s innovation!

Silhouette has remolded the world of eyewear with their lightest eyewear. To create this unmistakably lightweight eyewear, they have invested a lot of time to study the latest materials and discover new production techniques. Together with the gift of extremely high standards of workmanship in Austria, Silhouette has turned the combination of innovative materials and puristic design into reality. 

Creating the most beautiful eyewear is Silhouette’s vision from the very outset. Thanks to their passion, Silhouette has always and still pursuing this simple yet uneasy to achieve vision today. They have put their hearts and souls into their works to turn beautiful eyewear into realities every single day!

The quality of the design and materials determine how long a piece will last, and your personality is what makes a pair of silhouette eyewear unique! With the unique compartments of rimless eyewear, there are unlimited possibilities in terms of shape, colour and design which will bring out your personality in all its facets. 


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