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Carl Zeiss Lens Coatings

Carl Zeiss lens available coatings are Lotutec, DuraVision Platinum, DuraVision BlueProtect, DuraVision DriveSafe, DuraVision Sun and DuraVision Mirror. Zeiss has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers for spectacle lenses for decades. They are committed to deliver their customers utmost quality lenses and yet vision precision and comfort at maximum level. For Zeiss, high quality lenses require high quality treatments which include excellent protection, add-ons and fashionable extras. Today, Carl Zeiss lens has come out with several coatings in order to fit your vision needs and make you look fashionable at the same time.


Lotutec sets the basic standard of all Zeiss lenses’ durability. The Lotutec AR (anti reflective) coating made the lenses so durable as they are provided with a hard lacquer, reinforced by nano-particles. Besides, the ultra-smooth Clean Coat on Lotutec coating allows fluid (water or oil) and dirt to drip or fall off the lens easily. This makes the lenses very easy to clean. 

DuraVision Platinum

Zeiss has always been proud of their DuraVision Platinum coating. This is truly break-through technology for lens coating history. DuraVision Platinum is the first-tier coating that not only has outstanding anti-reflective properties, but offers premium quality for ultimate lens protection, which make Zeiss lenses 3 times more robust and resistant than before. DuraVision Platinum has better dust-resistant, dirt-resistant, water-resistant and oil-resistant properties compared to previous coating. This allows the lenses to be easy for cleaning and stay cleaner for a longer time. Furthermore, DuraVision Platinum coating has a more aesthetically attractive, blue residual reflection colour that generates over 20% less luminous reflectance than AR coating on Lotutec coating. 

DuraVision BlueProtect

Today, all of us including students and working adults are required to stay at home since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. Digital life plays a big part in our life today and indirectly, we are exposed to blue-violet light from LEDs as well as smartphone, tablet, computer or television screens. Long term exposure to harmful blue-violet light may contribute to damage to the retina and increase the risk of macular degeneration over time (which is known as “blue light hazard”). Zeiss has always concerned the community’s eye health, therefore Zeiss developed a special coating for “digital native” or people who are exposed to blue-violet light — DuraVision BlueProtect. 

Blue-violet light is everywhere from indoors to outdoors (sunlight emits blue-violet light too), however it has a varied spectrum. DuraVision BlueProtect reflects parts of the harmful blue-violet light (380-455nm) emitted by our digital gadgets, reducing the amount of blue-violet light from entering our eyes. At the same time, the coating ensures transmission in the spectrum above 460nm at high level (good blue light). This is because blue light at 460nm is important for the proper regulation of melatonin in our body, which has an effect on circadian rhythms (day-night rhythm) and general well-being. There are studies showing insufficient “good blue light” may lead to development of insomnia. 


Challenging light and weather conditions such as rain and mist, or at dusk or night, caused many people to feel insecure and stressed to drive. Research shows that 83% of drivers are spectacle lens wearers. There are 3 elements Zeiss DriveSafe lenses taken into account to make driving safer and more comfortable.

1. Provides better vision in low light conditions. Thanks to the Luminance Design Technology by Zeiss, which improves the lens design considering different pupil sizes on different light conditions.

2. Significant glare reduction from the oncoming cars or street lights, especially at night.

3. Gives clear and accurate of the road, dashboard, rear-view mirror and side mirrors.

Other than clear lenses, Carl Zeiss offers two cosmetically attractive tinted lens coatings that are available with prescription.


DuraVision Sun

Zeiss DuraVision Sun coating is an anti-reflective coating that could be applied on the back surface of the lens. This guarantees clear vision while the lens still has outstanding durability and easy to clean. With the hard coating and hydrophobic Clean Coat technology on the front, the lens is fully water and oil repellent. Besides, DuraVision Sun has a wide variety of colour tints that you can definitely find to suit on your favourite frame. 

DuraVision Mirror

DuraVision Mirror is innovated from DuraVision Sun coating, which allows the front-surface coating in eight different mirror colours. Mirror coating able to reflect the sunlight and hence further reducing the transmission of strong sunlight into your eyes. Mirror coating also can be used for the latest fashion statement or to further customise the tinted lenses. The lens has excellent water-repellent, anti-static and anti-smudge properties on every surface of the lens. 

Last but not least, to ensure true protection for our customers, Zeiss has featured ZEISS UVPROTECT Technology into all of their lens coatings. This technology effectively blocks direct UV rays from the front surface of the lenses and indirect UV rays from the sides and back surface of the lenses. With this, Zeiss lenses are truly offering full UV protection for your eyes.


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