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Masaki Titanium Eyewear

Masaki Titanium Eyewear

Masaki Matsushima titanium eyewear, a famous eyewear originally from Japan, which is also commonly named by the public as Masaki. The unique design of Masaki Matsushima eyewear brings his popularity internationally. Besides, due to its design’s multi diversity, it comes along with various sizes, the eyewear fits suitability to all face features. It is one of the Asian’s preferable choices of eyewear.

Masaki Matsushima eyewear brand concept is “to express the fashion interiorly in a stylish way, which is usually seen as a two-dimensional object”. The artistic design of Masaki titanium eyewear always include with three unique features, which is: 

  1. Originality – own brand creation and it never comes with a clone
  2. Solid design – firm and cool hardness metal body but extremely light weighted
  3. Futuristic design – inclusive the art science fiction, curiosity and exploration of the future sense

In respect to its own unique design, Masaki Matsushima eyewear prioritises the importance of the eyewear functionality inclusive its innovative creation.

The combination of these unique features and the functionality makes the Masaki Matsushima eyewear become outstanding special. 

Masaki Matsushima comes with a few types of collections. Each different collection suits according to an individual demand. 

MASAKI MATSUSHIMA Premium Collection

Perfect for individual seeking for the highest quality and unique of titanium eyewear. The fine and delicate craft in-house design and extraordinary lightweight brings the comfortness and eyewear look to the premium and superior standard.

MASAKI MATSUSHIMA Standard Collection

Suitable for everyone, high quality with fine material, brings an eyewear with the most simplicity and classic while not losing its unique design. 


Bringing all new types of eyewear fits to speed movement, comfortably for action. Unique design comes with the slender blow line, is lightweight and flexible finish. Rubber tips are double layered, gives extra comfortness and uneven design for the inside for a better grip.

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