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Category: Prescription Lenses

Tokai Japan Lens

Tokai Progressive Lens


Progressive lenses have turned into a popular lens design that is commonly worn by people nowadays. Especially for those already present with glasses to look at the distance since young and they also start getting blurry vision when reading or looking at computer screens when they are entering the age of 40. Progressive lenses are convenient, it eases the user, with only one glass, able to access vision through all distances, way far better than having 2 separate glasses where users have to switch between them when looking at distance and look at near. 

However, a good progressive lens is very important, as it helps the users to make their daily work to be completed much more effectively and reduce the work stress. To ensure progressive lenses come with maximum comfort and are stress-free, TOKAI introduces the RESONAS, an all-new progressive lens design using the neuroscience technology – analysis of the brain wave.

Neuroscience Technology


The design is developed from the E.N.Spiral Model which uses neuroscience to repeatedly test the lens. 

Tokai Progressive Lens


Tokai Progressive Lens
Tokai Progressive Lens

TOKAI invented this new design with both the front and back surface of the lens being a progressive design, an additional combination with the use of an aspheric lens. Incorporated neuroscience technology, allows the evolution of RESONAS inner surface progressive addition lens. The double side progressive and double side aspheric made to balance the far, intermediate and near vision, maximising the comforts when switching distance. It also decreases the distortion, giving a better peripheral vision, makes the sight even clearer and wider. 


Tokai Progressive Lens

Progressive design lens incorporated with neuroscience, a neurologically pleasing fit. TOKAI RESONAS with the design of backside progressive and backside aspheric perfectly suits customers who want more than just a progressive lens. The neurological design is developed under the concept YES/NO, NO = brain in Japanese, YES = rejoicing, in pursuit of the extremely simple but important comfort fitting. This contributes to the optimization in fuzziness, distortions and movements, and leads to a better fitting. RESONAS neuroscience design and monitoring based on ergonomics, measures and analysis of the brain waves, led to the uprising of progressive addition lenses, even pleasing to the brain.


Individual personalising progressive lenses, gathering personalised data and designing based on the eyes and frames according to each customer. Customising lenses for both far and near, order-made and designed to be personalised. MYTUNE makes progressive lenses not only for clear vision but also for overall comfort and natural feel, just what you are looking for.

For more information regarding multifocal / progressive lens, please make an appoinment and drop by . We have experienced optometrists ready to answer your questions.

Zeiss Smartlife Digital Lens

Carl Zeiss has introduced the all-new Zeiss Smartlife Digital Lens. Nowadays people spend most of their time on the usage of digital devices due to the current lifestyle changes. Prolonged near work or extended hours on focusing digital devices will result in eye strain.  

Carl Zeiss Smartlife Digital Lens is designed for consumers aged 25 to 45 years old who have been frequently using mobile devices, tablets or other gadgets as well. It provides a wide and clear distance zone, going down slowly to a stress-free and comfortable near viewing zone, for the digital screen views. This all-new Carl Zeiss lens design is suitable for those single vision wearers who always suffered from digital eye strain.

Zeiss Smartlife Digital Lens

So what are the symptoms of digital eye strain? The following are the most common symptoms:

  • Blurred vision when switching from near to distance or distance to near
  • Tired eyes
  • Headaches after long hours of digital usage
  • Eyes dryness
  • Eyes fatigue
  • Neck feel stress or pain 

ZEISS, using the SmartView Technology in the production of new design lenses, is founded on the consumer’s insights and scientific research of today’s modern visual behaviour and individual age-related vision needs. The SmartView Technology allows the Smartlife Digital Lens to be designed for anyone with a connected and all-day-use lifestyle who experience tired eyes or near vision discomfort. Smartlife digital lenses have a new fingerprint design which creates a smoother transition into the lens periphery with less perceived blur.

Zeiss Smartlife Digital Lens

The advantage of ZEISS Smartlife Digital Lens:

  1. Large distance zone

Smartlife digital lenses support unrestricted eye movement, allowing a wide distance view that is free from blur and distortion.

  1. Compressed Corridor

Single vision wearers experience eye accommodation to have a clear mid-range vision and have to always tilt up their heads to read. The new lens design eases the view by compressing the corridor, to achieve a better near vision in all directions.

  1. Comfortable Near Zone

Each wearer has a different prescription power and decreases in the accommodation level. Therefore, ZEISS Smartlife Digital is eligible to customize the power range from 0.50 D to 1.25 D in addition to power for more comfortable reading.

ZEISS Smartlife Digital Lens is designed for more natural body and head posture while reading, and more than 73% of wearers after trying it did not feel strained eyes after the end of the day. So let’s get a pair of ZEISS Smartlife Digital Lens today!

Hoya Dynamic Progressive Lens

Unlike ordinary progressive Lens, Hoya Dynamic lens is designed with the back surface freeform technology. The Premium Back Surface Progressive lens permits wearers to see more up close with lesser eye movement because of Hoya Vision’s back surface freeform technology as contrasted with other back surface designs.

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Hoya Lens Coatings

Hoya Lens Coating

Hoya Lens Coating and Treatment 

UV rays from the sun, blue light from electronic devices can harm our eyes or causes eye strain. Factors such as scratches or stain can impair our vision. With Hoya lens coating and treatment, the anti-reflective guarantee performance and protection throughout the day. 

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Zeiss Office Lens

Zeiss Office Lens – Everything at a glance!

If you get at least 3 YES for the questions below, Zeiss Office Lens will be your ultimate life-saver in no time!

  • Are you 35 or older? 
  • Do you spend long hours in your office or doing near tasks at home? 
  • Are you a multifocal glasses wearer? 
  • Do you feel tired eyes, headache or even neck and back pain after a long day at work? 
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Carl Zeiss Myovision Pro And Myokids

Zeiss Myovision Pro and Myokids lenses

When you are looking into this page, we believe that you are lovely parents that are really concerned about your kid’s vision.

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Nikon Lens Coatings

Nikon lens coatings that are available are SeeCoat Blue and SeeCoat Plus UV.

Today’s eyeglass lenses are almost all made from an organic material called plastic resins which are lightweight and relatively impact resistant. Plastic Resins is different from ordinary plastic material due to their optical and mechanical properties.

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ZEISS AntiVirus Lenses

Corona Virus is now the fear of public. We are facing the health anxiety and risk almost every second for the past one year and it is still happening now. Everyone is trying to use any necessary protection or follow safety guidelines given to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

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Zeiss BlueGuard Lenses

ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses

We are so subject to innovation that it’s become an indispensable piece of our lives. Without using smart devices, we may not full-filled our days in this current era. But, do we aware what are the consequences of using it everyday in prolonged hours.

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