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Zeiss AntiVirus Lenses

The fear of public with coronavirus is not a joke. We are facing the health anxiety and risk almost every seconds for pass of one year. When there is possibilities, everyone of us are trying to be safe with whatever protection or guidelines is given just to keep ourselves and our loves one safe. Face protection, such as goggles or a face shield, together with a mask or respirator that covers the nose and mouth, protects our eyes and mucous membranes from the virus, which can be spread by virus-containing respiratory droplets, likely by airborne viral particles in smaller droplet nuclei, or by rubbing one’s face or eyes with virus-contaminated hands. Now, do you know there is even more better protection is now on your way with Zeiss AntiVirus Lenses. This premium anti virus coating kills up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. What! Is that real! Yes. Come lets read more and find out the interesting facts lying behind it.

Zeiss AntiVirus Lenses

We’ve all been influenced by the global pandemic in some way. Virus knowledge has become an unavoidable reality. We as an eye care practitioners, known for optical excellence and precision lenses that offer simple, comfortable vision and accurate refractive errors, has devised a solution to resolve this growing issue. In cooperate with that Zeiss has launched a new lens called Zeiss AntiVirus lenses. Does it sounds new to you? Yes, it is something interesting yet very useful to current situations.

Spectacle lenses are “high-touch” surfaces that can host bacteria and viruses. It is easily polluted by direct contact and the distribution of droplets. ZEISS DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum UV aggressively combats and destroys 99.9% of potentially harmful viruses and bacteria on the lens’ surface, assisting in the improvement of overall spectacle lens hygiene. Besides serving a good protection for virus and bacteria, this lenses do also provide a great safeguard under the UV sunlight up to 400nm.

The technology used in this new lenses is with the composition of silver as antimicrobial agent. Silver’s medicinal qualities have been known for decades. It is now widely recognized in science and medicine as an antimicrobial (antiviral and antibacterial) agent with a long half-life. Thus, with a developed technology and added features, the premium anti-reflective and durable coatings serves the purposes to kill or inactivate the viruses and bacteria that land on the front surface of ZEISS Lenses.

The actual technology behind ZEISS DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum UV begins from:

  1. Silver is coated on the surface of the lens at high temperatures using a special vacuum coating technique.

2. The coating structure of ZEISS DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum UV contains embedded antimicrobial silver.

3. Ag+ ions are released by the silver in the coating. On the lens surface, these silver (Ag+ ) ions have been shown to have antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Some viruses remain viable on surfaces for anything from several hours to
several days, while others can even remain infective for 2 months or longer. These virus or bacteria’s survive longer on materials like plastics and as “high-touch” surfaces, spectacle lenses can also carry viruses and
bacteria. With the help of anti-virus coating, we can now feel safe while using eyewear but we also have to obey the other guidelines given by health department time to time. External laboratories and institutes have checked and demonstrated compliant with developed ISO Requirements for antiviral and antibacterial research for this new lenses and it is safe to use for all ages.

Viruses and related spectacle lens hygiene are becoming increasingly common among consumers. By just purchasing one Zeiss AntiVirus Lenses, now you can benefits almost all the standard need for a spectacle users. These lenses has the most premium lens coating which designed to feature low reflectance and the less visible blue residual lights. It is also optimized for high scratch resistance and is easy to clean. What are you waiting for, get your spectacles and eyes protected now with new Zeiss AntiVirus Lenses.

Zeiss BlueGuard Lenses

Zeiss BlueGuard Lenses

We are so subject to innovation that it’s become an indispensable piece of our lives. Without using smart devices, we may not full-filled our days in this current era. But, do we aware what are the consequences of using it everyday in prolonged hours. This harmful radiation coming from the digital screens will start to develop some risk to your eye health such as increase in power, eye fatigue, dry eyes and so on. So, here comes for you Zeiss BlueGuard Lenses to provide you a good protection from harmful blue lights as well as reduce the reflection on the lenses too.

Blue filter lenses has been launched way before, but many of us do not prefer to use it due to its reflective coating. Attempting to envision what life would resemble without innovation is for all intents and purposes inconceivable. When things being easy to us, there is no way we can be away from its own pro and cons. Same goes here, by facing digital devices everyday, we may have to face to harmful blue lights which will penetrate into our eyes if there is no protections. All of us may already use or heard about blue filter lenses, but we may not feel good with the reflective coatings produced by the lens itself.

Lutein is the best blue light filter - Purelife bio
Types of harmful lights enter in our eyes

Moving forward, Zeiss blue guard lenses serves the purpose to protect our eyes from blue lights and ultraviolet light, reduce digital eye strain as well as lesser the blue-purple reflections. During the acceleration of COVID-19 pandemic, the usage of digital devices (for online classes and virtual meetings) has increased drastically. From there on, people are more concern on the possible impacts that blue light can give as they starts to experience the real symptoms of it. The new Zeiss BlueGuard Lenses has recognise the blue light blocking properties into the lens material itself by using the DuraVisiaon Platinum coating. This new technology provides full UV protection against the harmful and protects from irritating blue lights up to 40%.

Besides, we always concern and get the feedback from the consumer when there is any new launched lenses out in the market. Out of that, we do found that there were some group of consumer feels that the protective blue protect coatings produces uncomfortable reflections on top of the lenses. Most of them could feel the reflection under excessive bright lights or even some feel the reflection were quite disturbing while taking photographs. Do not worry anymore! With Zeiss BlueGuard lenses you can experience less blue light reflections up to 50% compared to the previous Zeiss DuraVision BlueProtect coating. What is more exciting when these lenses could provide you the excellent clarity, fast cleaning and superior durability.

By using the latest organic and chemical technologies, blue filter properties potentially blocks the harmful blue lights from the sun up to 400nm. So how does blue light causing discomforts to you? This light will scatter throughout the vitreous humor when it enters the eye and causes the ‘visual noise’. When it happens, we will perceive it as discomfort glare and our eyes starts to see less contrast perceptions. Moreover, blue lights may causes longitudinal aberrations that lead to blurred images which contributes to symptoms associated with digital eye strain. Thus, blue light blocking coating were designed to solve the blue light issues by reflecting it out but the residual reflections turns to become high with it. Especially with indoor activities which sourced from LED illuminations or from any display screens.

Now, people can take selfies and have video calls with more confidence because you may no longer feel irritated with the residual blue lights. At the same time, you will still be protected from the harmful blue lights and also from UV lights. By being updated and efficient we can strive better in this industry only by providing you the best eye health care. This is always a three cycle procedure of where you as a consumer will provide us the feedback of any new products and the result will help us to improve better and get back to you with more interesting and useful ophthalmic eye cares. An excellent balance between protection, visual comfort and aesthetics is very important. So get your own Zeiss BlueGuard lenses from us now with more exciting updates!

Is blue light glasses good for eye protection?

Blue light glasses is a good option to filter out harmful blue ray. Blue light is one of the visible light of the light spectrum. Blue light has a short frequency, thus creates a higher measure of vitality. Studies propose that, after some time, introduction to the blue finish of the light range could cause genuine long term harm to your eyes. Blue light has a wavelength of between approximately 380nm and 500nm; making it one of the shortest, highest-energy wavelengths.

Is blue light glasses good for eye protection

The eye doesn’t prevent the blue light from entering. UV beams are blocked by the cornea and lens from coming to the rear of the eye (the retina). Blue light goes through these structures and can reach at the retina. 

Blue light may increase the danger of macular degeneration and contributes to digital eye strain. Being excessively near your screen is not good. People tends to strain the eye muscles when focusing at near .

Short-wavelength, high energy blue light scatters more easily than other visible light, it is not as easily focused. When you’re looking at computer screens and other digital devices that emit significant amounts of blue light, this unfocused visual reduces contrast and can contribute to digital eye strain.

Research has shown that lenses that block blue light with wavelengths less than 450 nm (blue-violet light) increase contrast significantly. Therefore, computer glasses with yellow-tinted lenses may increase comfort when viewing digital devices for extended periods of time.

Long hour screen time caused lost in rest pattern, since blue light influences the level of melatonin – the rest hormone in our body. It diminished light around evening time, stops the body to create rest hormones like melatonin. Blue light upsets these signs and less melatonin is produced. 

There is abundant evidence showing that blue light affects our bodies in creating melatonin. If you use screens long after sunset, these blue light glasses might help to stop you from staying up later than you want.

In short, blue light separating glasses are an incredible method to battle the eye strain and restlessness that accompany unreasonable screen time.

To know more about is blue light glasses , book an appointment with us to find out more.

1.What does blue light do to your eyes?

Exposure to the blue light will increase the risk of macular degeneration. Blue light penetrates the entire way into retina and many experiments have shown that too much exposure to blue light will damage the retina’s light sensitive cells.

2. Is blue light from phones harmful?

Yes, blue light from our gadgets are harmful and can lead to macular degeneration.

3. Is it bad to wear blue light glasses all day?

If spending long hours every day in front of screens then blue light glasses can help to avoid eye strain and protect the eyes. Blue light damage is cumulative so if it does not hurt the eyes now but it will later.

4. What are blue light glasses?

These glasses have filters in the lenses that block or absorb blue light, and in some cases UV light, from getting through. In short, when these glasses are worn when looking at a screen, especially after dark, they can help reduce exposure to blue light waves that can keep you awake and also reduce eye strain.

5. Is it necessary to wear blue light blocking glasses?

It really depends on do you want or need to look at your phone after dark and whether having trouble falling asleep after using the electronic devices either the phone or computer.

Best prescription lenses by Carl Zeiss Malaysia

Sight is one of the most important sense. To achieve this there are few ophthalmic lenses which counts as best prescription lenses by Carl Zeiss Malaysia. Eyesight is the most complex interaction that’s happening between our brain and eyes. It helps us to see our surrounding world in detail for the rest of our lives. Due to this reasons we always require clear and excellent vision to we ensure we are living our quality life. With that glasses play a major role in helping us to obtain the best vision.

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Nikon Ophthalmic Lenses

Nikon eyeglasses are known for their super thin lenses !

Nikon Eyeglasses strives to design lenses that offer the best possible vision to the wearers. The most common prescription lens is single vision lens which cover one prescription power throughout the entire lens, to correct short-sightedness (myopia), far-sightedness (hyperopia) or reading problem (presbyopia). Nikon is one of the leading spectacle lens manufacturer in Japan since year 1946.

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Nikon Office Lens (Extended Focus)

Nikon Office Lens or extended focus lenses are designed to meet these needs by offering smooth and effortless indoor vision. With today’s increasing time spent indoors, we are required to see near to room distance more often.

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zeiss smartlife progressive lenses

Zeiss SmartLife Progressive Lenses

Our visual behavior has changed in todays’s connected and busy lifestyle. We will have frequent gaze changes in various directions at different distances. In the same time, our visual needs changes as we grow older too. Zeiss Smartlife Progressive lenses is here now to solve all your problems that you found difficult with other standard lenses, mostly with intermediate and near vision issues. 

Changes in eye sight over the years
Changes in eye sight over the years

In 40s, many of us may experience near vision discomfort. We may feel the intermittent need to have support if want to accommodate on nearby objects. While for 50s, our eye sight starts to develop more power to support near and intermediate vision. This comes with the challenge to adapt to new lenses.

Zeiss SmartLife progressive lenses, is all in one premium lenses. It resolve whatever your eyes face today. It allows us have a clear and comfortable vision for connected and move lifestyle. This progressive lenses is best and suitable to be used for all. No matter what is your age range, it is related to your visual challenges.

Comfort of using Zeiss SmartLife Progressive Lenses
Comfort of using Zeiss SmartLife Progressive Lenses

Zeiss SmartLife progressive lenses have been improve to the new design fingerprint. Below is the list of benefits found in this lens:

  • Optical performance in the lens periphery is design for frequent changes of head and eye’s positions.
  • Provides lower level of blur. 
  • Smoother transition into areas with more blur in the periphery from near to far across all viewing area. 
  • Smooth vision from near to far across all viewing zones.
  • Enables peripheral vision in natural dynamic interaction.

Despite of being aware of your surrounding world, you also should have a freedom to look and feel everything around you. We as an optometrist always do concern about your vision so that you can achieve a comfort and clear vision.

varilux xseries

Essilor Lenses- X Series

Essilor Lenses- X Series captures every detail that you need and work to produce a masterpiece. The advent of digital tools like computers, tablets and smartphones has radically transformed the needs of near-vision. These presbyopes aren’t just reading; they are also performing multiple tasks at a near-intermediate distance. Due to this kind of vision demands, the progressive lenses do significantly help them to experience clear vision in various distances. Moreover Essilor Lenses- X Series are specifically designed to satisfy an individual who highly connected with digital use.

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Zeiss Smartlife Lenses

Designing a high quality ophthalmic lenses according to the current updates are known as the best innovation for eye care. It may look simple and easy to understand a curved, transparent and shaped lenses, but there are a lot of genuine work proceed behind it to produce an identical lenses with less complications. One of the latest innovation done by Zeiss is designing new lenses (Zeiss Smartlife) to keep up with the fast-running world.

Function of Zeiss Smartlife Lenses with aging effect

Smartlife lenses produced a significant comfort changes for many eye glasses wearer from age of 20 and above. As for the beginner, most of them enjoys their benefits with Smartlife single vision. Slowly, our pupil became smaller, and the accommodation ability deteriorates. This causes accommodative stress on continuous activities such as eyestrain while using digital devices. Over the time, a low addition power provide an advantage to reduce those accommodation problem from +0.50 to +1.25. Around the age of 45, most of us will likely need the full-range afforded by a SmartLife Progressive lens design. 

Due to modern lifestyle which has connected to us dynamically, all of us have to aware about the uniqueness that been created in new lenses to obtain a great visual advantages and comforts. Together with the physiological changes occurs in aging eye, lens technology also changes accordingly to provide a fast and quick adaptation for those who spend more time with digital devices.

Image result for zeiss smartlife

In today’s busy livings, on the move of current and luxury lifestyle, we may or may not notice that our visual behavior adapted to various changes that we started to load on them. Our eyes are been practiced to use in between various directions and distances as we frequently changes the gaze. Assessing and addressing vision correction must be based on the influence of visual perceptions and age-related visual behavioural changes. With a great transition, SmartLife lenses help us to provide a clear and comfortable vision starts from single vision lens into a digitally optimized lens to reduce accommodative stress and finally to a digitally optimized multifocal lens.

Image result for zeiss smartlife

For more information, please do visit your nearest and best optometrist in KL

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Thin and Lightweight Lenses

High index prescription lenses are the ideal choice if you wish to have
thinner, lighter lenses and spectacles. Not only that you can enjoy comfortable spectacles wearing; now the spectacles will look aesthetically attractive as well! Meeting thesetwo important aspects are the hallmark in the art of corrective lens prescription.

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