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Function of Essilor Lenses

Why Are Essilor Lenses Best For Your Eyes?

Essilor, a pioneer in visual lenses with more than 160 years of operation, is the company behind the famed Crizal lenses and Varilux lenses. Essilor dedicates more than $250 million annually to research and the development of eye care products that are customised to your changing requirements and lifestyles. It should come as no surprise that Essilor lenses are the industry leaders in cutting-edge technology that not only improves your vision but also protects your eyes. What are the specialities of Essilor lenses? Essilor creates, produces, and sells a variety of lenses to enhance, treat, and safeguard vision. Some of the most cutting-edge lenses in the world are Crizal and Varilux by Essilor. In this article, we will discuss what makes these two products by Essilor so popular. Varilux by…

Tokai Japan Lens

Tokai Progressive Lens

TOKAI PROGRESSIVE LENS Progressive lenses have turned into a popular lens design that is commonly worn by people nowadays. Especially for those already present with glasses to look at the distance since young and they also start getting blurry vision when reading or looking at computer screens when they are entering the age of 40. Progressive lenses are convenient, it eases the user, with only one glass, able to access vision through all distances, way far better than having 2 separate glasses where users have to switch between them when looking at distance and look at near.  However, a good progressive lens is very important, as it helps the users to make their daily work to be completed much more effectively and reduce the work stress. To ensure progressive lenses…

varilux xseries

Essilor Lenses X Series

Essilor Lenses X Series captures every detail that you need and work to produce a masterpiece. The advent of digital tools like computers, tablets and smartphones has radically transformed the needs of near-vision. (more…)

What is Multifocal Lenses
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Malaya Optical ZEISS Progressive Lens
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