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i.Profiler & iScription by Zeiss

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i.Profiler & i.Scription — The new prescription for better vision™

ZEISS introduces a new lens concept for better vision: enjoy clearer and high contrast vision at night and in low night.

Improved night vision has become a reality for people who have chosen ZEISS customized lenses featuring i.Scription® technology.  i.Scription® by ZEISS is a technology developed by the leader in eyeglass lenses that analyzes the individual profile of each eye and uses this information in the computation and production of the eyeglass lenses. For the wearer, this can mean an entirely new quality of vision, especially at night.  People who wear these lenses experience much clearer and sharper vision at night; they also perceive contrasts and colors more intensely.

One glance at automotive accident statistics reveals this fact: although only 20 percent of all cars are operated on public roadways in Germany in the dark, 40 percent of all serious accidents occur at night (Source: German Federal Statistics Bureau).

Bright light sources against a dark nighttime background can create visual problems:  light cones, reflections, mirror images, limited vision, low contrasts and overall adverse visual conditions that irritate and fatigue the eyes and the overall sensory system. Consequently, the risk of having a traffic accident is at its highest level at night.

These factors not only increase the risk of accidents, they also have a negative impact on the quality of life of the people who have to live with them. They may have a difficult time driving at night at all, and even be unable to enjoy night time outdoor activities.

ZEISS precision eyeglass lenses and i.Scription® enhance your vision and your life

Every eye is as unique as every human fingerprint. A new patented procedure developed by ZEISS – i.Scription® – takes this individuality into account. In addition to the typical vision conditions, i.e. near- or far sightedness, an examination with i.Profiler plus® by ZEISS also analyzes the individual eye profile. Every person’s profile is unique.

During the examination process more than 2,500 reference points are measured, though the examination only requires the patient to look briefly into the device. It is a high-tech solution for the eye: harnessing the powers of infrared light, i.Profiler plus® by ZEISS generates a light point on the retina. As it is reflected back to the i.Profiler plus®, the light is distorted by the eye’s individual aberrations.  i.Profiler plus® measures these aberrations to create a custom profile for every eye.

Unlike conventional auto refraction instruments, i.Profiler plus® also enables optometrists to take measurements of dilated pupils under nighttime vision conditions. This allows them to recognize and address vision problems that impact the quality of a person’s nighttime vision.

A complex, patented computation process is used to translate i.Profilerplus® data, along with the results of the standard eye exam, into a precision eyeglass lens that perfectly matches the patient’s exact vision needs. These lenses are manufactured with an accuracy of 1/100th of a diopter . (A diopter is the standard measurement of prescription power for vision.) Conventional eyeglasses, on the other hand, are usually produced in increments of 0.25 diopters. Consequently, the ZEISS solution is more precise than any other measuring process for lenses available today.

i.Scription® by ZEISS combines the information from i.Profiler plus® (see photo) and your doctor’s subjective refraction to deliver your best possible prescription. This innovative technology allows your eye doctor to provide an even higher standard of care.

How you will benefit

The benefits of i.Scription® optimized lenses will become apparent when you discover how much better you can see at night and under twilight conditions, when your eyes have to recognize people, objects and your surroundings in the presence of very little or no natural light.

Combined with the additional blinding effects and reflections caused by artificial light sources at night, such as street lamps or the headlights of vehicles coming toward the driver, these conditions pose obstacles and are stressful for the eyes. This causes the eyes to fatigue rapidly, which is dangerous especially for those who have to drive at night.

Precision eyeglass lenses featuring i.Scription® technology can also improve your day time vision. You will enjoy the absolutely clear and precise focus, perfect contrasts and more brilliant colors these lenses deliver.

You can come to Malaya Optical Uptown, the ZEISS eye care practice and the specialist will be pleased to show you how the i.Scription® technology works and how you can enjoy better vision – even at night – thanks to ZEISS precision lenses.


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