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Zeiss Prescription Lenses

Zeiss Prescription Lenses

Zeiss Prescription Lenses

Getting in five steps to your customized ZEISS eyeglass lenses. Our eyes are our most important sense organ. They are our portal to the world, they let us see, grasp and experience colors, contrasts, light and dark, both close-up and in the distance. And since each eye is as unique as a fingerprint, it requires a customized visual analysis at your optometrist.

Zeiss Prescription Lenses are manufactured to customized precision lenses using innovative and patented techniques to meet these requirements. We have already described these technologies, i.Scription® und i.Profiler®.

We are now taking you to the next level: let us guide you through all steps and their meaning to find your perfect and individual lens configuration that meet your exact needs. To ensure this, the optometrist will ask some personal questions while determining your new glasses. So, don’t be surprised. But what happens exactly at the optometrist in Malaya Optical in Damansara Uptown and Subang SS15? We have been trainied by Zeiss Singapore and our Optometrist are now Zeiss Multifocal / Progressive Specialist.

The analytical  process consists of five steps:

  1. Starting with your individual sight situation Your optometrist at Malaya Optical needs to know all about your visual habits and needs. Do you need glasses while reading, driving or working out? There is always a difference.
  2. Precise eye measurement Cutting-edge technology assists in creating a precise eye profile of your eyes.
  3. Subjective eye test
    Your optometrist at Malaya Optical precisely measures and analyses the various aspects of your vision: visual acuity, spatial perception and the teamwork of your eyes.
  4. Exact fitting Your optometrist at Malaya Optical calculates the exact position of the lenses in front of your eyes.
  5. Your personal lens solution The results of this precise individual checkup help provide an exact overview of which customised ZEISS precision lenses are an option for you.

Better vision = Better quality of life

Better vision means more quality of life, but the basis for better vision is a precise professional eyesight test at an eye care specialist in order to provide you with the right individual prescription spectacle lenses. The following ZEISS online vision screening check can help you quickly and easily determine whether it’s time to have such a professional eyesight test.


Be sure to obtain regular Eyesight Tests at ZEISS Optometrist in Malaya Optical in Klang Valley. Our Optometrist are trained as Zeiss Multifocal Specialist by Zeiss Academy from Singapore.

Zeiss Photochromatic Photofusion Lenses and Multifocal / Progressive Lenses range available :