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Tokai Lutina Ophthalmic Lensn

Tokai LUTINA Ophthalmic Lens

Introducing the Tokai LUTINA opthalmic lens, derived from the word lutein, a nutrient that offers the protection of the eye from harmful high energy violet light such as the UV rays from sunlight, is input to the ophthalmic lenses we are wearing today. TOKAI presents a new standard of eye care design lenses which ophthalmic lenses not only provide vision correction instead it also comes with the function of protecting the eyes. Eye disorders such as age-related macular degeneration and cataract are common to people age starting 50 years old. It is due to the long term exposure of harmful rays, in addition to, lack of diet intake rich in lutein, which results in damage towards the eye structures. The macula is the central part of the eye and plays…

Tokai Japan Lens

Tokai Progressive Lens

TOKAI PROGRESSIVE LENS Progressive lenses have turned into a popular lens design that is commonly worn by people nowadays. Especially for those already present with glasses to look at the distance since young and they also start getting blurry vision when reading or looking at computer screens when they are entering the age of 40. Progressive lenses are convenient, it eases the user, with only one glass, able to access vision through all distances, way far better than having 2 separate glasses where users have to switch between them when looking at distance and look at near.  However, a good progressive lens is very important, as it helps the users to make their daily work to be completed much more effectively and reduce the work stress. To ensure progressive lenses…

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Buat apa hari ni?

Hai korang semua. Sihat? Buat apa hari ni? Mesti korang busy dengan life masing-masing kan. Kalau busy sekalipun, meh la spend time sikit untuk (more…)