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Tokai LUTINA Ophthalmic Lens

Tokai Lutina Ophthalmic Lensn

Introducing the Tokai LUTINA opthalmic lens, derived from the word lutein, a nutrient that offers the protection of the eye from harmful high energy violet light such as the UV rays from sunlight, is input to the ophthalmic lenses we are wearing today. TOKAI presents a new standard of eye care design lenses which ophthalmic lenses not only provide vision correction instead it also comes with the function of protecting the eyes.

Eye disorders such as age-related macular degeneration and cataract are common to people age starting 50 years old. It is due to the long term exposure of harmful rays, in addition to, lack of diet intake rich in lutein, which results in damage towards the eye structures. The macula is the central part of the eye and plays an important role in giving us a clear and defined vision. When the existing Lutein in the macula is damaged, it will result in macular degeneration, and the human body couldn’t produce it. It was only able to resource and replace by intake food rich in lutein. This includes green or yellow vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, leaf lettuce and etc.

Talking about the harmful high energy violet light (HEV) that will cause damage to the eye, so what is all this about? HEV are non-visible harmful light waves ranging from 400 to 420 nm. A standard UV cut lens usually only cut-off light waves of 400nm, allowing a much longer wavelength( 400to 420nm) to pass through the lens, this results in stress to the eye. Oxidative stress to the eye causes lutein pigment to be oxidised and damage to the cells in the retina and the macula. In order to filter the longer wavelength part of this HEV. TOKAI provides the solution by inventing this special ophthalmic lens known as LUTINA where it absorbs mostly the harmful high energy violet light (HEV). LUTINA is effectively reaching 94% of blocking the HEV, this is 2 times more than a standard UV cut lens.

Tokai Lutina Ophthalmic Lens

Due to the use of gadgets in our daily lifestyles, we are spending more hours on the usage of them compared to the past 10 years. As we all know that gadgets emit HEV harmful blue light, choosing a lens with good filtration of HEV light is definitely important to maintain our eye health. LUTINA features from TOKAI provides you with the best design for eye care.

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