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Why Are Essilor Lenses Best For Your Eyes?

Function of Essilor Lenses

Essilor, a pioneer in visual lenses with more than 160 years of operation, is the company behind the famed Crizal lenses and Varilux lenses. Essilor dedicates more than $250 million annually to research and the development of eye care products that are customised to your changing requirements and lifestyles. It should come as no surprise that Essilor lenses are the industry leaders in cutting-edge technology that not only improves your vision but also protects your eyes.

What are the specialities of Essilor lenses?

Essilor creates, produces, and sells a variety of lenses to enhance, treat, and safeguard vision. Some of the most cutting-edge lenses in the world are Crizal and Varilux by Essilor. In this article, we will discuss what makes these two products by Essilor so popular.

Varilux by Essilor:

Early in the 1960s, Essel, now known as Essilor, released the Varilux 1, the first commercially available Progressive lens (Varifocal). Since then, there have been significant advancements in design and manufacturing technology, and progressive lenses are now available in a wide variety of materials, including glass, polycarbonate, and plastic.

In contrast to Bifocal lenses, which can only supply distance and reading visions with a visible dividing line, progressive lenses are real Multifocal lenses that will deliver a continuous progression of distant, intermediate, and reading capabilities to achieve all-around comfortable viewing. You can glance up to see well across the room and into the distance and cast your gaze to lower to read comfortably as well as look at your computer at an intermediate zone with the same progressive lenses.

More than 300 million individuals now use Varilux progressive lenses. The ability of Essilor to produce the best multifocal lenses, with a natural vision that is precise and effortless at all distances, is the result of their extensive research over the years.

How are Essilor progressive lenses better?

As opposed to the limitations of conventional lenses, which can only be tailored for a limited category of wearers, Essilor uses free-form rear surface progressives, which are an exciting new technology that allows full customisation of the lens designs for every wearer, delivering consistent, perfect vision regardless of frame choice. It also ensures that every user experiences the clearest vision regardless of the distance, by removing the compromise strategy used in traditional progressive/varifocal lens manufacturing.

Essilor progressive lenses were created with the physiology of their users in mind. Compared to conventional progressive/varifocal lens manufacture, free-form optimised prescriptions will ensure the largest fields of vision and a rear surface progressive will accomplish up to 50% bigger viewing zones.

Why use Varilux lenses?

There are five reasons to consider utilising progressive lenses – especially Varilux by Essilor, that can be considered to be the leader in innovation for multifocal lenses:

1. Unobscured eyesight at all distances.

2. Complete comfort in any activity.

3. The ability to see clearly in any lighting.

4. Continuous dynamic vision while in motion.

5. Rapid and simple adaptation to provide a natural vision that is seamless at all distances.

Varilux lenses are made in the European Union to the highest standards and may adjust to presbyopia’s characteristics. With a fairly full range depending on the situation, there are these controls which position Varilux lenses among the top progressive lenses available in the world:

  • Drive with Varilux Solution is the progressive lens that enhances your driving experience.
  • With the Varilux Solution Sun, you can see more clearly even when there is too much light.
  • The progressive lenses Varilux Solution Digital will lessen eye strain when using electronics.

Thanks to the authenticity card that is always included with all Essilor lenses, you can easily be sure if your Varilux lenses are genuine.

Crizal by Essilor:

Another major offering from the Essilor is none other than the world-famous Crizal! One of the most popular names in the world of lenses, Crizal is state-of-the-art, effective, and highly durable.

How are Crizal lenses special?

  • Every pair of Crizal lenses has a minimum E-SPF of 25 and blocks at least 20% of dangerous blue light. This indicates that your eyes are protected from both the damaging UV rays of the sun and the blue-violet light emitted by digital devices. Eye strain and early ageing of the eyes are prevented by these blue-light-blocking lenses.

The finest UV protection available is provided by Crizal’s Broad Spectrum Technology, which filters out UV radiation. Protection against damaging blue-violet light from digital devices like your tablet, phone, or computer is provided to the highest standard with Crizal Prevencia lenses, as well.

  • Along with UV protection, there is the Eye Protect SystemTM which lessens digital eye strain and enhances mood, cognition, and general well-being. It also offers long-term protection against age-related macular degeneration and cataracts as well as early ageing of the eyes.
  • Essilor’s SR Booster technology on Crizal lenses guards against daily wear-and-tear scratches on the lenses. Enhancing the interaction of the lens’s layers increases longevity and offers greater strength and scratch resistance.
  • Lenses are coated with Crizal anti-glare coatings, which are incredibly thin layers of covering. These layers limit reflection by blocking specific light wavelengths, preventing eye strain and headaches. The lenses appear to be nearly clear. You can see clearly even at night when driving thanks to anti-glare coatings, which also shield you from irritating reflections.
  • Crizal‘s unique HSD (High Surface Density) process provides excellent protection against tiny smudges brought on by routine handling.
  • The Crizal lenses are kept clear and clean thanks to an anti-static layer made possible by Essilor’s exclusive i-TechnolgyTM, which also repels dust and debris.
  • Hydrophobic, or water-repellent, molecules are present in Crizal coatings in combination with Slide-FXTM technology. This causes tiny water drops to immediately roll off the lens.
  • With Optifog lenses, Crizal offers protection from fog. To renew the fog-repelling abilities of the lenses, use the Optifog Activator Cloth once each week. The Crizal Family of Glasses Lenses was created for everyone.

Buy authentic Essilor lenses at Malaya Optical

Essilor is one of the world’s most sought-after brands when it comes to optical lenses, but it is not easily found everywhere. One store that houses authentic Essilor Crizal and Varilux lenses in Malaysia is Malaya Optical.

Since 1957, Malaya Optical has provided services to residents of Malaysia for three generations. The current owner – Ryan Ho’s grandfather started the business and has been popular with local residents ever since.

Mr Ho is an accomplished optometrist and his desire to assist individuals in improving their vision has helped Malaya Optical to grow to what it is today.

Every one of Malaya Optical stores feature the most recent eye diagnostic technologies and a wide variety of fashionable frames and lenses to choose from. The staff here actually care about their clients and provide them with the finest experience possible, which is something that can only be found in a boutique optometrist as opposed to a big-box retailer where customer service is frequently impersonal.

Malaya Optical has made significant investments for improving eye care in Malaysia and one of the most complete ecosystems for eyecare and eyewear can be found at the store. In addition to housing and offering high-quality eyewear from around the world, the stores have dedicated a sizable portion of floor space to eye diagnostic equipment. Several optometrists work at the company’s main store in Damansara Uptown, which acts as a one-stop resource for a wide spectrum of refractive diseases. It includes two refraction rooms with diagnostic tools and optometrists on duty round the clock to give patients the finest care available.

Customers seeking reliable eyecare services can consult the centre’s highly qualified optometrists for a thorough eye exam and seek advice on the appropriate lenses according to their needs. The optometrists are qualified and can perform tests for a variety of eye conditions, including lazy eye, squint, cataracts, glaucoma, binocular vision issues, retinal issues, and more.

The store also offers eye exams as well as treatment for children with myopia or near-sightedness, and the optometrists have experience in keratometry too. By employing a unique single-vision eyeglass lens, Malaya Optical optometrists can assist kids in controlling the progression of their myopia. Advanced contact lenses that employ cutting-edge technology can help myopic children and adults halt the rate of advancement by utilising a method known as Ortho-K therapy. Apart from Essilor, Malaya optical also houses other famous brand names such as Hoya, Zeiss, Nikon, Kodak, and Rodenstock. If you want the perfect lens for your glasses, visit Malaya Optical store. They have branches all around Kuala Lumpur, including Uptown Damansara and Imbi. The doors stay open seven days a week, from 10:30 a.m. in the morning to 8 p.m. (working hours end at 7 p.m. on weekdays and 5 p.m. on weekends). You can book an appointment through their website or walk in to any of their retail stores for an eye check-up and consultation.


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