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Shopping for glasses from luxury brands? Get the best Gucci eyewear at Malaya Optical

Gucci Sunglasses

Shopping for luxury frames from anywhere can be very tricky. Is the source you are buying from reliable? Are the products you are investing in legitimate? No need for such worries if you are shopping from Malaya Optical.

Consistently branded as one of the top optometrists in Malaysia, Malaya Optical deals in luxury frames from a variety of top brands. One such coveted brand of eyewear that you can find at Malaya Optical is Gucci.

Perhaps, you are hoping to get that one particular frame from the newly launched Gucci glassescollection. Chances are, Malaya Optical already has it in their stores.

Read on to find out more about what makes Gucci frames such a craze among people worldwide.

About Gucci

Founded in 1881 in Florence, Italy by Guccio Gucci, the brand has found a place in popular celebrity culture. Gucci is the go-to brand for celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Aniston, and Ludacris. The products offered by the house range from Gucci apparel and perfumes, to Gucci glasses.

When it comes to eyewear, Gucci has successfully carved a special niche for itself. Gucci glasses are available for both men and women and come in a variety of shades, shapes, and sizes. Both sunglasses and Gucci prescription glasses are available from the brand.

What is special about Gucci frames?

Gucci’s thick-rimmed, cat-eye prescription glasses such as this Cat-eye optical frame are out of the ordinary but carry the uniqueness that is the hallmark of every Gucci frame.

They have always opted for choices that are out of the ordinary. For instance, Gucci glasses often use tortoiseshell, horn, gold metal, or mother of pearls as the materials of their frames. These are not products that are used often. Hence, Gucci eyewear is unique which makes them even more sought-after and popular.

Apart from optical frames, Gucci also sells sunglasses that are, again, quite popular, especially in the fashion industry. The Gucci sunglasses are classy and timeless and make for a quintessential addition to luxury wardrobes.

Gucci is one of the leading premium luxury brands in the world, hence, most of their pieces are quite expensive as well. But be it normal prescription eyewear or sunglasses, Gucci always opts for fashion pieces that are bold and one-of-a-kind.

The most popular Gucci frames you can buy in Malaysia

Here are a few Gucci frames that are available at Malaya Optical. The top three choices from Gucci prescription glasses are:

  1. GG03830 006: These Gucci glasses are for men. They are rectangular, with a full-rimmed frame. The upper rim is comparatively thicker than the lower part of the glasses. It is sturdy, durable, and sits on the nose bridge lightly. The frame colour is usually dual-tone, with a mix of gold and blue. The handles are of tortoise shells. Made from the best material, Gucci prescription glasses last for a long period. This frame style is evergreen and never goes out of fashion.
  2. GG03960 001: It is a thin-framed prescription glass with a smooth metal finish. The metal frame is made of Monel – which is a mixture of copper and nickel. They are corrosion-resistant. Hence, you need not worry about colour fading or any such issues while selecting your frame. The frame type is squarish and has an overall smart and elegant look. As with all Gucci glasses, they are highly durable, adjustable, and sit comfortably on the nose bridge.
  3. GG 1910A 006: These sleek gold-black prescription glasses impart a fashionable and timeless look. From modern to vintage, this classic frame type fits both categories. It is one of the most popular and sought-after frames from the house of Gucci. They are square with thick-rimmed frames and are strong and sturdy.

And here are some of the popular sunglass frames from the house of Gucci you can shop for at Malaya Optical:

  1. Round frame sunglasses: This sunglass has unique gradient lenses in one variation, and pink lenses in the other. The handles are also available in two types, there is the signature tortoiseshell and the shiny black injection frame. They are round frames, with Gucci lettering on the handles.
  2. Oversized masked glasses: These oversized glasses have acetate tortoiseshell frames. The blue lens has the Gucci motif giving it a unique and one-of-a-kind appearance. The glasses provide a hundred percent UVA and UVB protection to the eyes and are pretty lightweight as well.
  3. Square framed glasses: These are perhaps the most popular sunglasses frame from Gucci, and one can see them almost everywhere. As with others, the frames are made of acetate with the Gucci logo emblazoned on the side. The lens has a brown tint and the sunglass model is available in two types, one is white and the other is tortoiseshell.

Malaya Optical’s extensive collection is not restricted to just these frame types, as there are more options to choose from. Shop Gucci from the Malaya Optical store, and get to choose from a wide range of the latest Gucci eyewear.

How to choose a Gucci frame for yourself?

One way to decide on the correct frame for yourself is based on your face shape. Here are a few examples –

  • Round faces: If you have a round face, we recommend you go for a square-ish frame. A square or rectangular frame for prescription glasses will look great on a round face since it will balance out properly. You should go for full-rimmed frames.
  • Oval face: The best frames to go with an oval face are quite similar to round faces. Since there is an overall softness to the face, it is better to opt for sharp angles when it comes to choosing frames. Horizontal rectangles will suit this face type well.
  • Square faces: The reverse is applicable if you have a square face. To soften down the angularity of the face, you can opt for a more rounded frame. Hence, round or oval prescription glasses are the best choice for you.
  • Oblong faces: When it comes to this face shape, oversized glasses that are wider than the cheekbones can add balance to the face. Hence, frames such as wayfarer, thick-rimmed rectangular or square frames are popular choices. It is better not to select frames that are too narrow, as it may tend to give your face a less symmetrical look.
  • Heart-shaped faces: You would need a frame that does not add too much volume to the top of your face. Get frames that are rimless or semi-rimless. Light and thin frames will not give your face a top-heavy look. It is better to avoid thick-rimmed prescription glasses.
  • Diamond-shaped faces: For faces with a diamond shape, as with the previous face types, glasses with softer angles are preferred. Because diamond-shaped faces generally have high cheekbones, frames such as cat-eyes, horn-rimmed glasses, or oval glasses are a perfect choice.

After you have decided on the perfect Gucci prescription glasses for your face shape, you can select shop Gucci glasses that are available at the Malaya Optical store. Frames suitable for both men and women are available in all the branches.

Get your eyes checked and buy authentic Gucci glasses!

Apart from choosing the latest and authentic Gucci eyewear, Malaya Optical also provide several eye check-up services, such as:

  • Thorough eye examinations – there are both Binocular eye examination and professional optometry services offered by experienced and highly-qualified optometrists. The store also boasts of advanced and the latest equipment for a thorough and error-free eye check-up.
  • Facility for Progressive/Multifocal fitting – The store offers multiple popular lenses such as ZEISS, Hoya, Tokai, and many more that are the best in the market.
  • Myopia control services – Available for everyone, especially for children. If your child is at risk of myopia, the expert optometrists at Malaya Optical can help you manage and control the symptoms.
  • Orthokeratology treatment procedure – It is a very safe, non-surgical, and effective procedure for vision improvement. Malaya Optical offers certified Ortho-K expert services for both adults and children.
  • Dry eyes treatment – this issue is on the rise because the amount of time spent by the general population on mobiles and PCs has increased. Optometrists at the store can help detect dry eye causes and treat the symptoms.
  • Eyewear styling and fitting – Receive assistance in finding the best eyewear that goes with your style and budget.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Malaya Optical is home to all your favourite brands. From Gucci and Ray-Ban to Mykita and Ryan Adda, the store has a carefully curated collection of eyewear from across the world.

So, if you are looking for authentic Gucci glasses from a reliable store in Sri Hartamas, Mont Kiara, Bangsar, or Desa Park City, just visit Malaya Optical retail store. The doors stay open seven days a week, from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. (working hours end at 7 p.m. and 5 p.m on weekends). Walk into any of the store branches, get your eyes tested, shop Gucci glasses in Malaysia, and buy your perfect eyewear.


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