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Gucci is one of the leading brand which has created a huge exceptional collection for eyewear since 1920’s. At Malaya Optical, we always provide a large amount of Gucci eyewear selections for the customers.

Gucci’s eyeglasses at Malaya Optical has provided all the latest collections from retro to classy modern for both male and female wearer to look more elegant and delicate. Above is the model example for GG03960 001 with classic metal frame design. The material used to made Gucci metal frame is Monel. Monel has a copper and nickel base. This metal is made by corrosion resistant, strong, and easily adjusted. It retains its stability and shape with high durability. This metal frame serves a better look for designer and stylish personalities.

GG03830 004 is a full rim frame for men, which is made of metal & plastic. This is a rectangular shape frame which has a single bridge at the front part of the frame. Gucci’s eyeglasses are designed with the high fashion and elegant sophistication with rich exciting colours that has been synonymous with the Gucci name. Gucci’s styles range from decorative and delicate metal frames and timeless retro to more modern look.

GG 1910A 006Gucci glasses are designed for many fashion savvy individuals who make Gucci as their favorite eyeglasses to represent themselve. Gucci’s sought-after styles appeal to many aesthetic sensibilities, and they always uphold Gucci’s commitment to fashion excellence.

Get your latest Gucci eyewear at Malaya Optical 

  1. GG03830 006
  2. GG03960 001
  3. GG03780A 001
  4. GG03830 001
  5. GG01350 012
  6. GG01910A 005
  7. GG01910A 006
  8. GG02950A 001
  9. GG03960 001
  10. GG03910 005
  11. GG03910 008
  12. GG04080A 008
  13. GG04080A 006
  14. GG04080A 005
  15. GG02970K 002
  16. GG01230J 008
  17. GG01230J 006
  18. GG01230J 007
  19. GG02950A 001
  20. GG02950A 002
  21. GG03830 001
  22. GG01350 014
  23. GG01350 012
  24. GG03830 001
  25. GG03370 002
  26. GG01910A 006
  27. GG01910A 005
  28. GG03920 002
  29. GG03240J 002
  30. GG03800J 001