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Join us at Ramadhan campaign by MALAYA OPTICAL as we embrace the spirit of giving this Ramadan and Raya Month. We are proud to continue our tradition of supporting the needy, and we invite you to be a part of our charitable efforts. As Ramadan approaches, our dedicated team of professional optometrists is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to proper eye care. We understand the importance of giving back to the community, and that's why we are extending our heartfelt support to those in need. This year, we are partnering with Pertubuhan Kasih Berjiwa, located in Rawang, Country Homes. This organization provides care for over 40 children across three homes, and your contributions can make a significant difference in their lives. Here's how you can help: Cash donations…

Eyeglasses frame – how to choose the right one for me?

The sort of visual issue we have affects the shape of the lenses for our eyeglass frames. Those who are farsighted uses convex lenses, which are curved outward, while those who are shortsighted must use concave lenses, which appear to be curved inward. The transparent part of our eye which is called cornea is structured incorrectly if we have astigmatism, thus the lenses may be more cylindrical in shape. Everyone of us may ask this question within ourselves when it came to eyeglasses frame; that how to choose the right one for me? (more…)

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Spectacles have been a part of us in our daily routine activities. Nowadays, glasses is not only been used to correct our eye problem or prescription but it is also been used to protect and prevent certain eye health issues. Some of us are using it as an additional accessory to enhance our cosmetic look with it. Thus, almost everyone of us are prone to wear glasses at one period of time. But we do also face a common problem to take care our spectacles. Often we used to go through a basic issues on how to handle or take care our spectacles. Even though we may come across with certain tips on how to manage it but most of the time we may not follow it or even we…

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