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Support For The Blind or Vision Impaired

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Losing your sight or becoming visually impaired can bring a wave of emotion. One might lose the will to live or give up on life but know that you are supported.

There are many support and services provided for the blind and visually impaired. These services and support can provide guidance to help you to adjust to your vision loss and make most of your vision. These providers and supporters can help you to learn how to do everyday task so that you can remain to be independent and take part in your activities.

These services are provided either by specialist organisations, some optometrist and some ophthalmologist. You don’t need a referral letter to have access to these services and support expect for the services of an ophthalmologist.

These services and support can help you to learn to read, write, cook, use a computer and other activities that may be tricky to navigate without full vision. There are aids, equipment and technologies that can help with everyday task such as magnifiers. screen readers for computers, correct lighting, tactile markers, accessible mobile phones and apps.

They can help to teach you on how to navigate through your home, to work and throughout your community safely. There are also trained individuals that can teach you how to navigate through areas that you wish to explore and travel to. They may teach you through the use of a cane or a dog guide.

There are many services organised such as activity programs or library services so that you can still take part in your favorite sports, social and cultural activities.

The question on when you should seek these services and support? You can access all of these at any time. You can consider contacting them (
Malaysian Association For The Blind (MAB))
when your vision is starting to deteriorate or has had an impact on your daily life. There are numerous services and support that can be provided as your vision loss increases. An import note to keep in mind is to keep in contact for regular checkups by your optometrist or ophthalmologist even if you have joined these support and services.

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