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Who Can Help with Eye Health and Care

Optometrist Contact Lenses testing

When you have eye problems, who do you SEE to get it checked out? Many would say a doctor or an optometrist but do you know that there are more than one profession qualified to help you?

Many might not know this but a Pharmacist can assist you in your vision care. They can give advises and information towards your eye care. They can advice you on the medications you are taking such as the side effects and how these medications with interact with each other. Some common eye problems that they can assist on are seasonal allergies. So, when you are at a Pharmacy ready to buy some medications, reading glasses or eye drops, don’t forget to explain your eye problems and they may recommend you to see these professionals.

What’s next on the list? Well, a GP or General Practitioners can help give more in depth information about your eye health and vision care. They can carry out assessments, and prescribe treatments if a problem is detected. They will also advice you see these next two professionals.

Experienced optometrist

The third on the list is an Optometrist. Now, you don’t need a referral to see an optometrist. Just walk into any optical shop to see one but its better if you go to Malaya Optical as we are experienced optometrist. Now, an optometrist can examine, detect, diagnose and help to manage your eye problems. They can prescribe and fit glasses or contact lenses if you like. They are an all round person that can advice and also prescribe topical eye medications for problems like infections, glaucoma and allergies. If a problem is of a higher extend, they can give you a referral to met up with an ophthalmologist.

Now, this is where the big guns come in to play. An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor. They have completed not only medicine for the eye but also surgery on the eye. They carry out all the duties of an optometrists such as eye tests, diagnostics and treatments but they are the only ones qualified to perform eye surgeries. With a referral from a GP or optometrist, your eye conditions can be seen as soon as possible by the Ophthalmologist.

As I have gone on and on about vision care and who to see but what about if you are blind or vision impaired? Well, there are services available to help you and make sure that you can still live your life independently and partake in your usual activities. Services are available without a referral. To find out more, seek an optometrist, ophthalmologist or a GP.

If you have any concerns, book an appointment with us here https://www.malayaoptical.com/#book-optometrist or give us a call here https://www.malayaoptical.com/contact-us/


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