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computer vision syndrome

When you are on your phone or digital device, have you ever gotten a sudden headache. A piercing headache in front of your head or around your eyes just came from nowhere and has interrupted your screen time. Usually we brush it off and continue on with our business but we never truly stop to think, why am I having this headache?

computer vision syndrome

Well, I am here to tell you that you that you need to stop brushing it off because you my friend, are suffering from Digital Eye Strain. Yes a headache can be cause by fever and such but lets talk about that later.

Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome might be a foreign word for some but you can probably assume what is means. To put it simply, its essentially pushing your eyes to its limits by staring at a digital device for hours on end.

Its important to take digital eye strain seriously as it can improve your quality of life but how can you know you are suffering from it? I am here to tell you the symptoms of Digital Eye Strain.

  1. Headaches are a notorious sign of Digital Eye Strain as I have mention above. If its concentrated in the front of your head or around your eyes, take break and look elsewhere for a while.
  2. If your eyes are tired or sore, its time to take a break.
  3. Feeling overly tired or fatigue. Now, at the end of the day, if you are feeling overly tired and have no idea why, its because your eyes are tired. Its your body telling you to close your eyes and let them rest. This can lead to body aches as well.
  4. If you experience blurred vision or distorted vision, your eyes are tired. They have been working overtime focusing on a brightly lit screen up close all day and now they may have difficulties focusing on other things because your eyes can’t relax. This can lead to having poor vision at night as your eyes are constantly focusing on a strong light source or screen.
  5. Unless you are a vampire, lights shouldn’t be an issue for you. Being sensitive to light can indicate Digital Eye Strain.
  6. If you are rubbing your eyes more frequently than usual, its your eyes telling you to stop looking at a screen and message them as they are in need of a break. It can also feel like your eyes are itchy.
  7. As you stare at a digital screen, you sometimes forget to blink so you blink less than usual. Thus, your eyes are dry. They are drier than the Sahara Dessert as you blink less and less.

With one or all of these symptoms happening, it can lead to one more outcome, difficulty in concentration or focusing. If you are uncomfortable, its hard to focus. Thus, take a break and relax for awhile.

Its hard to stop and rest our eyes nowadays as we are always on some type of digital screen. We might be on either our laptops, phones, tablets or other electronics. We may consider these symptoms as a minor inconvenience but we need to know the signs and rest our eyes. To ensure a quality way of life, we need to take breaks once in awhile and give our eyes some breathing room because we only have two pairs, take good care of them.

If you do experience these symptoms even after taken the necessary steps to rest your eyes, there may be an underlining issue that we are not aware of. Get your eyes checked by our experienced optometrist here
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