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Eyeglasses frame – how to choose the right one for me?

The sort of visual issue we have affects the shape of the lenses for our eyeglass frames. Those who are farsighted uses convex lenses, which are curved outward, while those who are shortsighted must use concave lenses, which appear to be curved inward. The transparent part of our eye which is called cornea is structured incorrectly if we have astigmatism, thus the lenses may be more cylindrical in shape. Everyone of us may ask this question within ourselves when it came to eyeglasses frame; that how to choose the right one for me?

Opthalmic lenses also advance along with technology. Nowadays we do not encounter thick and bulging lenses that how we saw decades ago. The technology now has improved until we can make a super thin lenses without a limitation in power and compromising your vision clarity. Not only that, ophthalmic lenses company do always improve their coatings and functions of a lens depends on the current market needs. They used to be made entirely of glass in the past. Most are now made of modern polymers. And some even comes with impact resistant or polycarbonate lenses. These new ones can be treated with a filter to shield your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, an from harmful blue light radiation. They are also lighter and less likely to break than glass.

Eyeglasses frame-how to choose one for me
Multicoat layers of a lens
Eyeglasses frame - how to choose the right one for me?
Comparison between high index and low inded lenses

Now let’s discover more about multifocal eyeglasses. Basically, most of us are likely to wear a multifocal lenses in the end of 30s or beginning of 40s and older. These corrects our vision with two or more prescription on a single lens. In these days multifocal lenses are seamless without any lines on the lenses. Talking about the coatings there are almost as many coatings as there are lenses. While choosing the best prescription lenses, we need to understand the type of coatings that a lens can have too. Starts from anti-reflection, scratch resistant, ultraviolet protection, tinted lenses and mirror coatings. Each one of it has their own benefits based on our visual needs. You may have some rough idea about eyeglasses frame and how to choose the right one for you.

Now talking about children eyeglasses, we are here to monitor and guide parents on how to improve children eyesight. Its best to get a positive and experience eye care practitioner that the children and parents feel comfortable with. One of the most challenging part is getting the children used to the spectacles and wearing them in everyday basis. There are few strategies that we can have a look to find a suitable eyewear for kids such as the frame fitting, optimum prescription, teaching how to use and take care spectacles, and set a schedule for their next appointment with eye specialist.

Children below 12-13 years old are good to be monitor ofently, as at this plastic age we are able to correct their vision more efficiently, rather than doing it later on. Since the children eyeball are growing and also in developing stage we are able to correct and monitor it accordingly. There are few types of treatment lenses for children such as myopia lenses, myopilux lenses, myovision and myokids lenses, stellest lenses, miyosmart lenses, ortho-k and many others. Different stage of children eyes will undergo different level of assessment and myopia management. Do book an appointment with us now and get to know more about eyeglasses frames and how to choose the right one for you!


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