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Spectacles have been a part of us in our daily routine activities. Nowadays, glasses is not only been used to correct our eye problem or prescription but it is also been used to protect and prevent certain eye health issues. Some of us are using it as an additional accessory to enhance our cosmetic look with it. Thus, almost everyone of us are prone to wear glasses at one period of time. But we do also face a common problem to take care our spectacles. Often we used to go through a basic issues on how to handle or take care our spectacles. Even though we may come across with certain tips on how to manage it but most of the time we may not follow it or even we may not perform it accurately. Due to this, many of us used to complaint saying that our lens get dirty easily, dusty, scratched, prone to finger print and smudges. Cleaning and washing it prior to it may solve the problem up to 50%, but how many of us have time to do it in frequent basis in a day? Due to this, the lens features may get deteriorate and it results in unclear or lack of good clarity vision. To solve all this problem in easier way, you don’t have to think more as here we have Essilor Crizal Rock lenses which has ben newly launched to ease the wearers routine care on it.

As a professional eye care practitioner, we do always stay updated about the current situation going on surrounding us so that we can make sure our patient gets the best solution for their eyes related issues. Thus, if there is any new launch had been announced about special lenses range and its design we and our team works independently on it to perform a separate research to find out how suitable will it be based on our experience and population needs. This would support the needs of people with complex vision requirements who cannot find a solution with any other lenses out there. Our experts runs out a huge comparison about the newly launched lenses following the optical journey that we went through and only been decide to choose the best for our clients. Now let is see, why we choose Essilor Crizal Rock lenses for you.

Throughout our journey being as an eye care practitioner, we always glad to provide the best solution for your eye problem. And one of the frequent problem that we face from our patient is on how to manage, take care and handle their luxuries yet precious ophthalmic lenses. With our hectic life style, we may not always keep our spectacles up to date by protecting it from scratches or smudges. Sometimes we may prone to knock our frames on table, clean the lenses with tissue or our clothes. We know you deserve a better lenses that keeps its durability and does not get damaged easily. Thus, Essilor Crizal Rock is now presented to you with its super good features stands as the most scratch-resistance no glare lenses.

This lenses has combined with the signature Crizal anti-reflective coating (the best scratch-resistance and smudge resistant technology) with Crizal Rock which offers high durability and anti-reflective coating. We are sure that you wanted to know how does this features works on this lens. This lenses has been made from high resistance technology with a combination of specific oxides that proven to resist dust and scratches. The High Surface Density™ Super Hydrophobic topcoat provides exceptional smudge resistance while making lenses easy to clean. Also, the Anti-Particulate Layer actively repels particles, dust, and dirt at a molecular level, keeping the lenses cleaner longer. Together with this features, you can now get a suitable eyewear from us and get your lenses fix to it. We do carry verities of branded, designer and luxury eyewear to protect your lenses by its strong material such as titanium.

To be more sure about the lens durability against the scratches and smudges there was a testing protocol has been gone through to this lens to proof it. The lenses was placed on top of sand tray and shacked all over about 300 times to check if the lens shows and scratches on tough surfaces such as sand. The stain release test was measured splattered ink on lenses to test ease of cleaning and long term durability of the top coat. The unique torture test was measure by mimicked daily activities such as dropping eyeglasses and improper cleaning. At the end of the tests, it was found that Essilor Crizal Rock lenses shows 3x scratch resistance comparted to standard entry level of Crizal lenses, 2x easier to cleans compared to other competitor brands, and produced much more excellent clarity with best reduced glare.

So, now you can be less stress to not worry about your lenses quality because we do acknowledge your main concern to save your lenses from getting scratched easily. As a daily spectacle user, we are sure that you wanted to have the best protection on your lenses so that your vision will not loose its clarity throughout the day. Who doesn’t want to have a lens with high durability, reduces glares and at the same time provides you the clearest vision. With Essilor Crizal Rock lenses you can have all in one and at the same time it saves your cost too. What are you waiting for, we are the best optometrist near you and do contact us to get the best scratch resistant lenses ever made for your own now!


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