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Yellows Plus Titanium

Yellow Plus Titanium

Through out the journey of producing eyewear’s, countless designs have been created. When you look for customized, comfort and durable frame, never forget about Yellows Plus Titanium. When picking a pair of luxurious and fashionable glasses for ourselves, few things that came to our mind is to check the frame’s appearance to see whether it can merge with our face naturally, frames material, brand, and the cost. What if you can be satisfied with all these factors with one designer frame look?

Among them, Yellows Plus believes that the shape has been handed down to the present and survived is the classic style. It almost takes months to years to produce a new Yellows Plus titanium frame by the world expert craftsman’s.

At Malaya Optical we do care for the shape with requirement which can be described as the beauty of style, that includes the beauty of appearance as well. While inheriting such beauty of style, Yellows Plus always incorporate contemporaneity and pass it on to the next generation. The mindset of us providing the best choice to our customers and bringing forward an eyewear such as Yellow’s Plus is the desire to carry on this legacy. It is one of the most sellable eyewear in Malaya Optical KL.

Yellows Plus considers that out of all of them, the classic style is the one that has persisted into the present. The necessity’s shape might be rephrased as stylistic beauty, taking into account aesthetic attractiveness. We and our inventory team do always check on the frame quality and material before getting them in. The Japan made frame is an ideal eyewear that has natural classic style and looks durable as well.

In parallel, we think that Yellows Plus Titanium eyeglasses has timeless beauty and may easily match any type of attire for any occasions. Naturally, it can also be worn by people of any skin tone or facial structure. With this ideal eyewear it looks simple but has classic look with a perfect design, and that is what we and our suppliers wish to provide to the users. This could be one of the reason of why classic and simple eyewear has a huge demand in market till today.

Given that eyewear is placed on the most noticeable part of the face, a change of 1mm in line thickness or 1degree in surface angle creates a completely different impression. Yellows Plus Titanium eyewear has committed to produce high quality Japan made frames by few impressive craftsmanship’s as precise as possible. At Malaya Optical, we are happy to introduce a satisfy quality eyewear with high standards such as Yellows Plus eyewear. Now we are the first optical shop to carry the LARGEST COLLECTION of Yellows Plus titanium eyewear in Malaysia. Do book an appointment with us at Malaya Optical KL to get your exclusive Yellows Plus eyewear today!


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