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Optometrists with good Reviews

Optometrist with Good Reviews Malaysia

Malaya Optical is honored to be everyone’s favorite optical shop over the years. It is known that Malaya Optical has has a team of optometrists with good reviews. Our optometrists always make sure our customers reach 100% satisfaction for every visit. Check out what our customers say about our optometrists in the blogs below!

A key part of the business is the brand’s specialization in children’s eye care. This is something close to the hearts of its founders, who believe that children should receive proper eye care for them to have a bright future. At Malaya Optical, a substantial portion of the business comes from pediatric consultancies in the Klang Valley. http://kuromeowiie.blogspot.com/2011/12/malaya-optical-we-love-our-eyes-dont.html

Malaya Optical is also expert in fitting Progressive Lens which you can optimized fittingyour Multifocal Lenses by Hoya, Zeiss, Essilor or Rodenstock from their Relax Vision Terminal. They also have basic prescription lenses like Transition, UV Protection, Polycarbonate Polarized and so on. http://viviankhoo-life.blogspot.com/2011/12/malaya-optical.html

It was my first time in Malaya Optical and as soon as I stepped in I felt like I found myself in ‘Eye-Wear heaven’ http://stephiielim.blogspot.com/2011/11/malaya-optical-our-eyes-are-window-to.html



Guess everyone who’s anyone would need a place to hit up the moment their eyes are in need of a look up and considering MALAYA OPTICAL carries a battalion of designer eyewear brands thus they top the list.



Malaya Optical are the frontier of style as you can customize your looks with their in house stylist. You can look good even while wearing your glasses as well including a variety of contact lens. 



Malaya Optical do have such fantastic design and style and not to mention, great prices too!! Go visit their store in Damansara Utama now!!




People who wants to be seen, not hidden behind their glasses and who wants glasses that reflects and reinforce their personality, do stop by and experience it yourself at Malaya Optometrist. You won’t be disappointed.


The moment we stepped in, we were greeted by Mr Ryan, the boss of Malaya Optical. He immediately removed my glasses saying it’s tilted and asked his staff to repair it! @A@ Omg such good service! 

Many of his clients includes miss Malaysia, celebrities, royalty, politicians and corporate figures who comes to seek his styling, as quite a number of them calls him (Ryan Ho)  the Plastic Surgeon without the scalpel.


This really surprised me!! I never seen such good hospitality being provided in an optical shop!! 


Malaya Optical  is the eye experience boutique in Malaysia, its products are contact lenses, prescription lenses, designer frames, branded sunglasses.  Their history in Malaysia can be traced back to 1957! http://methecontradiction.blogspot.com/2011/01/malaya-optical-preview-collection-of.html

To get more beautiful contact lenses you can visit any Malaya Optical outlet. Do like Malaya Optical on Facebook as well!



Tried on a few on recommendation by the sales person, Goh. Surprisingly, it was a nice experience. I didn’t get a headache thinking which one should I buy (I actually chose the one I wanted before trying on even 10!)

Wide selection of branded and unique selection of designer eye wear directly from Milan and Paris. Notable brands like branded products includes Oakley, Rayban, Prada, Coach, Marc Jacob, CK, & more..

Throughout the years, eyewear has evolved from being merely an aid for poor eyesight to being a fashion statement. During the evolution, sunglasses or spectacles styles changed — just like every other fashion. However, what really matters is what suits you the best – be it the size, the features, the price, the designer. But most importantly, what benefits your eyes most. So, remember to do your homework before pulling out the greens out of your wallet for that expensive pair of glasses!  http://charisow.com/2011/12/16/malaya-optical-2/


Professional Optometrist & Designer Eyewear