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contact lens for beginners

How to wear contact lens for beginners

If you’ve just know about contact lens for the first time, you may have questions about how to wear them. It may not be as simple on slipping on a pair of eyeglasses. And it may take longer to get used to them. In this article, we will explain about what contact lens beginners should know.

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are monthly contacts good for 30 days

Are monthly contacts good for 30 days?

Is it okay if I wore monthly contacts for 30 days?

Wearing a lens for the first time can be an exciting experience, but usually it will take your eye to get used to it when you are wearing them. Many contact lenses are designed for an extended wearing approved by FDA which are made up of silicone hydrogel that can allow oxygen to pass through the eyes easily. 

Wearing contact lenses longer than their recommended length of time can increase the risk of eye infections and complications. There are many different types of contacts on the market which are designed for daily use or daily disposable. This means the lens will be taken out for each night. Despite, monthly lenses are generally worn during a day and cleaned or stored for each night, and then disposed of after a month of use. For monthly contacts, same contact lenses can be worn continuously for up to a week longer or for 30 days. So it is important to follow the guidelines from your eye care specialists and all labelling instructions on caring for the lenses.

are monthly lens are good for 30 days?

Why not to use Monthly contacts longer

Your monthly lenses should be thrown away 30 days after opening the contact lenses; regardless on how many times you have worn it. But still, using them in a longer period than recommended can potentially cause an eye infection, or irritation while wearing the contact lenses; or blurry vision. As stated, the maximum time of wearing any lens has been approved for only 30 days of continuous wear. The longer you wear the contact lenses consistently, the greater the risk for an eye infection. This also can lead to blindness without a proper treatment. Although, a monthly disposable lens should be replaced after 30 days, even if you didn’t wear it everyday.

In addition, most optometrists recommend wearing daily disposable lenses for those who didn’t wear it everyday. For the lens solution, never leave a lens soaking in solution for more than a week. Thus, if your lens is soaking for a few days, replace it with the new fresh solution the night before you wore it on the next day. To get more information relating with your eyes, kindly visit our website to book an appointment with Malaya Optical Optometrists.

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Contacts wear & care

Contacts Wear & Care amidst COVID-19

Many things have changed since COVID-19 first made its appearance, contacts wear & care should remain the identical. Simply practice safe care hygiene habits, advises by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and follow the recommendations of your eye care professional. But what about the contact wearer? Many of us wonder if they’re taking a risk by continuing to wear their contact lenses day after day.

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6 important steps of contact lens removal

1. Before contact lens removal, it is highly recommended to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water . This is to reduce the chance of an eye infection. The ophthalmology group recommends not to use any soaps that contains extra oils or fragrances, as soap can stick to the surface of a lens.

2.Flip over your storage case and shake out any leftover contact-lens solution, then air dry it or dry the case with a fresh, clean cloth.

6 important steps of contact lens removal

3. During contact lens removal, stand in front a mirror.

contact lens removal

4. Look upward. Using non-dominant hand, raise your upper eyelid away from your eye with your index finger.With the dominant hand, pull lower eyelid down with middle finger.

how to remove contact lens

5. To remove contact lens gently pinch the lens with the pads of your index finger and thumb. Try not squeeze the lens too hard so that it does not fold.

easy ways to remove contact lens

6. After removed the lens, place the lens in the palm of another hand and squeeze fresh multipurpose lens solution onto the surface of the lens. If using contact lenses that are intended to be worn for multiple days before replacement, make sure to put them in a case that has “L” for left and “R” for right clearly marked, so that wont mix up. Remember to always follow the instructions that came with your cleaning and disinfecting solution.

How long does contact lens last?

Disposable contact lenses generally last between one day to one month, while hard lenses such as RGP and PMMA can last up to one year or longer. 

Why is it sometimes it is so hard to remove contact lens?

This can happen if wearing the contact lens for long hour or due to dryness of the eye. To remove it, try to apply some solution on the fingers and then touch the surface of the contact lenses for easy removal.

What will happen if cry while wearing the contact lens?

It is safe to cry while wearing the contacts. However,the lens may not adhere to the eyes very well due to tears. Do remember not to rub the eyes while crying because rubbing might damage the lens or cause the  contacts to drop out.

Can contact lens get lost in eye?

 No. It is impossible that the lens will get trapped behind the eye or completely lost in the eye.

What happens if never take out contact lens?

When contact lens is not removed, the eye can develop something called “Corneal neovascularization” that occurs because of the lack of oxygen to the eye. The blood vessels in the eye will grow a lot that the optometrist will advise to stop wearing any contact lens.

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RGP Lenses – 5 Reasons why you should consider

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses have been in market since 1960’s. The latest RGP contact lenses has the best advantages as it allows more oxygen to pass through our eye. They are often referred to as oxygen permeable lenses and are available in daily wear and extended wear options.

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Makeup tips for contacts wearer

Contact lenses are an evolution that everyone can get and wear; whether for the one who wearing glasses or the ones who want to encounter with an expensive eye surgery. Luckily, with the advances of contact lens technology, it have made it a lot easier for makeup wearer to use lens safely. In this post, we are going to tell you the makeup tips for contacts wearer.

Makeup tips for contacts wearer monthly
Makeup tips for contacts wearer daily

If you have an allergies or wear eye makeup, you can still prevent it by using daily disposable contact lenses. It will minimize the risk of eye infections. By choosing the right products for makeup and using it carefully will help you avoid this problem. Let’s follow our makeup tips for contacts wearer and your makeup will look and feel great without disturbing your contact lenses!

Makeup tips for contacts wearer

Follow these makeup tips for contact lens wearer

contact lens subang

Tips 1: Maintain a proper hygiene. Always wash your hands thoroughly and keep it clean and dry before put in your contact lenses. Avoid using oily product, containing fragrances, put hand lotions or anything that will stick to the lens before attaching it. Some people suggest inserting contacts after wearing makeup to prevent damage or scratches on the lens, but there is a high possibility to apply makeup on fingers and on contacts, which can cause discomfort and others infection.

contact lens malaysia

Tips 2: Keep your makeup tools clean. It is advisable to clean the makeup before using it as dust or dirt tend to clog the makeup brush when used continuously. This step is very important when you’re wearing contact lenses. While clean your makeup tools, you can put them in hot-water mixed with a little gentle baby shampoo.

Tips 3: Be careful on using eyeliner; it is common practice to apply eyeliner on the water line under the lashes. This is not a good idea for contact lens wearers because it puts the products right on the lens and the eye itself. By using the eyeliner on the line it blocked the gland of the eye and will cause dysfunction, dryness and worst case can cause chronic meibomean gland dysfunction.

contact lens and mascara

Tips 4: Use oil-free or waterproof of mascara; choosing waterproof and oil-free mascara when wearing contact lenses is a better option, as using mascara with a strong oil-based material can cause it to peel off, and get into the eyes causing infections. However, during cleaning make sure that the mascara is properly removed to prevent any blockage at the follicles of the eye.

Tips 5: Always check on your expiry of your products; like others, makeup also have their expiry date. Therefore, avoid using old product as the ingredients may become toxic and can damage your eyes. Also, avoid to share eye makeup with others, as this may increases the chances of contact infection.

Safety is always a priority. If you have experience of any irritation or reaction to your makeup, wash it immediately and contact your optometrist. However, there is no need to worry too much. Please paying attention with your products and being careful with your application, you may be able to continue to see and looking the best. Let’s meet Malaya Optical Optometrists to learn more information regarding your eye’s health.

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Signs Children Ready for Contacts

As the first day of schools nears, many parents may be dealing with the demand for contact lenses from their children who want to begin New Year without their glasses. But how to know when your children is ready? Every child is different and they prepared at a special times. There are five signs children ready for contacts.

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Optometrist near me petaling Jaya
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OK Lens Malaysia
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Dry Eye and Contact Lenses

Dry Eye with Contact lens

Normal vision requires a moist healthy ocular surface. This was affected by several factors which include sufficient quality of tears, a normal composition of the tear film, normal lid closure, and regular blinking.

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