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RGP Lenses – 5 Reasons why you should consider

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses have been in market since 1960’s. The latest RGP contact lenses has the best advantages as it allows more oxygen to pass through our eye. They are often referred to as oxygen permeable lenses and are available in daily wear and extended wear options.

RGP lenses – hard contact lenses are usually known as Rigid Gas Permeable lenses which made of durable plastic that allows oxygen transmission. The type of material used in hard contact lens is called poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA).

RGP Contact Lens
Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens

There are some outstanding reasons of why you should consider RGP lenses. It may provide you some benefits over soft contact lenses. First, GP lenses are made by a firm plastic material, and it continue to have its shape even when you blink. This makes you to retain sharper and clearer vision than flexible soft lenses.

Other than that, GP lenses also are extremely durable. Although, sometimes, you may break the lenses (for instance if you accidentally step on it) but you can’t tear it easily like soft lenses. Many of them may be thinking on how to use GP lenses as it is known as hard lens. This hard lenses do require some adaptation period before they turn to become a comfortable contact lens wear. Once you have gone through the adaptation period, this lenses will be as comfortable as soft lenses too.

Oxygen Permeability of RGP lenses
Oxygen components in Rigid Gas Permeable lenses

Since RGP lenses are not made of material that contain water, protein and lipids from your eyes, our eyes tears does not adhere to the lenses as readily. With a very minimal care, gas permeable lenses can last for years and most of it are based on yearly disposable. Unless if there is a change in prescription than you require to change a new GP lenses.

Besides Rigid Gas Permeable lenses also provide a solution for those who has more difficult and complex prescription. Some eye prescription may be too high and ophthalmic lenses will not be the best solution. With RGP lenses you may achieve your desire visual corrections. Medical eye conditions such as Keratoconus (irregularity in corneal surface), young age children or teenagers who want to slow down their myopic changes mostly suit for RGP contact lenses.

RGP Contact Lens
Insertion of RGP Contact Lens

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What is the material used to make rigid gas permeable contact lenses?

It is made of components that contain silicone material which allows oxygen components to pass through the lens material to the eye. Gas permeable contact lenses do offer numerous number of advantages compared to other type of contact lenses.

How long can we use right gas permeable contact lenses?

As  gas permeable lenses are designed to move on the eye when you blink, there is high chances to attract dust and debris under the contact lens. This may cause discomfort to our eyes and in worse cases there is a possible for corneal abrasion too. Thus, GP lenses do require care, since they can be used for one year or more (based on specialist recommendations).

How long can you wear gas permeable contact lenses in a day?

If you didn’t use your lenses for few days, reduce your wearing time into half for the first day and increase the wearing time two hours per day after that. If you haven’t worn your lenses one week or more than one week, you can start to use contact lenses up to the recommended time.

Are gas permeable contacts better than soft?

In wise of durability, rigid gas permeable contact lenses are better than soft lenses. They also do allow more oxygen to cornea and has better breathable effect.

Is there any way that I can make my RGP lenses more comfortable?

Most of the time, if there is no any complications, once you place your RGP lenses on your eyes, it should be comfortable after 20 minutes. It will slowly start to sit comfortably on your eyes and reduce the sensations. You have to practice blinking properly, as some people will reduce their blinking rate due to the eyelid sensation over the contact lens insertion.


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