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Signs Children Ready for Contacts

As the first day of schools nears, many parents may be dealing with the demand for contact lenses from their children who want to begin New Year without their glasses. But how to know when your children is ready? Every child is different and they prepared at a special times. There are five signs children ready for contacts.

While most ophthalmologists recommend wearing contact lenses starting from the age of 11-14, there’s not much things to do but more about whether they are responsible enough to take care of their contact lenses properly.

One of the most important considerations to determine if your child is prepared to wear contact with their personal hygiene and dedication to their responsibilities. The signs children ready for contacts are as follows:

  1. Your child asking to wear contacts; obviously when the child is unhappy or low confident with their glasses, have more motivated to require excellent care of their contact lens.
  2. Your child practices good hygiene; if your child doesn’t practice good hygiene, never give them wearing contact lens yet, because may have serious eyes infection.
  3. Your child become more responsible; it is important to know that your child is able to responsible in all aspects because it will be more likely to take care of their lenses.
  4. Your child take a good care over their glasses; glasses is more expensive and delicate. If they makes an effort to take care of their personal things such as glasses, maybe have a good chances for them to take care of their lenses.
  5. Your child is involved in athletics; it is comfortable for children who love sports because it allows a better vision and they doesn’t have to worry on getting the broken glasses.

One thing to consider is how much easier for them to handle the contact lenses with daily disposable wear. Kids and teens can be surprisingly responsible when motivated to wear contacts instead of glasses. Once you let them know what is required to be able to wear contacts, they will usually quickly learn how to put in and remove their lenses.

Signs Children Ready for Contacts

We recommend that you visit an optometrist to get fitted before you buy your first set of contact lenses. Let’s make an appointment with Malaya Optical Optometrists for your eye care consultation.


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