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Good eyesight helps children succeed in school.

Good eyesight is important for everyone including young children. It’s a parents dream and goal to see their children happy and excel in academics or even sports. We do believe all parents will give the best education opportunities for their children. 

So what’s important for a children to excel in school?

As you could see in the picture above, 

Good 20 / 20 vision or a Good eyesight

A good vision is paramount, children encounters lots of visual learning activities such as reading, writing, using electronic devices or even sports. The children’s eye are constantly utilized in classroom and outdoor activities. Not only in school, but a good vision helps them in physical and social development because it is said that children learn more about the world from vision other than the other senses. On the other hand, a poor vision adversely affects a child’s education and sports participation. Most parents are too focused on the best education or school or resources for their children in which they tend to overlook of their children’s vision. 

So how do we indicate does our children has a bad or good eyesight? 

I admit it is hard to indicate that your child sees well or not especially when they are very young. Children often being assumed that how they see is normal. Parents can bring their children for a vision to the optometrist who is a primary health care specialist trained to examine the health and vision of one’s eye. It is recommended to check their eyes two times annually

At what age should children have their first eye examination?

A full comprehensive eye examination with an optometrist is needed before starting school and regularly as they progress through primary and high school.

Vision Skills needed to succeed in school 

  • Visual Acuity (VA) –  a good 20/25 (6/7.5) vision describes the ability of the child to read or see a close up objects such as books or looking far at the black or white board  
  • Visual Perception – refers to the brain’s ability to make sense or organize the images, words or letters of what the eyes see.
  • Eye Tracking and Focusing – the ability of the eye to look from on object to another and ability to maintain clear vision at far or near objects whenever they changes places or distances. For an example, when looking at the whiteboard and changing to a paper on the desk quickly back and forth maintaining a clear and sharp vision. 

As a conclusion, good vision is key to a child’s physical development, success in school, and overall well being. Don’t skip regular vision screenings. Do visit our professional optometrist for a thorough children eye examination .


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