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Category: Dry Eye

Dry eyes

What happen if I have dry eyes?

The most common eye disorder which can affect an individual eyes is Dry Eyes. Nowadays, dry eyes is being a common eye problem which can affect anyone due to inadequate and unstable tear flow or productions. Understanding tear layers and its mechanism is quite complex as tear structure is made up of various components. The interactions of tear layer which composed of lipid, protein, salts, mucin and water is quite essential to obtain its stability. The outermost lipid layer functions to prevent our tear from evaporating, the middle layer of aqueous supplies moisture to our eyes, and the innermost mucus layer is to allow our tear to stick on the front surface of cornea. When this layer has been interrupted, dry eyes may occurs. There are numerous causes and reason…

dry eye

Best monthly lens for dry eye

In this article, we will talk about the best monthly lens for dry eye. Dry eyes can be an uncomfortable and even painful condition to deal with on a daily basis. They can be caused by a variety of factors in everyday living. (more…)

7 ways to treat dry eye

There are many medications and procedures available to treat dry eye, so here are the 7 ways to treat dry eye. Are your eyes reddish and itchy? Can’t bear the pain and burning sensation in your eyes? This could mean you have dry eye Disease, which blurs vision, is uncomfortable and unattractive, and also causes significant damage and scar the cornea. (more…)

Factors and Symptoms of Dry Eye

What is dry eye? In this article, we will explain the factors and symptoms of dry eye. Dry eye is a condition in which a person doesn't have enough quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eye. Tears are necessary for maintaining the health of the front surface of the eye and for providing clear vision. (more…)

Tear Drop

Artificial Tear Drop

From the beginning to the end of human life, many of us may face various eye health issues and one of the common issue is dry eye. Tear lubricant or artificial tear drop used to protect our eyes from getting dry. Basically it help us to maintain our eye to stay healthy, nourish and and keep our eye surface moisturized. (more…)

Dry Eye Treatment

5 Rawatan Terbaik untuk Mata Kering

Memahami keadaan mata anda adalah perkara paling penting yang harus dilakukan sebelum merawat mata. Di Malaya Optical, kami sebagai pengamal penjagaan mata profesional akan sentiasa memastikan anda mendapat penyelesaian terbaik dan berkesan. Penilaian mata kering yang komprehensif akan membantu kami memahami keadaan mata kering anda sepenuhnya, dan ini akan memudahkan kami memberikan rawatan mata kering yang terbaik kepada anda. Di sini, kami ingin menerangkan 5 rawatan terbaik untuk mata kering. (more…)

Penilaian mata kering

Penilaian Mata Kering

Di Malaya Optical, kita sebagai optometris hampir menemui pesakit mata kering setiap hari. Dengan teknik dan teknologi terkini yang tertentu, kami dapat mendiagnosis, menilai dan merawat mata kering dengan cara yang lebih cekap. Berikut adalah beberapa penilaian mata kering yang biasa kita gunakan di Malaya Optical. (more…)

Gejala Mata Kering

12 gejala mata kering yang paling biasa

Gejala mata kering mungkin tidak muncul hanya dengan satu gejala tetapi juga kadang-kadang disertai oleh beberapa gejala lain. Tanpa mengetahui semua tanda dan gejala penting mata kering, anda mungkin tidak mendapat rawatan yang tepat untuk menghilangkannya. (more…)

Normal Eye vs Dry Eye

Apakah maksud mata kering?

Apakah maksud mata kering? Hampir semua orang di luar sana yang menjalani pemeriksaan mata umum mungkin mendengar tentang mata kering. Penyakit mata kering adalah salah satu masalah okular yang sering dijumpai namun penyelesaian terbaik untuk mencegahnya atau rawatan yang berkesan masih dalam perbincangan. (more…)

Common Dry Eye Symptoms

12 most common dry eye symptoms

Dry eye symptoms may not be appearing with only one symptoms but it may also sometimes been accompanied by few other symptoms. Without knowing all the important signs and symptoms of dry eyes, you may not able to get a proper treatment to get rid if it. Since dry eye was known as one of the usual condition that can occur to anyone, here are 12 most common dry eye symptoms that you should know. (more…)