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阿迩发角膜塑形镜片 (Menicon Alpha Ortho K)


阿迩发角膜塑形镜片 (Menicon Alpha Ortho k)是全球唯一一家致力于与所有隐形眼镜相关业务的制造商。Menicon Alpha Ortho k是日本近视矫正先锋疗法的主要认可!

适合配Alpha Ortho K的候选人

Menicon Alpha Ortho k适用于大多数轻度至中度近视(有或没有轻度散光)的人。

佩戴 Alpha Ortho K的优势

由于角膜塑形的影响不是永久性的,因此几乎没有危险,并且您可以随时停止佩戴Ortho k (角膜塑形镜片)-如果您急于在近视恢复时再次戴眼镜或隐形眼镜。

不想戴眼镜但基于年龄太小LASIK手术不合适或由于眼睛干涩等原因而不适合屈光手术的儿童和青年人通常是角膜塑形镜片 的理想人选。参加激昂运动或在尘土飞扬的环境中工作而可能会导致隐形眼镜佩戴有问题的人也很适合。


Alpha Ortho k 的特性



透氧性:104 x 10-11(cm2/sec)⋅(mLO2/(mL x mmHg)

Alpha Ortho k 结构



Alpha Ortho k 配戴评估

镜片装配评估完成后,应取出镜片以进行角膜地形图检查,以观察角膜变化。尽管配戴第一夜后的清晨, 角膜地形将提供有关镜片配戴的重要数据但接下来三周的镜片配戴结果也很关键,因为它将决定镜片是否配戴满意的。

如何保养Alpha Ortho K

Menicon建议使用MenoCare Plus进行日常的日常镜片清洁,冲洗,消毒和装配,并建议每周使用Progent进行彻底清洁。


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Menicon Ortho-K Lenses

Menicon Ortho-K Lenses works as a continuous wear lenses to correct myopia. Myope is an eye condition of where distance image appear blur and near image look clear. Normally, the standard correction available for myopia correction is using glasses, contact lens or lasik surgery. Today, there is another great alternative way to correct myopia condition, named as orthokeratology.

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ortko-k contact lens

Successful Ortho-k fitting

Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-K is a non-surgical procedure of reshaping the cornea gently while you sleep, with a specially designed therapeutic gas permeable contact lens. This type of contact lenses can have a successful fitting by correcting the refractive error, primarily myopia (near-sighted) but astigmatism and hyperopia (long-sighted). Ortho-K sometimes called corneal reshaping (CR), corneal refractive therapy or even vision shaping.

Ortho-K lenses gradually change the cornea curvature overnight to reduce corneal refractive power, resulting in images being focused on the retina. The successful of Ortho-k fitting occurs as vision will be improved after remove the lenses without the needs of wearing any glasses or contact lenses during the day.

Corneal reshaping with Ortho-K lenses in overnight
Process of cornea reshaping in overnight

The main objective of Ortho-K is help to slow down myopia progression in children. The myopia epidemic in Asia is evident because the prevalence of high myopia among young adults is higher among Asian (6.8% – 21.6%) compared to non-Asian populations (2.0% – 2.3%). [YL Wong et al 2016]

Besides that, Ortho- K lenses is a non-surgical and reversible vision correction treatment. For those children who wish spectacle free during day time activities but too young for LASIK, Ortho-K is the most suitable option. Ortho-K is a specially designed gas permeable contact lens which offers high oxygen transmission to maintain eye health.

Jennifer (2018) stated that when Ortho-K used for partial or full correction of myopia, has been shown to slow down myopic progression in children by 35-56 % as compared to controlled group who wearing spectacle or contact lenses.

Children with successful ortho-k
Example of successful Ortho-K fitting

The criteria for Ortho-K including myopia below -6.00D and astigmatism below -2.00D. Children and teenagers with myopia progression (power increment) are suitable for Ortho-K treatment. Individuals who are active in sport, individual whose occupation do not encourage eyewear. Ortho-K is another best alternative to LASIK. Compliance and independent characteristics is very important as well.

Ortho-K is a specially designed gas permeable contact lens that wears overnight to reshape the corneal curvature and correct the refractive error which provide a spectacle free clear vision to carry on dailies activities. For more information, do contact your best optometrist in KL

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Ortho k therapy procedure

Ortho-K Disadvantages

Ortho-keratology or Ortho-K is the usage of a specially designed gas permeable contact lens. It is a lens that gently reshapes the cornea or the front surface of the eyeball to reduce or control myopia. Myopia is referred as Shortsightedness or “Rabun jauh”. Some people refer to it as Hard Lens or OK lenses. You wear these lens overnight and you can see clearly when you wake up. After you remove them of course.

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Ortho K Petaling Jaya