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Suitable frame shapes for different face features

How do I choose eyewear?

The most difficult task that you may face once enter any optical shop is to select an eyewear which suits to your personality preferences. There are many attractive frames displayed in optical shops, but not all may satisfies you with great deals.

Frames are mostly selected based on our understanding about face shape, fitting and comfort. Mostly, the mass production in eyewear industry is based on the average fitting sizes such as Asian Fitting

Basically, there are few steps that you are required to follow when choosing your eye glasses. First, instead of identifying your face shape whether it is sharp, angular or round shape, you can just define your style. A good rule of thumb while choosing frames that matches you, it to find opposite shape frames then your facial features

Frame and Face shape 2
Frame and Face shape 2

Second is to get a good proportions which has a great fitting. The key to finding the perfect frame is more about where your features are set on your face than the shape of your face overall. If the end of frame extends more out of your cheek bones, that means the frame is larger than your face. Same goes to a smaller size frames, when the end edge of the frame is more inward compared to your cheek bone, it means the frame shows smaller fitting.

First and foremost, our optometrist at Malaya Optical do consider your prescription because some material and shapes of frame will be better depending on the prescription as well. Other than that, the centration of eye point to the frame, face width, and habitual looking position will be taken into care to optimize the visual functions.

To have more information, please feel free to consult with our best optometrists in KL.

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Asian Fit


With the many choice of spectacle frames, be it branded to designer, flooding the market, one can really start to wonder whether they can find the right fit, especially in the Asia region.


The facial features across regions differ, the face shape, facial width, nose structure and cheekbone.


Asians typically has wider face, smaller nose bridge and extended by a higher cheek bone. That is why the selection for an asian fit is more pertinent, being one the highest population to wear glasses.


Hence, the frame design will need to have certain feature. An Asian Fit will provide wider nose pad, reduced frame curvature and increased narrowing of the bridge to house the frame.



At Malaya Optical, we offer a full range of Asian Fit frames to sunglasses. From trendy Korean frames to performance shades, you may be spoilt for choice! We run Asian Eyewear Carnival from time to time, so do book your time to visit us to try.


Let our in-house fashion consultant help you pick the frames that won’t drop or slide off for that perfect photogenic you.


Round frames, square frames, to contemporary classics, you are always in for an image treat!


Colors to match that fair skin!


Visit us at Malaya Optical here.



Asian Fit

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frames for man

Eye wear of your man choice

At Malaya Optical(Damansara Uptown), we carry huge selection of memory metal eyeglasses which are extremely flexible and comfortable. Flexible frames are extremely bendable back and forth without any damage on the frames. Moreover, arms of such glasses can be molded according to people’s face and ears so as to make it more comfortable for the user. It is to note that anti-reflection lenses are supposed to be the perfect lenses that can perfectly complement with sunglasses for men.

Eye Wear of your choice available here at
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. Check out the collection of spectacles eyewear from Malaya Optical. We are your qualified Optometrist from Petaling Jaya located in Damansara Uptown and we sell a range of eyewear brands here. 

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For the people with high prescription, it would be advisable to go with thinner higher index lenses for men glasses equipped with anti-reflective coating in order to get appropriate appearance. Not only this, if you are above 40 then progressive lenses are also available to let you stay away from outdated lined bifocal lenses. Some subtleness to details helps as you would be able to identify all the needs of your men. The brands of eyewear that you could consider are Mykita, Parasite, Hugo Boss, Jf Rey, Undostrial, Prada, Benetton, Ray Ban, Oakley, Coppe+Sid, Less than Human, Infinity, and many others available at Malaya Optical in Damansara Uptown.

When u select the appropriate frame shape of your man, the glasses has to be opposite of his facial shape. It has been a known thing, that softer, fuller faces look great with sharper edged frames. While a more stronger and edger face, would suit a softer rimless style. While choosing glasses, one should consider that their faces would not always in symmetrical so your frame should get properly fitted to ears and should cross eyebrows at the same level otherwise it may create seesaw effect.

Basically, when choosing your eye glasses for your man, it’s not about only getting to know the eyeglasses, it’s about getting to know him. Do you know your man??