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Eyevan Glasses Japan Handmade

In 1972, under the idea of “eyewear for dressing as a style accessory”, Eyevan Japan was conceived as Japan’s first design glasses brand. Configuration born from the style and quietness of Japanese culture, accuracy craftsmanship commended overall lies at the heart, items concentrating on the enjoyment of wearing glasses as a design accessory and out to the world in 1985, under one of the stylish eye wear store in Los Angeles.

Handmade Eyewear

This lovely Eyevan glasses made uniquely by the hands of gifted skilled worker and it made numerous enormous fans everywhere throughout the world. You will discover exceptionally gifted craftsmanship by taking a look at Eyevan items themselves where there is hand written drawings. You may likewise observe the innovative and solid energy of the design team who works behind the eye wear.

eyevan eyewear

Popularity Of Eyevan Eyewear

EYEVAN’s most up to date assortment comes back to its legacy, drawing from memorable hand-outlined structures made somewhere in the range of 1972 and 1985. The brand continued to make heat waves leading up to worldwide extesnion in 1985, where the frames found approval from big names like Madonna, and Diana, Princess of Wales.

eyevan classic glasses

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Iyoko Iyake
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Asian Fit


With the many choice of spectacle frames, be it branded to designer, flooding the market, one can really start to wonder whether they can find the right fit, especially in the Asia region.


The facial features across regions differ, the face shape, facial width, nose structure and cheekbone.


Asians typically has wider face, smaller nose bridge and extended by a higher cheek bone. That is why the selection for an asian fit is more pertinent, being one the highest population to wear glasses.


Hence, the frame design will need to have certain feature. An Asian Fit will provide wider nose pad, reduced frame curvature and increased narrowing of the bridge to house the frame.



At Malaya Optical, we offer a full range of Asian Fit frames to sunglasses. From trendy Korean frames to performance shades, you may be spoilt for choice! We run Asian Eyewear Carnival from time to time, so do book your time to visit us to try.


Let our in-house fashion consultant help you pick the frames that won’t drop or slide off for that perfect photogenic you.


Round frames, square frames, to contemporary classics, you are always in for an image treat!


Colors to match that fair skin!


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Asian Fit