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Maui Jim Logo Malaysia

Maui Jim Full Collection

MJ is an American-based manufacturer of sunglasses based in Peoria, Illinois and marketed worldwide. Also, a majority of their lines are (more…)

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Nike Vision

Nike Vision launched in 1997 under Marchon Eyewear, one of the leading retailers in the industry, based in New York, to support the vision of the world’s greatest athletes. At Nike vision they use the latest technologies to design and produce each pair of glasses. Each model is pre-tested before going into final production with the help of a prototype.The range of Nike Vision available at Malaya Optical in Damanasara Uptown or Subang Jaya in Malaysia NIKE FLEXON 4126 C045NIKE FLEXON 4126 C061NIKE FLEXON 4JH MARKETING C045NIKE FLEXON 6020 C001NIKE FLEXON 6020 C045NIKE FLEXON 6020 C424NIKE FLEXON 6021 C001NIKE FLEXON 6021 C045NIKE FLEXON 6024 C259NIKE FLEXON 7011AF C001NIKE FLEXON 7030 C025NIKE FLEXON 7030 C412NIKE FLEXON 7040  C412NIKE FLEXON 7040 C001NIKE FLEXON 7040 C507NIKE FLEXON 7050 C001NIKE FLEXON 7050 C019NIKE SPORTS CULTURE…

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Xperio Sun Lens

Essilor Xperio Sun Lens

Our eyes need UV protection just like our skin. Exposing your eyes to UV rays can harm your vision and cause several eye issues such as cataracts, corneal sunburn, macular degeneration, pterygium, and skin cancer around the eyelids. " Essilor Xperio Sun Lens offers protection from these UV rays. Learn more about it. "I have power and can I make my sunglasses with prescription?" is the most common question that we have nowadays as people are getting more concerned about UV protection to their eyes. Essilor Xperio polarized lens will give you better protection and comfort than tinted lenses can achieve. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWBshKhdVB8&list=PLUXwfKAWhhIO_YKkXyQoAS3-qGWoV5n3E&index=4&ab_channel=XperioUVXperioUV Essilor Crizal Xperio Sun Polarized lenses are ideal for all activities under the sun, regardless of the environment, situation or season. The benefits include: Eliminate reflected glare: Light can be reflected off a smooth and flat surface like a road,…