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Are polarized lenses suitable for flying?

Are polarized lenses suitable for flying?

Polarized sunglasses are one of the most popular lens choices which available at Malaya Optical . They are remarkably effective at eliminating glare, making them an ideal choice for outdoor use. Those who are involved with active outdoor activities such as riding boat, playing golf, climbing mountain or any other sport activities, polarized lenses are one of the best choices for you to protect your eyes from bright and glare lights. However, there is one activity where polarized lenses are actually detrimental: flying. How many of you know whether are polarized lenses suitable for flying? Polarized lenses have a special chemical components applied to the lenses to filter light. The chemical’s molecules were designed to lined up specifically to block some of the light from passing through the lens. On…

Polarized and non polarized

Are polarised sunglasses good?

Are polarised sunglasses good? You probably know the importance of UV protection sunglasses to our eyes. UV rays from sunlight are harmful to our eyes and extended exposure to UV rays can lead to development of ocular diseases such as cataract, ARMD (age related macular degeneration), pterygium and so on.  As we all know sunlight scatters in all directions. However, when sunlight strikes on a flat surface, the light is reflected by the surface. At this time, the reflected light will travel in a uniform direction and most of the time they reflected horizontally. This phenomenon of light is known as polarization. The polarized light creates an annoying and sometimes dangerous intensity of light that results in glare and reduced visibility.  Annoying polarized light and sun glares create unnecessary troubles…

Jonathan Paul Australia 太阳眼镜

Jonathan Paul Australia 太阳眼镜的设计是穿戴于您的眼镜镜框之上, 称之为”fit-over”。Jonathan Paul 太阳眼镜来自澳洲,是其中一个著名的fit-over品牌,已有超过25年的历史。Jonathan Paul所有的太阳眼镜的镜片都是使用Polarvue Polarized Lenses (偏光镜片),可以阻挡紫外线:UV A 和 UV B, 并且减少眩光 (glare), 高达99.9%。偏光镜片可以有效地过滤光束中的散射光线,使光线能与正轨之透光轴投入眼睛视觉影像,从而营造清晰自然的视野。好比百叶窗帘的原理,光线被调整成同向光进入室内,使景物看起来柔和而不刺眼。此外,偏光镜片可以增强对比度和最小的色彩失真。 (more…)

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Polarized and non polarized