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Are polarized lenses suitable for flying?

Are polarized lenses suitable for flying?

Polarized sunglasses are one of the most popular lens choices which available at Malaya Optical . They are remarkably effective at eliminating glare, making them an ideal choice for outdoor use. Those who are involved with active outdoor activities such as riding boat, playing golf, climbing mountain or any other sport activities, polarized lenses are one of the best choices for you to protect your eyes from bright and glare lights. However, there is one activity where polarized lenses are actually detrimental: flying. How many of you know whether are polarized lenses suitable for flying? Polarized lenses have a special chemical components applied to the lenses to filter light. The chemical’s molecules were designed to lined up specifically to block some of the light from passing through the lens. On…

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Maui Jim Polarized Lenses

 Maui Jim has 4 types of polarized lenses- Neutral Grey, HCL Bronze, Maui Rose and Maui HT. The materials of Maui Jim polarized lenses are also divided into 4 types -SuperThin Glass, Maui Brilliant, Maui Pure and Maui Evolution. Maui Jim Makaha 405 Sunglasses with Neutral Grey Lens  Neutral Grey  It offers the highest available light reduction for the richest colours and the sharpest contrast in bright or direct sunlight. Maui Jim Lighthouse 423 with HCL Bronze lens HCL Bronze  HCL is known as High Contrast Lens. It provides the wearer with a warm, soothing tint which is excellent for varied and everyday uses. Maui Jim HO’OKIPA 407 Sunglasses with Maui Rose lens Maui Rose  Maui Rose is perfect and suitable for fast-moving sports in which it provides the highest…

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Maui Jim Passport

Maui Jim Passport improves the way you look through a sunglass. In short, this article highlights the features and points for the latest Passport lenses! (more…)

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