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Maui Jim Polarized Lenses

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 Maui Jim has 4 types of polarized lenses- Neutral Grey, HCL Bronze, Maui Rose and Maui HT. The materials of Maui Jim polarized lenses are also divided into 4 types –SuperThin Glass, Maui Brilliant, Maui Pure and Maui Evolution.

Neutral Grey 

It offers the highest available light reduction for the richest colours and the sharpest contrast in bright or direct sunlight.

HCL Bronze 

HCL is known as High Contrast Lens. It provides the wearer with a warm, soothing tint which is excellent for varied and everyday uses.

Maui Rose 

Maui Rose is perfect and suitable for fast-moving sports in which it provides the highest available contrast. 

Maui HT

Maui HT is known as Maui High Transmission. When most lenses would be too dark, it provides wearers extra contrast and colours, which are best for low light and golf.

The Materials of Maui Jim Polarized Lenses

  1. SuperThin Glass
Maui Jim Polarized Lenses

Features of Maui Jim SuperThin Glass

  • Gives the wearer the crispest optics available 
  • Thinner and lighter than standard Glass 
  • Scratch Resistance 

2. Maui Brilliant

Maui Jim Polarized Lenses

Features of Maui Jim Maui brilliant

  • Most Advanced Lens material 
  • Clarity nearly as clear as glass but weighed only one third of the glass

3. Maui Pure

Features of Maui Jim Maui Pure

  • One of the most popular lens material
  • Optics almost as crisp as SuperThin
  • Ultralight weight 
  • Scratch and shatter resistance 

4. Maui Evolution  

Maui Jim Polarized Lenses

Features of Maui Jim Maui Evolution

  • Polycarbonate 
  • Light Weight 
  • Scratch and impact resistance  

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