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Our Professionals

Malaya Optical in Damansara Uptown and SS15 Subang in Petaling Jaya only hires qualified Professional Optometrist. An Optometrist not only examine, advice on the patients’ eyes, they are trained to recognize diseases of the eye, such as glaucoma and cataract, as well as general health conditions such as diabetes. They refer patients to Ophthalmologist when they detect an eye disease is present. However, if you do need prescription glasses, our optometrist would recommend you the latest in eye wear promotions available at Malaya Optical.


Our State of the Art Instruments

Optometrists in Malaya Optical especially in the HQ Petaling Jaya located in Damansara Uptown are aided by many state of the art instrument.

1. The Slit Lamp with Optical Digital Zoom Camera by Nikon (to examine contact lenses fitting and cataract).

2. Non Contact Relax Tonometer by Reichert (to examine Intra Ocular Pressure, IOP or Glaucoma).

3. High Defination Digital Retina Imaging by Canon (to examine Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration  or Retina Atropy).

4. Zeiss iProfiler Ocular Wavefront Aberrometer.

5. Auto refractometer.

6. Atlas Corneal Topographer.

7. Keratometer (to examine Refractive Errors up to 0.125 Diopter and also Corneal Curvature for better fit of soft or RGP contact lenses).

8. Zeiss Relax Vision Terminal (to examine pupillary distance and multi focal precision fitting height).

And many more instruments and training tools…Do take advantage of our Eye Wear Promotions too.

Our Collections of Brands of Designer Frames and Branded Sunglasses

Wolfgang Proksch, Retro Frames, Antique Frames, BYWP, Nike, Acid Funk, AHA, Alero, Haus Marke, John Richmond, Julio Junior, Komono, Sama For Badgley, Superdry, Tom Ford, Vivian Westwood, Emporio Armani, Animal, Burberry, CK, Espirit, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Maui Jim, Max Mara, Mini Cooper, Mykita, Paris Hilton, Porsche, Progear Sport, Ray Ban, Ray Ban Junior, Super, Tag Heuer, Tous, Rudy Project, Oakley, Asialah, Fenders, Deep SG, Fit Over, Polaroid, Andy Wolf, Black, Benetton, Bioeyes, Blackfin, Boz, Byblos, Buz, Bvgalri, Bevel, Capulet, Charmant, Cholattier, Coco Song, Coach, Derapage, Derek Lam, Dun, Dutz, Eco, Face Fonts, FCUK, Feraragamo, Frank Kids, Free Form Green, Fysh, GF Ferre, Gotti, Guess, Hiari, Hugo Boss, Ilinc, JF Rey, Julio, Koali, Lacoste, Lafont, Lafont Kids, Less Than Human, Levis, Logines, Lotto, Lookid, Manish Aurora, Mkenies, Markus T, Michael Khor, Moschino, Moscot, Nova, Oxibis, Parasite, Paul Smith, Perfect Number, Public, Progear, Prodesign, Ray Ban, Romeogigli, Rye & Lye, Salt, Sama, Spivvy, Staffan Preutz, Starck, Steeper, Synergi, Syun, Tailor Hitch, Ted Baker, Ultem, Tommy Hilfiger, T.Lamborghini, Try Change, Victor & Rolf, Undostrial, Whiteout, WooW, Zottes, Zoobug Kids, Dun, Frank Custom, Manish Aurora, Perfect Number, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Levis, Ted Baker, Plasta, Eco, Acapulco, Alanie FT, As In Metal, As In Slight Denmark, Colier Curl Leg (Kids), Disney, Estee, Eye Symbol, Ezy, Go Color, Hammerint, Heles, Hello Kitty, Japanese, JKK, Kayzz, Kaddon, Kelier, Kids Plastic, Kiko, Legger, Lenslife, Loafer, Louis Cardin Round, Magnetic Clip On, Melissa, Mickey Children ALMQ, Mito, Mod, Monica, N Star, Nikdandun, Oga, Paul Cezan, Peterson, Pin Plastic, Polo Club, Polo George Plastic, Polo Kaisa, Polo Philippe, Polo Sport, Polo Trend + Clip On, Pooh, Reibao, Roly Poly, Seesun, Snoopy, Sofia Eyewear, Spiderman, Spyker, Starting, Swatch, Synergy, Taro, Transformer, Vane Round, Vintage Classic, Vivid, Vov, V-Show, Wed, Asterik, Chut, Engineered Chic, Green-I, I-Denmark, Poly Swiss, KS Pro and many more.

Most of our clients are referred to by Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctors) and friend recommendations as Malaya Optical has been in practice since 1957. Their qualified Optometrist ensure that patients are well prescribed and managed especially for multifocal / progressive lenses and they specialize in children myopia control or myopia retardation. They deal a lot with self-tinting lenses by Zeiss or Essilor or Hoya such as Photofusion and Transition 7.

Some of the famous list of clients includes Top Corporate Individuals that has enjoyed our eye wear promotions are Politicians, Celebrities, to everyday people like you and me. To name a few they are Amber Chia, Fouziah Gous, Harrith Iskandar, Datuk Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (Malaysia’s 1st Astronaut), Soo Wincci, and Many More.

Our Passion

Creating a truly memorable experience for you, our customers is part of who we are. From the designer showcases, to the aftercare service, to tailoring each consultation and eye examination for your personal needs; we really care about the details. Most of all it’s because we love our job at Malaya Optical, and our eye wear promotions are always up to date 😉

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